Armed Female Stops Car Jacking by Violent Criminal

Bob Irwin highlights the latest self defense and other shootings of the week. Read them and see what went wrong, what went right and what we can learn from self defense with a gun.

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Armed Female Stops Car Jacking by Violent Criminal
Bob Irwin
Bob Irwin

USA –-( WHTM ABC 27 news reports 9-30-2016 in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, Police say they’re looking for a man who tried to steal from the Walmart store in Swatara Township and made his getaway by carjacking a woman in the parking lot.

They’re looking for a known 45-year-old suspect. He’s charged with robbery of a motor vehicle, kidnapping, and multiple other offenses. He fled the Walmart after a theft attempt just before noon.

With security officers chasing him, he entered a woman’s car in the parking lot and demanded she drive him away from the store.

As they drove away, the suspect threatened the woman and her passenger by claiming he had something that would give them HIV. When the car stopped at a red light, the female passenger jumped out and pulled a handgun. (Surprise!)

She ordered the man out of the car and a struggle ensued with the armed woman over her gun. She fired at least one shot and he ran away. He was last seen running toward the railroad property behind the Walmart.

Neither woman was harmed. They returned to the store to wait for police. Investigators identified the suspect from surveillance video of him entering the store. The camera recorded the license plate number of the driver who dropped him off.

Authorities say he has previous convictions for violent robberies.


Terrific! Another idiot bad guy gets himself shot at. Police don’t believe the suspect was hit. Having a firearm and the will to use it saves the day again!

Keeping your distance from the criminal prevents the grab for the gun but the position of the woman driving may have prevented moving away. The woman had a permit for concealed carry.

I shudder to think where this kidnapping could have gone if the victim had not been armed! This is a career criminal with previous convictions for violent robberies.

Bob Irwin, The Gun Store, Las Vegas

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The armed passenger made a two tactical errors. One, allowing suspect to close with her to fight over her firearm. Two, not shooting the scum soon as she felt her or her friends life was threatened. She needs to tune up her mindset and up her game.
P.S. john hrenko is a TROLL!


unwanted indruder enters occupied vehicle and kidnaps the two occupants? Had I been the other one in the car I’d have waited till the car was stopped and simply drilled the perp’s cranium. In that situation I’d be fearing for my life, and that of the driver. Lethal force justified until the threat is neutralised. Ype, it might make a hole in the windscreen as it exits the guys noggin. Fine. Comprehensive Insurance covers glass breakage from any cause. Some cleanup, and we’re back to status quo ante. and a BIG piece of trash taken out and placed kerbside for… Read more »


How do people think like the 2 posters who dont think you should protect yourself? Their views are as foriegn to me as an alien encounter. I just dont understand the delusional thinking they exhibit. Probably paid trolls , n all reality.


So how many? How many crimes must someone commit before society says enough is enough? I’m disgusted every time I read about someone being a “known criminal”, as that says our government is not doing its job. Only when society demands tougher laws will we get them. The first thing we should do is modify the 8th Amendment to say that executing a career criminal is NOT cruel and unusual punishment. Then we should define what constitutes a career criminal and then get rid of them. What is the point of housing career criminals for 40 years and then letting… Read more »

Chuck M

@SuperG, Don’t even kid about modifying any of the amendments, as if the gun grabbers got wind of it they would say their doing something for all us law abiding citizens, and once the modifying started, it would not take them long to come up with their sneaking tactics of modifying, or totally abolishing the 2a and you can’t take the second without taking the first, so in these woman’s situation, I would just take out the trash, and as the old saying goes, I would rather take my chances of being judged by 12, than carried by six, and… Read more »


Laws do not deter criminals. The death penalty does not deter criminals. What does deter criminals is the fear of armed resistance by targeted victims. Criminals look for the easy way not the most difficult. Eliminate all gun laws, they have never prevented criminals from breaking the law or obtaining any weapons, and watch the violent crime rate drop.


that Eights does NOT define what is “cruel and unusual”. Leave that one alone, its fine the way it is. It is OUR corrupt courts and bleeding heart nanny state liberals have defined that term.. wrongly. No, the death penalty is not right for theft. But it IS for murder, and needs to be brought back into force. The proper penalty for theft is for the thief to be made to restore what he has stolen… FOUR TIMES OVER. If that means selling off his possessions, fine. If it means years of indentured servitude, fine. ONLY when restitutioin is made… Read more »

Pistol Pete

If Hillary has her way the criminals will be protect and not the victim! It seems that Hillary and her gun grabbing scum bags care more about the criminals that the do the law abiding citizen. Some of these criminals must work for her and she does not want them harmed. To bad the woman did not hit the scum bag in the right spot, would have saved the police I lot of time.


Criminals and treasonous pieces of crap look after their own. Now we understand what “stronger together” really means. Hey…It worked for the mafia for many years. Now we have Hillary and the entire Clinton vommit. I am 62 and have never been so sick of another human as Hillary. Obama was the sliding board….HRC will be the fire.

Gerald Wallace

I am 110% with protecting our 2nd admendment I am a ccw carrier myself. Good for her

john hrenko

really…police training is ongoing thru their entire career and they make mistakes and you are going to give some woman or hillbilly a right to shoot someone…are you kidding me! at home is one thing, but carrying it around Are you fucking nuts!……… if you were trained like a police officer,I might accept that argument…….but some knucklehead without training …well thats something else


So what if it was your family and the criminal in the car,what would you want them to do????,

Gerald Wallace

Well what if it was your family or yourself,what would you do?????


So John, can you repeat the words, ” self defense”? Man, woman, hillbilly, even your friends and family have the rights to protect themselves, and yes sometimes that means shooting the bad guys. You on the other hand can go ahead and continue to be a good “witness / victim” while you are waiting for LE to show up just minutes away.

I congradulate these two woman. They refused to be a victim!


This individual is obviously an anti gun person. They are not neurologically evolved enough to grasp the concept of self defense. You can not debate with them and no matter how logical your argument is, they are incapable of that kind of reasoning. The gene pool may add some chlorine one day and this individual could be eliminated. Just before that happens he will suddenly realize that he desperately needs a firearm. I sincerely hope for his sake that, that day never comes.

enslaved citizen

I hope his day comes quickly. If it doesn’t he will only hinder my right to defend myself and my family thus making him my enemy.


My Father would call either cannon fodder or fertilizer for the cemetery.


Yes, the U.S. is returning to the quick draw as the preferred method of handling conflicts as opposed to calling the police.


Quick draw? We’re not talking about a cowboys here Gil. Conflict, hmmm is that would you call an assault or worse if it happened to you or your family? Yes police should always be called as soon as possible, but police are always minutes away when seconds count. We carry guns because we can’t carry cops everywhere we go.


You are on the wrong channel buddy. Open your eyes. Which FEMA camp are you going to anyway?




John Hrenko, aka Hillary/Soros ‘paid to post troll’

Don’t feed him please.


John is not anti-gun, he just believes only certain people are “worthy” of carrying guns. We see this all the time with politicians and some law enforcement. They believe in the “chosen few” doctrine; they, or who they choose, should be allowed to own and carry firearms and as for the rest, well, we’re just not good enough. Flawed? Yes, but no one ever accused them of an over abundance of logic.


Idiots like John don’t understand that there are, millions of military veterans and retirees, millions more avid hunters, and even millions more sport shooters who are all just as well trained, and likely BETTER trained than the average law enforcement. A badge doesn’t make you better trained it just means you’re paid to do it! AN ARMED SOCIETY IS A POLITE SOCIETY!

Edward R Burton

I’m seeing a lot more anti-self-defense trolls on here as election time draws nearer. It’s not as if someone with this mindset would actually subscribe to of their own volition naturally. Which leaves one to wonder whose paying them! No one’s going to convince us to change our stance on such issues! It’s similar to a devout Christian and a confirmed Atheist each trying to convert one another. It’s an utter waste of their time. The woman in the article did nothing wrong John, other than arguably not acting decisively fast enough. You’ll never convince even one of us… Read more »


People like John just stir things up then sit back and laugh at the reaction. If we all limited the reaction to one “another troll has appeared” and ignored him we’d take away all his fun.

Wild Bill

R Burton, the Hillary Clinton campaign has admitted to paying people to go to conservative sites and dispute conservative positions in an attempt to make conservatives feel isolated and alone. Resistance (and therefore voting) is futile, and all that jazz.


what prrof have you to offer that this gun-carrying citizen is utterly unskilled and untrained? In Pensylvania training is a requirement and precondition for getting your Mother May I Card. Grow up. Some folks don’t just go through life leaving the burden for their own security and that of those round about them in the hands of others… its called “responsibilty”. Maybe when its YOUR turn to be in that driver’s seat with the creep perp demanding you drive him somewhere, you’ll end up dead or seriously hurt BECAUSE you were a mamma’s boy and left the burden of your… Read more »

Wild Bill

john hrenko,Education: hiLIARy campaign grad. Occupation: troll paid by the hiLIARy campaign. Other paid positions: none. Service to the nation: none.


Go troll somewhere else, IDIOT !


You are damn right people should be allowed to carry a firearm to protect themselves from all the violent, thug, trash that is running around in society thanks to all the liberal judges and courts that turn these pond scum loose to head back out and hunt innocent victims. People like you will just never get it. Wait until one day and some thug criminal grabs your child or boyfriend and runs a nice train on them and see how you feel puppet liberal, little man-boy.

Robert Thomas

Please just STFU.


Glad the women are okay. Sorry the crook is, too. I like it better when the police can just go to the hospital and wait for the thug to be dropped in the driveway.