Georgia Stalker Shot & Wounded in California

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Woman Attacked
Woman Attacked
Bob Irwin
Bob Irwin

USA –-( The Mercury News reports 10-17-2016 in Altos Hills, California, the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office has identified a Georgia man who was wounded in a home shootout after he broke in and attacked a woman he was reportedly stalking.

The stalker, age 43, remains at a local hospital and is expected to survive multiple gunshot wounds he sustained in the Friday confrontation on Oak Knoll Circle.

The encounter occurred at 11 a.m. when the suspect walked up to the home and appeared to be armed with a handgun. A woman inside called 911 and said a man approaching the home had been stalking her.

She was still on the phone when he forced his way inside and started shooting at the woman and at least two other residents. A male resident armed himself and fired back, hitting the intruder several times. The intruder then turned and fled.

Responding deputies found a wounded stalker outside and he was taken to the hospital. A handgun thought to belong to him was also recovered. No one inside the residence was injured, and the man who shot the intruder was not expected to be charged with any crime.

The stalker was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder and is expected to be booked into jail once he is released from the hospital.

Initial reports in the wake of the shooting suggested the woman had sought a restraining order against him back in Georgia, but it was not immediately clear whether one had been issued. There is one issued now in California.


The intended victim had moved across the country to get away from this jerk. And was literally hiding with relatives in California.

It’s fortunate for the family involved that the household was armed and alert. How would this horrible incident have ended otherwise? Apparently with at least one domestic murder, or more likely several murders.

If they don’t keep this jerk in prison, which is unlikely in California, his victim will spend the rest of her life living in fear.

I sure hope the defensive shooter didn’t have too many rounds in his pistol magazine. Otherwise the hero could get more jail time than the stalker!

Bob Irwin, The Gun Store, Las Vegas

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Gene Ralno

She’s lucky this b*st*rd was nailed before Brown & Newsom confiscated her friends’ firearms. This won’t awaken California oppressors but it should awaken the voters. Voters don’t believe or haven’t been told that illegal aliens commit 5,639 murders in the U.S. every year. That’s about half the non-suicide homicides in the U.S. and most of those are gang related. Brown & Newsom are doing absolutely nothing to round up and imprison the criminals. Instead, they seem more interested in denying firearms and ammunition to citizens. They pretend ignorance of the fact that criminals, especially illegal aliens, “don’t need no steenkin’… Read more »


This story was looking good until it got to “expected to survive” !


yeah, there is that detail… sad. Calif will spend more money on the dirtbag than he’s worth, only to release him early cause he’s such a great guy……

Chuck M

Irwin I can’t believe you just said that about the hero that saved multiple lives, wondering if he had to many rounds in his weapon. Don’t give the prosecuters any ideas, they don’t give a crap who they arrest. Its just another feather in their cap. Whos side are you on anyway?


this is a very real concern in the Republikk of Kalifornia……. Brown/Newsom/Harris will go to any lengths to restrict gun ownership/use Lets hope the hero here, if he did have a Standard Capacity Ammunition Feeding Device attached to his handgun that he swapped it out for a Mandated Victim Disadvantage Capacity Ammuniton Feeding Device. So, if the perp is a Georgia resident, he cannot have got the California Mother May I Card to carry in that state, and his Georgia Mother May I Card is not honoured in California… who will not honour ANY other such Card. Thus he was… Read more »


Arm up NOW and for Christ’s sake don’t give in and register your guns when Hillary mandates it.


How do you think this would have turned out if this had been an American home post Obama/Clinton gun laws had been enacted??? Guess they should have waited for the cops to arrive so the PERP. wouldn’t have been shot and they would have all benn dead!


I don’t know how many women lay in graves, who died thinking that a 8 1/2 x 11″ piece of paper would protect them, but it is a lot more than those who didn’t and armed up. It only serves as a legal justification AFTER you have to shoot the psycho to save your life.