F.B.I. Director, James B. Comey, is now Hillary Clinton’s Best Enabler

By Roger J. Katz, Attorney at Law and Stephen L. D’Andrilli

Hillary Clinton And Obama Embrace
Was the decision to let Clinton and her underlings off the hook decided well before the F.B.I. criminal investigation into violations of federal law?
Arbalest Quarrel
Arbalest Quarrel

New York, NY  -(Ammoland.com)- “. . . you never exactly lie, but often you don’t exactly not lie, either. You tell people only what you want them to know, and not a word more or less, and let them make of it what they will.” ~Taylor Caldwell, Captains And The Kings, Part Two, Chapter 5, page 497, Doubleday & Company, Inc. (1972)

First Hypothesis: A Man Of Good Character And Reputation, But One Who Wields Little To No Power And Who Falls Prey To Corrupting Influences Or Who Otherwise Finds Himself Compromised, Brings Dishonor To Himself, Truly; But Such A Man Harms Only Himself. He Has Little Capacity For Harming His House ~ An Entire Nation.

Second Hypothesis: A Man Of Good Character And Reputation But One Who Happens To Wield Considerable Power, As Well, Has Tremendous Power To Persuade. And, If That Man Should Happen To Fall Prey To Corrupting Influences Or, If That Man Should Otherwise Find Himself Compromised, Dishonor Befalls Not Only Himself But His House And Can, Most Assuredly, With His Words—His Half-Truths, His Evasions, His Lies—Contribute To The Downfall Of His House ~ An Entire Nation.

On Wednesday, September 28, 2016, the House Judiciary Committee held a second oversight Hearing on FBI operations. (video below)

The Committee called on the F.B.I. Director, James B. Comey, once again, to appear and to testify on behalf of the Bureau. House Democrats tried, however unsuccessfully and certainly inappropriately, to steer the Hearing toward irrelevant policy matters, several of which were clearly outside the purview of the Bureau and outside the true purpose of the Hearing. But House Republicans were, fortunately, not persuaded to follow suit and kept the Hearing on target.

They focused their attention on the critical matter at hand: the conduct of the F.B.I. in undertaking its criminal investigation of Hillary Clinton and her underlings.

House Republicans grilled Comey on the F.B.I.’s mishandling of its investigation into Hillary Clinton’s own mishandling of classified federal Government information during her tenure as Secretary of State in the Obama Administration. Comey was, as always, perspicacious, articulate, respectful toward Congress, candid, and ostensibly sincere, rarely showing irritation. He was also cautious, attentive, intransigent, keenly observant, and adamant. He wouldn’t budge on his decision not to recommend, to the Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, indictment of Hillary Clinton on multiple federal felony charges.

In Comey’s estimation, as he declared to the House Judiciary Committee, neither Hillary Clinton nor her underlings merit indictment under federal statute.

Comey’s protestations are both weak and at times patently ludicrous, in light of, one, the weight of evidence screaming for indictment of Clinton—evidence Comey had himself reported in his July 5, 2016 statement to the American People; and in light, two, of the mass of inconsistencies House Republicans brought to the Director’s attention, concerning the conduct of Clinton’s cronies during the course of the F.B.I.’s criminal investigation and, too, the odd manner in which the F.B.I. conducted several of its interviews—a matter which House Republicans also brought to the F.B.I. Director’s attention.

During the course of the Hearing, one inescapable and very disturbing inference, as voiced by one Republican member of the panel, could not but be drawn.

It was this: the decision to let Clinton and her underlings off the hook—whosoever it was who made it—must have been decided well before the F.B.I. criminal investigation into violations of federal law had concluded—in fact, perhaps, before the criminal investigation even began.

The unstated presumption, implied by the inference, is that the entire criminal investigation was an elaborate and extremely expensive but ultimately vacuous performance, predicated on necessity, no doubt and, so, definitely no hoax, for serious misconduct by the Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, and by her underlings, did exist, and serious crimes had been, on balance, committed—but such probability of crimes the F.B.I. found were never meant to be prosecuted. Someone or some powerful vested interests here or abroad made certain that would not happen.

The painful realization is that the F.B.I. has allowed Hillary Clinton and her toadies to avoid criminal prosecution for serious crimes against the Country, against this Country’s Constitution, and against this Country’s citizenry.

Americans may one day—assuming this Country, as an independent Sovereign Nation still exists—bring the U.S. Department of Justice itself to account for shirking its most sacred duties to God, Country, People, and Law.


What Comey’s Decision Has Wrought For The American People

Through the failure of the F.B.I. Director, James B. Comey, to recommend indictment of both Hillary Clinton and her cronies on felony charges and through the failure of the Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, to charge Hillary Clinton and her cronies with multiple felony counts, the Justice Department has laid the groundwork for placing the most despicable—and, let us say, to use one of Clinton’s own words, deplorable—person ever to hold public office in the highest Office of the Land—a selfish person, an amoral person, a person loathsomely consumed by the naked lust for power, rabidly consumed by the lurid desire for personal aggrandizement, and ravenously consumed by the noxious need to accumulate vast sums of money, ignominiously, through the sale of high public Office; a person who has clearly broken our Nation’s laws, has broken many of them, and has broken them many times over, and has urged and encouraged others to do so as well; a person who cares not one whit for the honor of our Country; or for our Constitution; or for our Country’s laws; or for our sacred rights and liberties—those sacred rights and liberties hard fought for by the founders of our Nation; or for our Countrymen, many of whom have sacrificed their life that we may remain a free People and a free, sovereign Nation.

If Clinton wins the election both she and her cronies will have carte blanche to complete what Clinton, as Secretary of State, had begun: destruction of this Country’s laws, its Sovereignty, its economy, its culture, its heritage, its security, the rights and liberties of its citizenry—indeed, everything upon which this once mighty Nation once stood for and represented.

At the September 28, 2016, Congressional Hearing, House Republicans once again asked the F.B.I. Director, lamely, to reopen its investigation into Hillary Clinton’s misconduct and those of her underlings.

Comey again refused to do so; nor would he be willing to look into his Bureau’s own mishandling of the investigation.

Congress is, as well, apparently unwilling to allow the Independent Counsel Reauthorization Act of 2014 out of Committee. Doing so would circumvent a recalcitrant Justice Department, reluctant to enforce our Nation’s laws.

The Independent Counsel Reauthorization Act of 2014 requires the appointment of outside, independent counsel to investigate serious crimes of high public officials when the Department of Justice is unable or unwilling to uphold the laws of this Nation. Congress and the Courts take over the duty of seeing that justice is served when the Executive Branch is unable or unwilling to police itself through the U.S. Department of Justice. The failure of Congress to allow open debate and a full House vote on the Independent Counsel Reauthorization Act of 2014, means that many members of Congress, as with the Executive Branch of the federal Government, are not too keen on embracing integrity in Government. Integrity does not, apparently, rank very high in importance in the conduct of our Nation’s business.

The Arbalest Quarrel has previously discussed the need for appointment of independent counsel to reinvestigate Hillary Clinton’s misconduct during her tenure as Secretary of State and has written to the sponsors of the bill, Representatives Michael Turner and Rick Allen, urging them to act. To date we have heard not a word about action on the bill. The silence is deafening.

Apparently, Congress has neither the will nor the fortitude to compel integrity in the federal Government. Is this not an act of betrayal against the Country and the American People?

Clearly, there is blame aplenty to go around, but what does it take to shame the Government to act at the behest of the People to prevent the calamity of a likely criminal, Hillary Rodham Clinton, seated in the White House?

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Bill Turner

Is hilery clinton about the law? If that would’ve an average citizen, they would’ve been in prison now. She is a traitor. and reverses to be in prison.


The FBI Comey, Ect ,Justice lynch ect , Obama ,Clinton’s ,Will be judged by a much higher power on November 8th then be disgraced.And by the Lord.for he will deliver the needy when he cries for help. If you repent the Lord will heal you land America Deut 26-28 Cursed.


It could be that he’s caught on to what has happened to others who have bucked the Queen!!

marc disabled vet

The front of the new building will read
( James Comey FBI building)

ed burkhart

comey should be fired and arrested for lieing and not representing usa laws


When you have a government as corrupt as this one there is but one rule: DEMOCRATS ARE IMMUNE AND CAN NOT VIOLATE ANY LAW UP TO AND INCLUDING MURDER You can run guns to Mexico. Transmit pictures of your private parts on the internet to minors. You can rape and molest women. You can burn 85 plus people, including women and children to death, without prosecuting them. You can shoot an unarmed mother holding a baby after killing her son and wounding her husband. You can abandon an Representative of the US government and the men protecting him while you… Read more »


First, the Hitalry was able to evade the law. Now, all the newspaper entities all at the same time is denouncing Trump as not fit for president. Even the IRS which is supposed to be confidential and full of secrecy is now out to destroy Trump. It only shows that there is so much cash curculating around to make sure that Hitlary will bag the presidency. I wonder what will happen to this country if Hitlary is in power.


I am old enough to remember when the FBI was a honored institution. Now it is not any different than the cartels dealing dope. The justice dept ran guns to Mexico and the FBI did nothing. In the 90’s they killed 85 people by burning them to death to cover up a big screw up by ATF. They killed an unarmed mother holding a baby, shot her husband and a friend, covered up the killing of a 14 year child after killing his dog then tried to prosecute them for imaginary crimes. For what? Because the man failed to appear… Read more »


of course it was set up all throughout the “Justice” dept… It explains why Lynch directly said “we will abide by whatever the FBI decides”…she and obozo had already given the marching orders to Comey


The offer must have been huge. Maybe an expansion of the agency’s sphere of influence. Maybe a cabinet post in the new regime. Nobody will know what swayed him. But we do know he assassinated the honor of the FBI, as well as justice. It used to stun me by what the greedy would do to others and the country to satisfy their greed, but watching Congress for 10 years inured me and now I’m no longer surprised by it. All I know is that Abe Lincoln was right, our destruction will come from within.