Refined For Perfection: Bowtech Upgrades & Launches Fanatic 3.0 Bow

Bowtech Fanatic 3.0 Target Bow
Bowtech Fanatic 3.0 Target Bow
BowTech Archery
BowTech Archery

Eugene, Oregon ( – Competition archers know the difference between first place and second place can be the smallest of margins. That’s why Bowtech has refined every last detail of its industry-leading target bow to create the new Fanatic 3.0.

“The Fanatic 3.0 design is inspired by our professional archers,” said Jake Siegel, Product Marketing Manager for Bowtech.

“We trust and respect our Bowtech competition professionals, so we applied their expertise in creating the Fanatic 3.0, a bow capable of incredible performance regardless of the competition level. Whether you’re shooting on the professional circuit or at a weekend tournament, the Fanatic 3.0 has the design and technology to put you on the podium.”

Improvements featured on the Fanatic 3.0 include a 10 percent stiffer riser for more consistency and a new grip geometry for improved stability. Increased string and cable counts virtually eliminate creep, and a new rear stabilizer mount allows the shooter to customize the balance of the bow.

In addition, no other bow offers the customization options of the Fanatic 3.0. Overdrive Binary cams deliver more tuning capabilities than any other cam system, and Bowtech’s Powershift Technology allows the shooter to choose his or her own feel. Two cam choices, SD or XL, give the shooter maximum efficiency at any draw length. The bow also has optional let-off modules at 65 percent or 80 percent and optional draw stop configurations in triangle or round.

The Fanatic 3.0 is available in seven different finish colors including a new White finish. Other options are Blue, Black, Green, Red, Orange and Purple. Suggested retail price for the bow is $1,499.

Inspired by professional target archers.
Inspired by professional target archers.


• PowerShift Technology
• OverDrive Binary Cams
• SD or XL cam options
• Rear stabilizer mount
• 10% stiffer riser vs. 2.0
• Improved grip geometry vs. 2.0
• Increased string and cable strand count vs. 2.0
• Optional let-off modules (65% and 80%)
• Optional draw stop configurations (round/triangle)
• New finish option: White
• IBO/ATA Speed: 325 fps
• MSRP: $1,499
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Bowtech manufactures and distributes the world’s finest compound bows and archery equipment. Founded in 1999, Bowtech’s corporate offices and manufacturing facilities are located in Eugene, Ore. With a worldwide distribution network, Bowtech’s family of brands include: Bowtech, Diamond, Excalibur, Octane, Stryker and WaterDog Surface Technologies.

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