Dom Raso: Obama wants you to believe Islamic terrorists are just like us.


( – Veteran U.S. Navy SEAL, Dom Raso, has released a new commentary on NRATV in which he challenges parents to question the safety and security of their children’s schools in the face of the threat of radical Islamic terror.

Raso references September 1, 2004, when radical Islamic terrorists attacked a Russian school, killing more than 385 children, teachers, parents and special forces soldiers. He says that American schools and children are vulnerable to this same kind of terror because of weak security, cowardly politicians and the dangerous lie of gun-free zones.

“For ISIS terrorists, and the lone wolves they inspire, nothing is off limits, and nothing is too far. President Obama wants you to believe otherwise. He talks about ‘universal values we all share,’ as if Islamic terrorists are just like us,” Raso says. “Make no mistake: These people are ready and willing to murder our children. The fact that that is a controversial statement proves how unprepared and how unwilling we are to face the threat that is truly out there.”

Watch Raso’s full commentary below and share his important message using #NRATV.

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    1. NO, we are NOT like the Middle Eastern Terrorists. They are CRAZY. They are committed. Don’t forget these folks blow THEMSELVES UP — just to get some of us.
      But, like us they are also motivated by revenge. Revenge due to our invading THE WRONG COUNTRY & destroying whatever we found (collateral damage)
      They pray to their “god” five (5) times a day. Americans MIGHT pray once a day – at dinner. Scary folks. NO, they are NOT like us.

    2. True Story: In late 2002, the new DHS and FBI held a huge conference in Spokane, WA with state and local law enforcement agencies from all over the country to discuss a new threat: A Chechen-styled takeover of American schools. They had uncovered a plot whereby rebels planned to takeover eight or ten schools on the same day in medium-sized communities containing at least a thousand kids each. The plan was to herd them all to the lunch room and then wire the building with explosives. After a day of grandstanding, they would all detonate their explosives, taking with them 8-10,000 kids.

      That threat is still on their “to-do” list.

      Every school in this country should be surrounded by security including civil volunteers as a defensive line. But, in stead, they are “gun free zones.” The blood of thousands will be upon the hands of the Liberal elite who further this “Religion of Peace” lie.

      1. Much better answer, Ray: Remove the children from these government indoctrination camps/gun free zone targets.

        There are many superior alternatives. Parents are responsible for the education AND safety of their children. Not any level of government.

    3. I agree. If you conceal your weapon well, and never speak of it, no one will ever know. I carry regularly in “gun free” zones after checking it out for metal detectors. I almost never find that kind of expensive security precaution unless it involves a government agency

      1. I agree, but have one issue, why conceal? In a way I can see but personally I will always have min in open . I personally feel it is more of a deterrent if the bad individual sees what he is walking into and maybe make him think first. I know the argument is its scary and I’d be the first target. Well that’s ok but if more carried in open then they would really think twice. This is just my opinion.

    4. All and every thing this Gentileman has said is so true, but I am going to go a step farther. Not only are schools targets so are health care facilities, such as hospitals, and rehab centers, and long term care facilities. My wife had a stroke several years ago and has been on and off in a long term facility. As of a few months ago I have had to make the decision for her to now live there permantly. I am a conceal carry permit holder, but every time I go see her I have to lock up my weapon before I enter the building. Over the last few months I have devised exit stratagies in case some one come it to do harm to the staff and residents there. I use to park farther away from where her room is, but I no longer do that. I am not a youngman so I do not get around very fast but I hope and pray that if any thing occurs while I am there that I can get to my weapon and hopefully do something about the situation. Most hospitals do have armed security on premises but care facilities don’t and hope the police will get there before to much happens. I feel if hospitals have armed security then so should these facilities or at least let family member who have concealed carry permits stay armed while they are visiting there loved ones. If any thing happens in the way of an attack that hurts or kills my wife I will go after the people who own this facility in the courts with all of the power I have. I hope others who are in my and my wife situation read this and jump on the band wagon with me. I hope to hear comment from others on how they feel and if they feel and think the way I do.

    5. these terrorists place no value of the lives of ,
      their own children let alone ours ! they strap ,
      bombs to them and send them off to be human,
      grenades ! most of them are detonated remotely
      so that the kids don’t have any chance to disobey .

    6. obama may have been born in Hawaii. [I know all the birth certificates are forgeries. that might be a distraction just to keep the people looking and talking elsewhere.But there is no question, he was raised in Indonesia and attended Muslim schools.
      He is incapable of Muslims or recognizing that there is a problem with Muslims and their 15th Century religion.

      1. Actually it’s a 7th Century tyrannical political system that has been steadily infused with a form of religiosity, where they’ve made a god in their own degenerate image, over the centuries. Google “The Barbary Pirates”, Islam hasn’t changed in 1400+ years . Religion is man trying to earn gods favor through their own actions. Jesus went head to head with the Religious people throughout his earthly ministry, then those religious people had him put to death. One of the first acts of “religion” recorded in the Bible is Cain slaying Able. In Luke 22:36 Jesus told the disciples “He said to them, “But now if you have a purse, take it, and also a bag; and if you don’t have a sword, sell your cloak and buy one”. The sword was thee personal weapon in that time period.

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