Colion Noir Blasts Anti-Gun Politicians’ Apathy For Inner-City Violence


USA – -(  In Colion Noir’s newest commentary on NRATV, he argues that elitist politicians ignore the actual issues causing inner-city violence. Why? Because it’s easier for them to blame the guns. “Trying to solve inner-city violence with gun control is the equivalent of trying to cure cervical cancer with Tylenol,” Noir says. “When the first dose of gun control doesn’t work, they’ll say we just need to apply more gun control, and when that doesn’t work, they’ll say we just need to apply a little more gun control.”

Noir, who is the host of the all-new live talk show “CN Live” on NRATV, also expressed his anger at those who use fake outrage about inner-city violence to garner votes during election season, simply because it is “‘the thing to do’ right now.” “Inner-city violence is nothing more than a political fad to these people, and the fad will pass as soon as the elections are over and the need to cape for black votes becomes unnecessary,” he says.
Watch Noir drop a truth bomb on the anti-gun elites in the “Commentators” episode above and on NRATV, and share it using #CNLive. And be sure to catch “CN Live” Monday through Thursday from 4 p.m. CST/5 p.m. EST – 5 p.m. CST/6 p.m. EST on NRATV. Past episodes and clips are also available on the “CN Live” series page.

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Wild Bill

, Romney offered the people of the inner city better education and jobs. That is why he did not get elected. All the things that you mention are already available to the people of the inner city, so why are any of them turning to drugs and gangs?


Colion: is right we have to give these people in the inner city some hope, with better schools, jobs, better housing. They need something better to turn to than drugs and gangs.


Trollgil conveniently ignores the fact that it is never NRA or 2A types who go out robbing, raping, murdering, looting, joining BLM, voting for democrats, misnomered “liberals” and nisnomered “progressives,” rather it is the NRA/2As who are RESPONDING while trying to legally save their lives and/or property when they LEGALLY use a weapon against an ILLEGAL weapon user. Hey Trollgil, ever notice that Hiliar and libprogs never want criminals to register weapons? That they only want law abiding citizens to register weapons? Ever think about that and ask why?

Don Heater

To all of you people that say go ahead and let them shoot. Asl yourselves this: WHAT ABOUT THE INNOCENT

Wild Bill

Let the “innocent” bystanders, if any, pursue their own cause of action, if any.


Inner city violence is best solved with gun violence.


Ignorance on display again Gil !!


no, he’s right Think about it. If good guys take up arms and go after the bad guys, or even just stand their ground when the BG’s come round, the BG will eventually either make some informed decisions or be in a position where they can’t… that is, lying horizontal with a toe tag. Or armed LE come round to clean up the BG violence… in which case the results listed above will also take place, wiht the added category that some BG will end ul horizontal for part of their day on a cot on the wrong side of… Read more »


Why do you want to do anything about the violence as it is a 2A right? For every confrontation there’s a good guy and a bad guy. Rather it should be a case that the bad guys is shot dead every time there is a conflict.


well, there ARE a lot of cases where there are two bad guys shooting it out.. sometimes a whole gaggle of them, or rather two gaggles tearing at each other. In those cases, no matter which bad guys get shot, we win.