Drunk Wanders Into The Wrong Armed Home, Gets Out Alive

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Revolver Woman Self Defense Home Invasion
Drunk Wanders Into The Wrong Armed Home, Gets Out Alive
Bob Irwin
Bob Irwin

USA –-(Ammoland.com)- The Journal Tribune reports 9/21/2016 in Waterboro, Maine, a mother woke up to see a man in her house shining a flashlight in her face early on a Tuesday morning.

She was sleeping, and her 6-year-old daughter was in bed with her when she woke up to a flashlight in her face at 12:30 a.m. Tuesday. Her 5-year-old son had been sleeping on the couch.

After she got her weapon, the woman told the intruder she had a gun and she wasn’t afraid to use it. She was able to initially talk the man into going outside. The woman then recognized him as a 35 year old neighbor. Their children go to school together.

While she talked to the apparently drunken neighbor, he went to the back of her yard. But when she was calling 911, he re-entered through the front door. Then deputies arrived and took him into custody. He did not actually threaten the woman or her children.

He had cut himself when initially trying to peel open the front door and was bleeding profusely from damage to his fingers. Officers found blood all over her house.

He was arrested and charged with criminal mischief and criminal trespass. He was jailed on $500 cash bail, the sheriff said.

The victim was the subject of some criticism on social media for not using her weapon.

She wrote in response, “You had to be there to understand the circumstances; be thankful that you were not.”


I agree that she certainly could have fired at the intruder – maybe even should have fired. But it’s her call, not a decision for all of us non-participants.

Years of reviewing cases like this have taught me not to second guess those involved at that frantic moment.

I once failed to shoot a young man meandering towards me with a machete at 2 in the morning. A long story but it turned out he was mentally challenged and really did not understand my shouted warnings.

Just a feeling that some story information was missing, from my perspective, her lack of action saved his life.

Bob Irwin, The Gun Store, Las Vegas

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Just as I never make judgements when reading stories about Cops shooting a perpetrator, I would not presume to make disparaging comments about this woman and her actions during this event. If you are not there, you have no knowledge of the actual circumstances. The only person who really knows what was going down, was her. She was in the best position to make the call on how to respond. Never presume to second guess someone else’s actions, if you yourself weren’t walking in that persons shoes.


No armchair quarterbacking. She was one who had to make the life changing decisions. She was happy with the outcome. End of story.


I am a NRA Certified Hand Gun Expert and have taught people how to handle various firearms and when and where to use them. But you can never be in someones else boots when and intruder invades your home. And you never want to take a life unless you know for a fact that your life or one of your family members lives are in danger. Once you pull that trigger you can’t take that bullet back and all gun owners need to keep that firmly imbedded in your mind. This Women did what she felt was right given the… Read more »

marc disabled vet

She was in a defensive state of mind,
that ended well for the man, This time.
I don’t think he’ll be lucky again
He should be thanking her for
his life. Wonder if he’ll quit drinking?


She was prepared and ready for an escalation on the part of the intruder that never happened. She did the right thing and doesn’t have to live with having shot a drunk that stumbled into the wrong house.


not to mention he is a neighbour…. she had the presence of mind to look at him and recognise him, and once knowing his identiy she likely felt far less of a threat than at first. She handled it very well considering getting blasted awake with a flashlight at oh two hundred….. HE should forever be grateful for her presence of mind.

I hav elittle doubt that had it been a stranger, and/or moved as if to threaten her, she WOULD have fired. And rightly so.

Pistol Pete

Her action were correct, her nor her children’s lives were in danger she made the right choice.

tom webster

Good on her! The fact of whether she did or did not shoot is actually probably immaterial here. Far more relevant is the fact that because she was armed she felt empowered to make the initial challenge which led to the perpetrator exiting the house. Without the gun she [probably] could not have done that and the outcome may have bee horrific.


Her response was the correct one. Those who were not there…should not make any judgment calls on her actions.