Cannae Pro Gear Announces Cannae Academy for Real World Training

Billy Birdzell
Billy Birdzell, Cannae Academy Head Instructor.
Cannae Pro Gear
Cannae Pro Gear

Los Angeles, CA -( Cannae Pro Gear, one of the country’s fastest growing tactical apparel and equipment companies, has announced the establishment of the Cannae Academy, a new division of the company dedicated to helping professionals and responsible citizens understand and prepare for modern threats.

Cannae Academy teaches the proper use of firearms, equipment, and defensive tactics while remaining ethical, legal, and safe.

In an ever growing and crowded market full of training options, Cannae Academy will offer a unique approach to training unencumbered by much of the dogma students may find elsewhere.

“We are very excited to see the Cannae Academy come to life,” said Robert Hollander, Chairman and CEO of Cannae Pro Gear. “The Academy will truly complete the loop between equipment and lifestyle. Cannae Pro Gear is focused on providing the best gear for any conditions and now the Cannae Academy will complete our offering with the best training to ensure students are prepared for the best and worst that life can throw at them.”

The Cannae Academy will be will be led by Billy Birdzell, who will also be the school’s Head Instructor. A former infantry officer for the United States Marine Corps, Birdzell was a founding member of the Marine Corps Forces Special Operations Command. After earning his MBA from the University of Virginia, Birdzell has become a specialist in the firearms industry where he has connected people and ideas with innovative solutions in an effort to drive positive change. He brings a broad scope of perspective to the Academy through not only his experiences with the Marine Corps, but as a husband, father, hunter, outdoor enthusiast, writer, and a fiercely dedicated American.

“We founded Cannae Academy in order to serve those who share our values and commitment to family, friends, and community,” said Birdzell. “Our goal is to offer unique, cutting-edge training, and practical defensive solutions to everyone from the complete novice to the most advanced professional. Having the best gear is one thing, truly understanding how to utilize it efficiently and effectively in stressful situations is the real key to success and survival.”

Cannae Academy offers basic and advanced pistol, rifle, and shotgun courses in addition to custom courses designed upon special request. Courses focused on concealed carry will place emphasis on fighting with limited resources in less than ideal conditions with a focus on utilizing actual concealed carry load outs or issued duty gear. Students will be taught proven, cutting edge techniques that will enable them to rapidly engage and defeat targets, even while under extreme stress.

Birdzell said, “Cannae Academy builds upon the best of what we’ve learned and gives students the personal coaching necessary to become better shooters and decision makers in even the worst scenarios.”

Students will learn real world, mental and physical tools to manage the natural stress response in order to maintain awareness, optimize decision-making, and maximize performance when faced with severe consequences. Courses include not only live fire range practice, but lectures on a variety of topics essential to understanding modern threats and how to address them for maximum effectiveness under current laws.

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About Cannae Academy:

The Cannae Academy offers cutting edge firearms training, leadership development and situation analysis courses to empower and overcome severe obstacles that lie between the operator and victory.

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About Cannae Pro Gear:

Through its Cannae Pro Gear brand, Mission Critical Designs, LLC is now one of the country’s fastest-growing companies producing superior quality tactical gear, apparel and accessories. Based in Long Beach, CA, MCD works with active operators from specials operations units, law enforcement, first responders, and enthusiasts to develop a unique, practical and diverse product line. Historians consider “The Battle of Cannae” one of the most brilliant military victories in recorded history. The Cannae Band of Professional Gear embodies not just this overwhelming victory, but also the combination of Preparation, Intelligence, and Strength; virtues embodied in all of Cannae’s Pro Gear.

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