Wolf Massacre of Pet Dogs in Wisconsin Unabated

Editors note: That brings the total number of known pet dogs killed or injured by wolves in 2016 to 34. As the season progresses we can most definitely expect more beloved pets to be killed more as wolves expand their pack sizes.

Hound Dog Killed by Wolves
Pet Owner morns Hound Dog Killed by Wolves
Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources
Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

MADISON, WI –-(Ammoland.com)- Another eight more Wisconsin pet sporting dogs have been killed or left severely injured while training afield.

On August 21st, Wildlife Services confirmed that wolves depredated (killed) a 7-year-old bear hound on 8/20/16 in the Town of Chippewa, Ashland County. (1)

On August 22nd, Wildlife Services confirmed that wolves depredated (killed) a 2.5-year-old Walker hound and injured a 1.5-year-old Walker hound on 8/21/16 in the Town of Barnes, Bayfield County. (2)

Wildlife Services confirmed that wolves depredated (killed) two bear hounds on 8/27/16 in Bayfield County. A Black and Tan hound was killed in the Town of Bayfield, and a Bluetick Hound was killed in the Town of Washburn. (2)

Wildlife Services confirmed that wolves depredated (killed) a Black and Tan hound on 8/29/16 in the Town of Washburn, Bayfield County. (1)

Wildlife Services confirmed that wolves depredated (killed) a Plott hound on 8/31/16 in Ainsworth Township, Langlade County. (1)

Wildlife Services confirmed that wolves depredated (killed) a Bluetick hound on 8/31/16 in the Town of Knight, Iron County. (1)

More information and caution-area maps are available on the gray wolf webpage.

Hunters are reminded to use the caution-area maps on the DNR website (dnr.wi.gov, keyword “wolf management”) to help reduce conflicts during this year’s bear dog training and hunting seasons.

**Anyone suspecting a wolf attack in northern Wisconsin should call USDA-WS immediately at 1-800-228-1368 (in state) or 715-369-5221. In southern Wisconsin call 1-800-433-0663 (in state) or 920-324-4514.

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Wild Bill

@SDCAYO, You sure seem to know a lot about how “they” think. You must have spoken to all of them. Here is a fact for you, after the Lacy Act did not bring back the wildlife, the Pittman-Robertson Act did. And you jump to too many conclusions. There isn’t an iota of evidence that I have doctor’s visits.

Science Doesn't Care About Your Opinions

Ammoland – that is, the land of uneducated, cruel pseudo-hunters. If they really cared about their dogs they wouldn’t set them loose in wolf-country, but the thing is, they don’t actually care about those lives… in fact, more dead dogs means more reasons to kill wildlife! A win-win situation for these types… blood, blood, and more blood! Like some have attempted I’d point out biological studies on why hunting predators in this way is extremely unscientific and unethical, but it’d go in one ear and out the other, so to speak, and they’d call it “propaganda”. Maybe if they were… Read more »


What a load of crap!


I have to agree with you, he really lost me when he said to talk to biologists I know predation by wolves and coyotes are the #1 reason for declines in deer, elk and game bird populations not hunting . He must also be a vegan because if not he may believe that meat, leather, etc must appear out of thin air. Maybe a visit to a slaughterhouse is in order and since when do hunting dogs rip their game to shreds for bloodsport? Just more B.S. from the perpetually offended. I think a safe room would really help him… Read more »


Oops, silly me, the wildlife biologists I’ve talked to, The NYSDEC and the Florida FFWCC are the ones I referred to in my previous post, sorry!

Bill Zollweg

Wild Bill,
Read and try to learn something. Please don’t let your emotions and fear control your thinking.

Wild Bill

Zollwet, Very presumptuous of you to give me a reading assignment. I am not interested in your propaganda. Oh, and I notice that you dropped the Dr. Maybe you learned something.

william huard

Dr Bill- Don’t waste your time with these NRA types. They don’t want to learn anything.
They still believe that humans have to “manage” (kill) everything that they don’t understand or are afraid of. That list is a long one.

Wild Bill

huard, To whom could you possibly be referring?

Wild Bill

@BZollweg, Well, I believe your first sentence, but not your last sentence. Nor am I the only one who has your number.

Dr Bill Zollweg

Wild Bill You got me, I’m just a no nothing idiot and my opinion shouldn’t count for nothing. You are right, let’s kill All the wolves because I mean they kill pets damn it. And while we are at it, bears kill pets too, so let’s kill all them too. And I just read some story about coyotes attacking a woman jogger in California, so let’s kill all them too. Pretty soon the woods will be safe for you and all yer pets. I live in the woods with bear, mountain lions, Bobcats, badgers and coyotes and I like them… Read more »


Hey Doc,

I’m just a no nothing idiot and my opinion shouldn’t count for nothing. How did you get a doctorate and fail so badly at English?

Wild Bill

, And don’t forget his capitalized words that should not be capitalized in the middle his sentences, lack of commas where needed. Apparently, Zollweg thinks that it is alright for coyotes to attack women. Bear should be bears. This guy can’t be a doctorate. If BZ lives in the woods it is probably because he can not afford to live anywhere else.


Dr. Your post about killing reminds me of James Pearce, the Southern State Community College professor who took to Facebook in June after the shooting at the Pulse night club with this call to action: “Look, there’s only one solution. A bunch of us anti-gun types are going to have to arm ourselves, storm the NRA headquarters in Fairfax, VA, and make sure there are no survivors,” Pearce wrote. “This action might also require coordinated hits at remote sites, like Washington lobbyists. Then and only then will we see some legislative action on assault weapons. Have a nice day.” It… Read more »

Dr Bill Zollweg

Wait a minute! Wolves are essential to a vital and healthy Eco system in Wisconsin. The number of livestock and pets lost is remarkably small. Plus those pets are not really pets, they are hunting tools. Hunting bear with dogs is as unsportsmanlike as it gets. Those dogs are probably responsible for harassing and attacking wolves and the dogs are really the ones that will lead to a future person being killed by wolves. If you want to end the problems you mention, end bear hunting with dogs!


Bill you lost me at “not really pets”, So hunters don’t love their dogs? WTF, you probably never have been in the woods. The Wisconsin “eco system” was doing fine for 100+ years without wolves, but you do-good city slickers screamed “save the wolves” and forced them on those who have lived and hunted here for generations. The deer populations are being decimated as well as game birds and young wildlife in general.

The first humans kids that are killed will all be on your heads, then you can burn in hell for your selfish short sightedness.


Dr. Zollweg, Words have meaning. Wolves are a part of the Eco system, unabated is debatable. “Remarkably small depends on if the animals belong to you. “Not really pets”? It appears you are out of touch with the majority of those people who hunt with dogs, such as bird hunters. Have you ever hunted bear? “Probably” denotes an unproven opinion, not very scientific. Your last two sentences indicate a complete lack of knowledge about predators, and hunting in general. Wolfs in general do not like humans but are not afraid of them. Wolfs kill by consumption….meaning they do not care… Read more »

william huard

Bryant says….”Your last two sentences indicate a complete lack of knowledge about predators.”
Bryant- most of the people that I know who are educated on predators know that the plural of wolf is wolves not wolfs.


Yep. You are right about that. Please pardon my error.

Wild Bill

Zollweg, Dr of what? Wolves are not essential to the ecosystem anywhere. Ecosystem is one word. Why do you hate livestock and pet dogs so much? Who are you to say that bear hunting with dogs is unsportsmanlike? Is hunting pheasant with dogs unsportsmanlike? I do not think that you have a doctorate, and I know that you are not the ultimate authority on hunting ethics. You probably don’t even live in Wisconsin.


Dogs in wolf country are – – – FOOD!


Attacking those you don’t agree with shows a lack of reasoning ability.

Wild Bill

@Charon, except when unmasking a fraud, a troll, a plant.

George Hill

Wolves are territorial. They will kill all other canines in the area that they think is theirs. This includes coyotes and fox. They are also very intelligent and things that are intelligent will also kill for sport. Just for the fun of it. Wolves will do this. In Utah, I know of Elk Ranchers that have had whole herds of Elk killed (depredated) over night… Wolves will hunt for food. So the Sick and the Lame and the Elderly “Natural Selection” might come into play at first. But then the wolves just start having fun of it and next thing… Read more »


Perfectly said!!!!!

Raymond Miller

Yes that is what I learned in Wyoming, Shoot, Shovel, And Shut Up.

william huard

Gee whizz George- You love wolves so much you advocate for breaking FEDERAL laws and poaching wolves? Seriously? Why does AMMOLAND misrepresent the facts. Hound hunters put their hounds in harms way, in wolf territory, who are guarding both bait sites and the wolf rendezvous sites. Hounders are NOT hunters, and, like the NRA, they are extremists. Wisconsin is the only state to pay a 2500 slob hunter payment for hounds killed by wolves- something that was supposed to end once the wolf was delisted. Wisconsin is INCAPABLE of managing wildlife- look at the CWD issue because the legislature can’t… Read more »


I agree with tred. Dr.,you are obviously not from a country oriented area. You say wolves are essential to a healthy eco system which yes they were when there wasn’t a massive amount of them….thanks” Do No Righters”, but too much if something is never good. Go out in the woods where wolves are prevelant doc and you will quickly change your mind or shit in your pants….one of the two.I have seen what wolves can do and it can be quite devastating. Hunting dogs are trained to hunt specific animals. Most dogs killed are not wolf hunting dogs.As far… Read more »

Dr Bill Zollweg

TanTheMan. I’m sorry if you do live in Wisconsin like I do. The economy sucks, we are 35th in job creation, and our roads are like living in a war zone (and yes I am a Vietnam vet. I also live on 80 acres near Winter Wisconsin and I have many wolves (can’t find any place I missed that word) on my place from time to time. We in Wisconsin have a whitetail deer herd of over 2 million, if you don’t have deer on your place it is more likely from over hunting than wolf predation. About 55% of… Read more »