Gun Show Spys, 2016 Presidential Election & More ~ ISRA ED Comments

Big Obama Brother
Gun Show Spys, 2016 Presidential Election & More ~ ISRA ED Comments
Illinois State Rifle Association
Illinois State Rifle Association

Chatsworth, IL -( The Wall Street Journal has reported that federal agents with the Immigration and Customs “convinced” police officers in Southern California to “stake out” gun shows and scan the license plates of people who attended.

Big Brother is watching and if Hillary gets elected, it will only get worse.

Recently a tape of what Donald Trump said a decade or so ago has the mainstream media sharks in a feeding frenzy. The lame stream media smells blood in the water and they are going to use the tape to put Donald Trump away for good. Ammoland’s online new-service has reported a leaked Hillary audio tape that she plans to wipe out the NRA and our gun rights with them.

While I don’t like what Trump said, Hillary’s plans for gun owners and the United States are far worse.

In this age of social media, many candidates think that Facebook, Twitter, and the other gaggle of social media platforms will carry the day. They seem to have abandoned the tried and true methods, such as the ground game and more labor intensive ways of getting out the vote. This, I believe, is a fatal error. Adding new tools does not mean you throw away the old ones. When we take our cars to the garage, the mechanic has all kinds of new gizmos and gadgets, but he did not throw away his open end wrench.

Chris Bird, well known author on matters of concealed carry and self-defense, has a new book out, “Surviving a Mass Killer Rampage“. I am about half way through the book and concluded it is very much worth the read. As responsible citizens and gun owners, Chris’s book is one of the best.

The Election Guide with ISRA-PVF endorsements for state and local candidates, and ISRA Fed-Pac endorsements for federal candidates are out. You can find the 2016 Election Guide on the ISRA website under “News”.

I know that we are all worried about the outcome of the 2016 elections. Our minds all drift to the Presidential Election, but we should not forget the “down ballot” candidates because they are just as important.

In fact, they may be more important if the “Clintons” get in. Whatever happens, it is important that gun owners get and stay organized. You will notice I used the word “get“. It is because too many gun owners are sunshine patriots. They join for a while and one by one, slip away so when a crisis happens they have to be reorganized into a viable effective force. That all takes precious time and money that could have been better spent on the problem. One of the reasons I like life memberships in the ISRA is that it keeps people in the fight. It does not mean that you will never need to make another donation, but it does mean that people are more up to date and can be activated quickly. If you are not a life member, you should become one today.

The Grand American Trap Shoot in Sparta, Illinois is a big deal. How big you might ask? Really big is the answer. This year, the Amateur Trap Shooting Association (ATA) reports a new record of 58,555 individual entries over the two-week period. The 4500 plus shooters shot 4,000,000 clay pigeons and just as many shotgun shells during the event. Next time someone tells you shooting is not popular, drop a couple of those numbers on them.

If you have not yet ordered your 113th anniversary coin and raffle tickets, please do so today. This is a “members only” event and is a fundraiser to help keep the ISRA in the fight. Of course, if you are not yet a member, you still have time to join and enter the member raffle.

Thanks for being a member. If you are not a member, please join today.

Upcoming events at the ISRA Range:

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Ask the NRA, ask you State Associations, ask your Grass Roots Organization one simple question: Do you believe all firearms laws should be repealed and is that your ultimate goal? (Actually two questions). If the answer is not an unequivocal YES to both they are not working in your best interests and do not understand the Constitution.


I think American’s would be shocked that big brother has always been watching. The U.S. government used to trade cell phone data with Canada to skirt the laws that protected the citizenry, but once they got the Patriot Act they didn’t need to do that anymore, as it allowed them to spy directly on us. We gave our government that Act out of knee-jerk fear, and we allow them to keep it out of apathy. So look in the mirror when you need someone to blame. But look on the bright side, they may let you play Angry Birds in… Read more »