Field and Stream Preview: November 2016 Issue

Field and Stream November 2016
Field and Stream November 2016
Field & Stream
Field & Stream

The November issue of Field & Stream is on newsstands and the iPad today.

  • The 12th Annual Seven Best Days of the Rut: When can you expect to start seeing bucks seeking, chasing and tending does? Field & Stream researched fetal-aging and fawn-drop data and talked to state biologists and the QDMA to create this breakdown of rut-phase timing across the country, naming the best days for every region. You might be coming down with something…. Page 39.
  • The Slab Harvest: Not ready to let the fish-fry grease cool down? Pros spill the secrets to scoring massive fall crappies while everyone else is in a deer stand. Catch your fill while lake is empty, the air is cold, and the bite is red hot. Page 59.
  • Wild Chef: The Deer Stand-Wich: How do you make the best sandwich in the world ever better? Just add venison. The “shooter’s sandwich” became something of an internet sensation not long ago, featuring a hollowed-out loaf of bread loaded with delicious fixings. Hunters saw the potential for a game version – an ideal pack-along for sustenance on a long day afield. Page 20.
  • The Perfect Shooter: Long obsessed with mule deer, Field & Stream’s new Editor-in-Chief Colin Kearns finally gets a crack at his first buck during a Montana muzzleloader hunt last fall. Read Kearns’ firsthand account of how he fell for mule deer all and witness as he takes his first one. Page 67.
  • Field Test: Binocs and Socks: We know what you really want: affordable, full-size binoculars that get the job done. So that’s what we tested. Here’s how 10 new models, each priced at or under $1K, stacked up in our most rigorous optics test ever. Page 75.
  • The Field & Stream team tested four pairs of merino wool socks to discover which can handle long hours in the freezing cold weather best. Page 80.
  • Bo Whoop Comes Home: After being lost for 57 years, Nash Buckingham’s legendary shotgun, Bo Whoop, goes back to work on Mississippi’s Beaver Dam Lake. Field & Stream’s Hunting Editor Will Brantley’s account of his trip with the famous equipment – he can attest it sounds just like it does in the legends: bo-whoop. Page 52.


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Rick Dobbins

When does the Best days of the Rut issue come out ?