Enraged Man with Drugs and Knife, Shot and Wounded

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Trevor Cecchettini
Bob Irwin
Bob Irwin

USA –-(Ammoland.com)- The Centennial Citizen reports 10-4-2016 in Colorado, Sheriff’s Deputies were called to a home in the 14700 block of East Aberdeen Ave at 8 in the morning.

The homeowner said someone was stabbing the tires on a boat trailer parked in his driveway while claiming he “owned the street.”

The homeowner went outside to confront the man, who then charged at him. That prompted the resident to go back inside, retrieve a firearm and call 911. The suspect, armed with a handgun and a knife, then attempted to break into the home.

The homeowner reacted to that by firing two rounds through the door. At least one bullet struck the would-be intruder. The suspect returned fire through the door but the resident was not hit.

The 43 year old suspect then fled the area but was quickly stopped by a responding deputy. Investigators at the original scene found two pounds of marijuana, a gun and a knife that they believe belonged to the suspect. They also discovered knife damage to the boat trailer’s tires.

The suspect was arrested on suspicion of illegal discharge of a firearm, felony menacing and marijuana offenses. He was treated at a local hospital for his non-life threatening gunshot wound and released to the Arapahoe County Sheriff’s custody. He was being held at the county jail on $25,000 bond.

Investigators do not believe there was any prior connection between the victim and the suspect and believe it was a random incident. A sheriff’s office spokeswoman said the homeowner, whose name has not been released, will not face charges.


Where to start, mental illness is a giant national problem. These guys are even more dangerous because they cannot be reasoned with. Their reality is different than ours. [especially when high on drugs]

Warnings don’t have much effect on individuals who believe they are on Mars fighting aliens. The attack on the trailer tires was a clue but what’s the answer?

Firing through your own door is not it. Stay inside where you are relatively safe and let the responding cops handle it. If the wacko gains access, deadly force is clearly necessary and reasonable.

Bob Irwin, The Gun Store, Las Vegas

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All Marijuana advocates can really say is that there are no documented cases of death by overdose. People are killed over Marijuana all the time. Overdoses cause irreversible brain damage and with Dabs/ Budder it only takes once, There are often other drugs involved. I arrested a guy who said he had smoked a joint about 15 hrs earlier. Turns out he had THC, PCP, and Formaldehyde (Sherms) in his blood. Another Deputy and I put more baton strikes on him than the previous 10 guys together with very little effect! Oh yeah, he was naked when he broke in… Read more »


For years I have heard that marijuana users will never commit crimes of violence. Is this the one case that proves never say never?


Here in Alaska since the legalized marijuana , crime has gone up 300% in thefts and murders doubled this year. Why , the former sellers don’t make as much money . So the new money maker is lets rob the dope man .
Here is an example of one , http://www.ktva.com/woman-in-critical-condition-following-northeast-anchorage-shooting-282/ , 4 guys went to rob her son shot her in the head . All on video , all are charged with murder.
So who ever says pot doesn’t kill is wrong , drug culture kills.


Yet another asshole all highed-up.

Old 1811

Actually, the homeowner escalated the situation by confronting the offender. Had he stayed inside, kept an eyeball on the boat stabber (who up to that time had just committed criminal damage to property, basically felony vandalism), and called 911, he never would have found himself in a situation where he had to shoot someone.



Wild Bill

It was the door maker’s fault. Absent a door, this would not have happened! It was the house builders fault. Absent a house, this never would have happened! It was the city’s fault. Absent a street, this never would have happened! It was the fault of the marijuana user’s parents’ fault. Had they not had children, this never would happened! It is the State of Colorado’s fault for passing unjust laws. Bla, bla, bla. It is everyone’s fault, except the person that decided to commit crimes.

Old 1811

Homeowner: “Hey, look, there’s a crazy guy with a knife stabbing tires! I think I’ll go outside, unarmed, without calling 911, and see if I can get him to stop!” Does that sound like a sensible plan to you? Over in the sandbox, when our troops run into something that may be too big to handle, they don’t rush in to see what will happen. They hunker down, take a defensive position, and call in an air strike. That’s because they’re smart. 911 is your air strike. ALWAYS call 911 first. It brings people who have experience in dealing with… Read more »


News Flash: Texas ain’t the sandbox. The laws and ROE here are different than there. Also, the huge backup net is not only much larger there, it is far faster in responding. If some clown was perpetrating feliny property destruction ON MY PROPERTY I’d go out to confront him…. but I’d have my sidearm when I go out. I have the right to order him off my propertuy, cease his malicious destruction, etd. HE is the aggressor by attacking m,y property. Most states aikiw a citizen to use lethal force to stop a felony in progress, or detain someone in… Read more »

Old 1811

Since this happened in Colorado, what does Texas have to do with it? It’s not cowardly to call 911 and let the pros handle it. Real men do it all the time. This is a do-it-yourself project where there are too many things that can go badly wrong. Life ain’t Hollywood. 1. You could be injured or killed. A guy slashing a stranger’s tires with a knife might be off his meds, or he might be on PCPor its big brother, TCP. Dusters are very violent and very hard to stop. They don’t react to pain and only a CNS… Read more »

Old 1811

I think you read too much into my comment. Of course it’s the criminal’s fault; he was responsible for his actions. All I said was, the homeowner’s conflict resolution skills leave a lot to be desired.
If you asked that homeowner, “If the same thing happened tomorrow, what would you do?”, do you think he’d say, “I’d walk outside and confront the guy,” or would he say, “I’d call 911 and let the professionals handle it.”?