Democrat’s Hive Mindset vs Importance Of The Individual

By Roger J. Katz, Attorney at Law and Stephen L. D’Andrilli

Resistance Is Futile
Democrat’s Hive Mindset vs Importance Of The Individual
Arbalest Quarrel
Arbalest Quarrel

New York, NY  -(  The founders of our Republic would find the ethical system propounded by and promoted by Clinton and Obama repugnant to the Founders’ conscience and inconsistent with the import and purport of the nation’s bill of rights.

Obama and Clinton assert they know what is in the best interests of the American People.

Their notion of what is in the best interests of the American People is grounded in the ethical theory of utilitarianism, which looks at what is deemed to be in the best interests of society as a whole, as a collective.

The problem with this notion is that it is antithetical to the founders’ ethical system.

In codifying our rights and liberties, the founders of our Republic emphasized the importance of the individual, not the collective. But Obama and Clinton don’t like that idea. It gets in the way of their ability to interfere with and to interject themselves into the lives of average law-abiding Americans.

For, if Obama and Clinton are going to create and implement policies grounded in notions of what is best for the collective—consistent with the principals of socialism and communism—then the needs and interests of the individual cannot and must not be factored into the mix.

It is through the natural, inalienable rights and liberties codified in our Bill of Rights that the individual’s needs and interests—not those of the collective—may be expressed—and may be expressed free from Government control and interference.

Indeed, Obama and Clinton argue that the exercise of individual rights and liberties is archaic. The individual is expected to give up any pretense of such individual right or individual liberty. He or she must do so for the benefit of society as a whole—for the benefit of the collective. Obama and Clinton operate as if the Bill of Rights doesn’t exist.

Similarly, Obama and Clinton don’t mention that ultimate power resides in the American People because that fact is inconsistent with the Imperial Presidency. Through this notion of an Imperial Presidency, Obama has sought to accumulate ever more power in the Executive Branch at the expense of the other two Branches of Government. He obliterates the suggestion that our Constitution is structured on the governing principal that ultimate power and authority resides in the American People, not in the Federal Government, and certainly not in one Branch of Government. Clinton’s view of the Imperial Presidency would build on Obama’s.

President Obama and Hillary Clinton have contempt for our rights and liberties as codified in the Bill of Rights. They have contempt for the Separation of Powers doctrine, reflected in the first three Articles of our Constitution. And, they have contempt for the fact that ultimate power and authority resides in the American People, not in the Government.

As evidenced in their political philosophy, in their foreign and domestic policy directives, in their utilitarian consequentialist ethical system, which our Nation’s founders never ascribed to, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton respect not our Constitution, or our system of laws, or our traditions, culture, and history. They are both, at heart, Globalists and Internationalists, not Nationalists.

For Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, the expressions, ‘Nationalism,’ ‘National Pride,’ and ‘National Identity,’ ‘Protectionism,’ ‘Isolationism,’ and ‘Non-interventionism,’ ‘Secured Borders,’ and ‘Immigration Quotas,’ are vestiges of an earlier time, having no import today. Indeed, for Obama and Clinton such expressions are pejoratives.

What the Arbalest Quarrel provides for you in this multipart series article is a comprehensive look at the nature of the stakes in election of 2016. We provide you a view of the political landscape that you won’t find in the mainstream media. We don’t paint for you a pretty picture here; but the conclusions drawn follow from the facts as we see them. We welcome your comments.

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Nullification. Get state reps working to ignore the Marxist dictators. Tenth Amendmrnt Center has good educational pamphlets on this. Educate the public who have the capacity to learn-those who have not been brainwashed.

marc disabled vet



Lock and load brothers!


Locked n Loaded Brother! Surrender my individual rights? Uh, not happening in my corner of the world! The last 8 years have shown just how complacent the American voter has become, and how colluded this tyrannical government has become. If and when this nwo begins, there is no one to blame other than the American voter wanting a free ride and
no responsibility. If this agenda 21/30 does take hold, I truly believe that these individuals will not notice the difference. But!!, I damn sure will.


The Communist Party of the United States, formerly the Democrat Party, has absolutely zero intention of allowing you to live a life on your own unmolested by a central government. Their plan is to ultimately implement the United Nations Agenda 21 and take away your Constitutional Rights, surrendering our sovereignty to an international band of dictators, thugs and criminals dressed up as diplomats. The first step you can take in saving our Nation is to repudiate Clinton on November 8th. Then we can begin to untangle the web of deceit and lies that has been spun by the Progressives since… Read more »