Violent Home Invasion Ends with 1 Out of 3 Robbers Dead

Bob Irwin highlights the latest self defense and other shootings of the week. Read them and see went wrong, what went right and what we can learn from defense with a gun.

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Violent Home Invasion Ends with 1 out of 3 Robbers Dead
Bob Irwin
Bob Irwin

Las Vegas, NV –-( News Center 11 TV reports last month (8/19/2016) in Choctaw County, Mississippi, a home invasion happened near Sea Warrior Road in the Southeastern part of Choctaw County, Thursday night. No specific time is given in the reports.

Three armed suspects approached the rural home, kicked in the door, made entry and started shooting. According to the Sheriff Scott Lolley, the home owner shot back in self-defense.

The Sherriff said “Upon [our] deputies’ arrival, the suspect was deceased. The preliminary investigation reveals that there is strong evidence it was three male suspects. The home owner returned fire hitting one of three suspects, you do have the right to protect inside your home and you have the right to protect anyone inside.”

Investigators cleared the scene Friday morning and area law enforcement is actively looking for the other two men involved in this case. The Sheriff is hoping to gain more leads in the attempted robbery once they can identify of the man killed during the robbery.

No other injuries were reported.


It’s hard to find options when they crash in the door while shooting. The resident is fortunate to have a firearm nearby.

The Sherriff mentioned several other similar crimes have taken place in the area this year so perhaps that caused the victim to be prepared.

We always recommend having a firearm nearby. If possible one concealed near each entrance and/or exit of your home. You will have quick access to a gun to escape or fight as needed.

Bob Irwin, The Gun Store, Las Vegas

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Kim Shaw

My need to carry on you in the home.


The best part is that nobody who matters got hurt.

Tom Stelene

Good on the homeowner! Beyond that, let’s get our thinking straightened out. What other kind of home invasion is there other than a violent one? Is there a peaceful home invasion? Of course not! Also, if you have three armed robbers in your house they are hardly “suspects”; they are perpetrators! If the homeowner was shot would we also say he suffered “suspected wounds”? No… Somebody did it! That’s a “perpetrator”! My point is that this is the kind of fuzzy, vague, sloppy thinking and communicating that the gun-ban nuts and other neo-utopian elitist scum try to spread through society… Read more »


Tom: If we were actually to follow your suggestions it would require that; 1. All writers clear their minds of ingrained bias and 2. They learn the rules of grammar and writing a story. The possibility of that occurring on a regular basis is on a par with you inviting me over for unicorn filet for dinner tonight.

Old Marine

Grammar and spelling need not to be correct to transmit a thought or Idea, only that it is understood. I sometimes misspell or write in short direct statements just to see if an individual paying attention or judging writing correctness. If judging someone on their writing technique you may very well loose all information and common sense . Good communications doesn’t require good spelling or composition. There are millions of examples of this. Sometimes sign language works better. Judge not least you be judged.
>>> Old Marine