Hillary Clinton Email Scandal Update, Voters Need To Know

Hillary Clinton Bedhead
Hillary Clinton Email Scandal Update, Voters Need To Know
Judicial Watch
Judicial Watch

USA – -(Ammoland.com)- Hillary Clinton’s use of an email server in the basement of her home while she was secretary of state will leave a permanent stain on our system of justice and on the public’s trust in government.

This became abundantly clear during our “Clinton Scandal Update – Emails and the Clinton Foundation” symposium held here in Washington on September 29, 2016.  The full video is available here (and below) – and is well worth watching and sharing.

Chris Farrell, our director of investigations, and I were joined by three distinguished experts: WND senior staff writer Jerome Corsi, author of Partners in Crime: The Clinton’s Scheme to Monetize the White House for Personal Profit; Peter Schweizer, author of the New York Times best-seller Clinton Cash ; and Joseph E. diGenova, former United States Attorney for the District of Columbia.

Peter Schweizer pointed out that the Clintons’ pay-for-play scandal sets “an extremely dangerous precedent. This is about more than the Clintons,” he said. “If it is not dealt with in a legal manner, it’s going to be imitated.”

He also noted that this scandal dwarfs anything we have seen before in terms of efforts to hide what was occurring and in the sheer amount of money involved.

Chris Farrell spoke of the permanent damage done to the reputation of the FBI by Director James Comey’s negligence.

“Mr. Comey is personally compromised,” he said. “The institution won’t get over it.” As you know, before joining Judicial Watch Chris worked in national intelligence. He pointed out that we know of at least 22 emails crossing Clinton’s unsecure server that contained “sensitive compartmented information,” a high level of classification. “This puts the United States at grave risk. Any first class intelligence organization would be looking for that kind of information.”

Jerome Corsi described how enormous sums of money that flowed into the Clinton Foundation cannot be accounted for. “Tens of millions of dollars were diverted,” he asserted.  There is a discrepancy between what people gave the foundation and what it reported.

“The Clintons ended up with net worths of 100 million dollars each.” And the speaking engagements don’t begin to account for it, he said.

Joe diGenova came down hard on FBI Director James Comey.

“I do not believe Comey is fit to continue in office. His arrogance and obfuscation should disqualify anyone with the power the FBI has. He violated his oath. It is very clear that from the moment he took control of this investigation he decided he was not going to recommend prosecution. It was a political decision.”

I added that Congress has refused to take any kind of substantive action on the scandal.

“Congress is refusing to take steps to hold Mrs. Clinton accountable. Why isn’t there a contempt citation pending now? Emails were destroyed after they were subpoenaed. Congressmen don’t want accountability to get in their way of retaining the Congress. I’m talking about the Republicans.”

I also noted that civil service employees stayed quiet even though they knew what was going on with Clinton’s non-state.gov email apparatus.

“It’s a fundamental issue of government transparency,” I said. “We depend on the good faith of government when we file a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request. We rely on civil servants to do the job they’ve been entrusted to do. Hillary Clinton tore that compact up. If Mrs. Clinton gets away with it, if there’s no institutional accountability for her conduct, FOIA may end because you can’t rely on the law being enforced.”

This, as you can see, is no longer just about Bill and Hillary Clinton. It’s about the federal government generally, the FBI, the Department of Justice, the rule of law, national security, transparency and trust in government. 

Again, the full video of the blockbuster educational panel is available here.

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  • 49 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton Email Scandal Update, Voters Need To Know

    1. My thoughts on Ms. Clinton are summed up as follows, Bah Humbug, which you may take to mean that I’m not especially draw n to Mr. Trump either.

    2. My thoughts about Clinton can be summed up as follows. Bah Humbug, which is not to say that I’m enoured of Mr. Trump.

    3. @MBH, True, but the young people don’t know about the Clintons, the main stream media, Federal Law enforcement, and even Facebook are all covering for the Clintons. The things that the clintoons have done are so distasteful that even Trump had a difficult time talking about it at the second debate.

    4. There is no real justice in this country anymore
      They can escape Judgement until God come back then real justice is rain supreme

    5. The Clintons have been the same since day one of their political career. LIE< LIE LIE and then Lie about it. See stood in front of millions of people and told lie after lie knowing we knew she was lying and it means nothing to her. GOD made a special place for people like the Clinton,s

      Its not what you can do for your country but what your country can do for you. That is the Clinton way.

      1. @MBH, True, but the young people don’t know about the Clintons, the main stream media, Federal Law enforcement, and even Facebook are all covering for the Clintons. The things that the clintoons have done are so distasteful that even Trump had a difficult time talking about it at the second debate.

    6. There have been few government officials as corrupt and evil as the Clintons. People want to believe the Clintons are good people, but history and their actions have proven they are anything but. She could have avoided the fiasco in Benghazi but requesting a USMC helicopter carrier like the IWO JIMA be stationed off shore, then the Ambassador and the other men who died with him would likely still be alive today. Look at what has transpired out of that error in her judgment – the server and it’s destruction, the lies, the cover ups, the conspiracies, the outright violation of security and document statutes, all because she had to get rid of Mohammar Quadafi. She did that and the Libyan countryside erupted in a wave of terrorist militias battling each other for control, and that was the incentive to arm the rebels in Syria with weaponry that was in various caches in Libya, which in turn created the circumstances that put the Ambassador in danger. He was facilitating moving of weapons being stored there to so called Syrian rebel forces. She did a half reared job of planning the operation or left it in the hands of others who had no idea what to do when planning such an operation. Dozens of the requests from Ambassador Stevens went either denied or unheeded, and they made no plan to get out if things went bad. We all know the rest of the story. Had it not been for her ability to corrupt and motivate people to engage in her conspiracies all of the truth would have come out by now, but one day in the not too distant future she will receive justice. Her cohorts have limited immunity from prosecution – that ends with the Obama Administration on January 20th, 2017. The clock is ticking…


    8. The e-mail scandal with Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation and all the people involved need to be investigated by our “Supreme Court Justice Department”. This is the only way justice will ever be served. We can’t run a country by law and order when our own justice system won’t apply to the same laws for everyone to abide by. It’s unconstitutional to hand out special immunity deals to people who are guilty. Our states and government are asking the people of the United States of America to vote for a criminal. This is 100% unconstitutional and should never have gotten so far to where Hillary Clinton was elected as the nominee for the democratic party for the USA presidency. She needs to be removed from the presidential election because she is under investigation by the FBI.
      If we have a criminal justice system who feels it can dull out special favors, do cover ups etc… just to make sure that certain people don’t have to go to jail, they why put anyone in this country on trial gain for anything?? Why can’t we just shut down all the prison in the USA, let them all go free and no on will be sentenced to life or death again??
      This is never going to happen because we are a county that is governed by “Law and Order” and this is exactly why the case of the Hillary Clintons e-mail scandal with her handlings of them and the set up of private server and the conflicts with the Clinton Foundation need to be tried through our “Supreme Court Justice Department”, because our own criminal justice system has failed the American people by not doing his or her job. When a person is guilty, guilty is guilty and it doesn’t matter if your white, black, Mexican, female, male, rich, poor, a lawyer etc. Everyone has to be treated equally and according by the same set of laws to be prosecuted under when guilty. Our Supreme Court is used when our own federal government fails the American people and this is exactly what has been done by allowing Hillary Clinton to try to get elected for the next president of the USA when she should be in “Jail”. There’s a 99% to 1% state wide polling that has been done online and every state says “Guilty” and it’s because she really is “Guilty’.

      1. The law is different for common people and the elite….We will never see anything happen to anyone in government when they break the law anymore… unless we stand up and tell the hell no, you can’t do that and get away with that. Things have gone about as far as we should let them, in fact, they have already gone too far…time to stand our ground and start fighting back…God bless America…

    9. COMPLETE DISGRACE TO AMERICAN PEOPLE, I BET THE STATUE of liberty sheds tears with the name hiliary mentined.

    10. Donald Trump Scandal Updates; Voters Need To Know: 1) Engaged in AGGRESSIVE Personal Tax Avoidance. For the past 18yrs! Documents verifying this were unearthed this past weekend verifying this tax fraud. Hasn’t anyone been watching/listening to the news …. besides FOX “news”? 2) Employed undocumented workers on construction projects. 3) OUTSOURCED production to factories OVERSEAS of his shirts, suits, vodka, his hotel furnishings & crystal. 4)Donated huge sums of $$$$ to politicians in exchange for favors. Trump even BOASTED that he does this. 5) Has filed for bankruptcy four (4) times!
      – For those of you who think that “he’s one of us, that’s why we support him”, well you are fools. NO, Trump was NOT born w/a silver spoon in his mouth. It was platinum.

      1. Trump used the tax codes to his benefit, that is what you are SUPPOSED TO DO. He also used the bankruptcy laws to his benefit and those are for his Business dealings, NOT personal/individual bankruptcies. As a businessman he has again, used the laws to his advantage when outsourcing labor. He is a BUSINESSMAN, not a career politician. He is SUPPOSED to try to make as much money as he can, wouldn’t you try to do the same thing?? He donated to campaigns for influence and favors, yes, TO THE CLINTONS, and several other politicians. He admitted that and also said that he did so because he KNEW that was what was required for a quid pro quo with the CLINTONS. He is a DOER, not a BULLS&IT ARTIST who has NEVER accomplished ANYTHING in her political career of OVER 30 years. Pull your head out Sir.

      2. You must not have seen where Bill and Hillary have been using the same exact tax system to do their taxes and Trump has…what do you have to say about that…This just was in the news a couple of days ago….

      3. There is not a tax scandal here – the man took a large loss over several years, he claimed it as an off-set against future income tax liabilities, and spread out that credit over several years. It’s all in the tax code, you ninnies! He is not cheating/dodging/or paying less than his fair share of income tax. In fact, his companies employ thousands of people who they withhold payroll taxes on, and the employees in turn pay their income taxes every year, so by being a job creator he actually pays many more taxes that people like the Clintons who lie, cheat and steal as fast as their fat stubby digits can cram their pockets full of other people’s money. Sure, the Clinton Foundation employs a lot of people, but that is all it does – according to it’s contribution/donations records versus expenses, which are vastly out of proportion compared to most charitable foundations that acutally do spend more than 80 percent of the money they take in on the people receiving benefits of the charity. The Clintons are worth $200 million because of all the creative accounting that goes on within their ponzi scheme called The Clinton Foundation. The foundation benefits the Clintons and their pals more than the people it is supposedly set up to help.

        And you people want to give Trump a hard time over following the tax code? Give us all a break and shut up already!
        You’ve had your free speech moment and now it’s over.

        This tax business is a red herring generated from the Clinton campaign, and it is incredible you people go on and on about it while ignoring the thousands of people who have been killed as a direct result of her reign of terror as Secretary of State. For a bunch of anti-war folks you sure embrace the most hawkish person in the Obama administration. She thinks nothing of sending our militar into harm’s way in places where she decides it is time to get rid of the leadership in a country because she doesn’t like the person, no matter if the place is stable or not. She dives right in there without regard for the people of the country she is destablilizing and as a result thousands die while she spouts off quips like this one about Quaddafi, “We came, we saw, he died! “. Frankly her flippant attitude and low regard for human life is just one of the most troubling facets of her poor character – besides all the lying and conniving and outright disregard for the law, the courts, and Congress – not to mention national security. Her email server scandal that you all are so eager to be rid of is still with us because she violated several laws dealing with the handling of classified and sensitive materials.

        If you can’t understand that most basic of things then you haven’t got the judgment required to be voting for any level of political office.

    11. I’m shocked that no one with a bully pulpit is SCREAMING at the top of their lungs about how only 10-15% of the donations to the Crooked Clinton foundation goes to actual charities!!! The rest is pocketed by “Billary” and used for payoffs etc. And how can they give immunity to ALL of her aides involved in this and get NOTHING in return? Why wasn’t the FBI (the investigating agency) consulted about the immunity deals? Why was she NOT put under oath in her private testimony and why didn’t Comey attend the inquiry himself? Why was NONE of that testimony recorded in audio or video format? How in the world did he have a decision and speech prepared for Monday morning when he didn’t attend or read the “notes”? Investigations are never concluded that fast without carefully collecting and thoroughly examining ALL information and documents? That tells me his mind was made up already and his statement was prepared in advance. And NONE of the technicians who used bleach bit were indicted??? They sit in front of congress with smug looks and taking the fifth. This is absolutely ridiculous and makes me lose ALL faith in the men and women who are supposed to LEAD By EXAMPLE and do what the people want done, what’s best for the country and not what is best for their own political career and reelection. As a Disabled Veteran and patriot I’m literally SICKENED by this. I would lay down my life for this country and these cowards choose to just lay down. Bend over America, here comes the Clinton train.

    12. I suggest everyone refuse to find anyone guilty if on a jury you are on until Hillary is charged with her crimes. Unless the prosecution can prove intent they are not guilty that is per Mr. Comey. Intent is very difficult to prove so the only answer is not guilty. I know now I could not fine anyone guilty unless they can prove intent.

      1. djr – hard to prove anything with the FBI and DOJ both watching your back. I’ve been on juries with people like you. No one is guilty in your eyes! And your blind as a bat!

      2. djr – must be nice to have the FBI and DOJ making sure you never go to trial. Your blind as a bat and about as smart as one!

      3. The secrity and secrecy laws she broke do not require intent – that is a red herring put before the public by democrats and defenders of Hillary. The law – I am familiar with it having been granted a Top Secret clearance by the US Army in 1972, says nothing of intent. It is very clear, if you mishandle, steal, or merely possess information outside of the area where you have access to that information you are guilty of a federal felony – period. If you reveal or give that information to anyone not cleared to be in possession of it, you are guilty of a federal felony. If you are caught in the commission of said crimes you can be charged with espionage, and you will be imprisoned in a lovely place like the Federal Penitentiary at Leavenworth, Kansas. Sentences for these offenses run from 10 years to life and or death.

        1. Absolutely correct. I am from your era, TS-Crypto, and know very well that if I did what she did, I’d have been in Kansas making shoes. It would not have taken long, either.

          I still can’t get over why she made it so easy to get into classified files. It’s unfair: No skill or tradecraft is needed any more. No running around the woods in Northern Virginia, looking for chalkmarks. The info. gets passed through an unsecured server, and someone in a building on Lubiyanka square can get STate secrets by tapping on a keyboard. What a handout.

          1. Not even so much as a dead-drop… clueless, sad and pathetic, seems to be all she is capable of.

            Her speech text is revealed so she counters with a hot-mic recording that’s 12 years old… again, clueless, sad and pathetic.

            It’s as if destroying her opponent is the only way for her to get elected – she’s not even trying to lie about her accomplishments or show us her plans. So now we are supposed to forget the tragic events she’s created and the trail of thousands of dead in her wake, including one ambassador, on network tech, and two CIA contractors who came to fight for their lives.

            Looks like we’re back to clueless, sad and pathetic again.


    13. Why. is Edward Snowden not alowed in the USA, when Hillary is alowed to run for office? They both did about the same thing. If anyone goes to jail, I would use the Clinton defense.

      1. It didn’t work for that navy seaman !
        he used it and was hung out out dry .
        Haves law, go free
        have-nots , go to prison

    14. Clintons are changing the laws as they go. Not being charged because of “intent” and now “precedent.”. This means that once it has been done, it is OK to do it again and again Clintons have got to be stopped. This election may be the last opportunity to save our country

    15. All this information needs to be able to be transferred to FB and Twitter by the readers to share with their friends and neighbors. As soon as possible!

    16. Clintons actions and the lack of procecution is very very distressing. I was a poll watcher in the last election and was horrified by the voter fraud committed and Romneys lack of interest when he lost to obama. I felt cheated that both dem and republicans cared so little about the massive amount of voter fraud. They were all content to keep their jobs and continue to enrich themselves. My belief is that this is the reason Trump is so dispised by all of our elected officials. They are fearful he will throw a monkeywrench in their corrupt system of governing. They all are so corruptes that they had to protect Hollary from procecution for fear she would take them all down with her. The people however have had enough with the corruption and will elect Trump with the hope that he will clean DC up and bring law and order and the government our dounders had intended for America. We want the Constitution and the laws to apply to all people equally. Clinton, in my opinion commited Treason. She should have been arrestes and charged with any number of crimes against our nation. Just like Obama who was never forced to produce a valid birth certificate or to explain why he is using a SS # from CT. Belonging to a deassd American. This rogue president has used the ofdice to invade our country with muslin criminals under the guise of being refugees. They have no desire to become Americans but want to take over our country. Trump needs to be elected and then and Article Five Convemtion needs to be held to purge our great nation of all the corrupt polititions so We the People can take back our contry.

      1. Well said sir. Good use of your own eyewitness accounts of the voter fraud and the Obama SSN. It should be noted also that the “race” section of the birth certificate says “African American “, a term that was NEVER used or documented until the 1980’s. Curious.

    17. They need to revamp the law to say .. ” let it be known that ” Depending on who you are ….followed by the wording
      of the part-time law… We Americans are starting to get confused about what we are told and what in effect actually happens.

      1. I am sick and tired of hearing about what Hillary has done, what will we find if we open up your closet? People who cast stones, should first take a good look at themselves. I hope you know what I mean.

        1. Well, I can say with utmost certainty that I never got four courageous Americans killed, only to lie about what happened in a pathetic effort to save my political behind. You???!!!!!!

        2. So, Mary, you think that everybody commits felonies, betrays their country, and peddles influence? The vast majority of Americans will never, in their whole life, be in a position to break the laws that Hillary has broken, sold the influence that Hillary has sold, and betray their country in the ways that Hillary has betrayed her country. You can’t start using your head any younger, Mary!

        3. You will find nothing that I’m ashamed of. No criminal activity, no reason to lie or cover up anything from my past. NEITHER of them are able to practice law anywhere and her “husband of conveyance appearance only” was impeached for lying to Congress. He continues to screw bimbos at their house and has had the Secret Service destroy evidence similar to the Monica Lewinski blue dress with his semen on it. All of my professional licenses are in good standing and I have NEVER taken MILLIONS of dollars from foreign governments and donors to a corrupt foundation and public office. Each of the Clintons have a net worth ABOVE $100,000,000 and when they left the White House she stated that they were BROKE. She also STOLE paintings and valuables like vases from the White House and had to bring them back. NOONE earns HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS in that short of a time, it just doesn’t happen. Federal Government positions do NOT pay that high of a wage. I know because I’m a Federal Employee. ONLY 10% of their donations go to actual charities, that leaves 90% to line their pockets. Figure that out. Chelsea owns a downtown Manhatten apartment that is worth $10,000,000 and she only had her FIRST paying job at 28 years old and makes $250,000. Do you really think she has the record of work and education to be the best qualified applicant for a position like that over someone who has actual work experience and post-graduate education??? Or, did they grease the palms of the owner of the business to set her up for success? Think about that objectively. I have NEVER deleted over 30,000 emails AFTER being issued a protection of information order and used “bleach bit” to make sure that “yoga and wedding planning ” emails were successfully wiped from an illegal server and have also NEVER told anyone to destroy my phones and computer with a hammer to prevent those same emails from being read. Nor have I EVER thought that for a SECOND, sending a laptop to the FBI that contains classified information through the USPS??? REALLY???? She has been a political figure for 30 years and accomplished absolutely nothing. Think about that too. Can you name anything she has done that has benefited the people she served or the country, or has she only benefited for herself and husband? I have NEVER left men to DIE in a foreign land after OVER 600 direct email requests for MORE security and being able to use better defenses and weaponry only to be told it wouldn’t be “aesthetically pleasing”. Nor have I left those HEROES to die without IMMEDIATELY sending a Quick Reaction Force to help them NO MATTER HOW FAR AWAY they were. They weren’t far away or unprepared btw. And having an unarmed drone instead of an armed drone to assist??? Cmon. Nor would I call the survivors who are HIGHLY decorated and patriotic men with no reason to lie or stretch the truth about their actions and thactions that led to the death of their brothers in arms and their grieving families LIARS when they recount the exact words from her mouth, obamas mouth and the AGs mouth when she told her DAUGHTER that it was a terrorist attack immediately when it happened. This also occurred on the ANNIVERSARY of September 11 in a VERY HOSTILE MUSLIM country that HATES America and you won’t listen to your Foreign Ambassador who is in the middle of it?? There is plenty more like Whitewater, working for George McGovern during the 60’s and in the middle of his segregation and racist efforts, her alignment with Wall Street, George Soros who is an evil multibillionaire. Is this REALLY who you TRUST to make our country better? REALLY??

        4. I’m sorry you feel that way, but you see the American people need to be able to trust those granted power and positions of leadership or our system of government and our way of life just doesn’t work. You should be infuriated by Hillary and Bill’s scam and bid for power they are not fit to have at their disposal. These people have used and abused the system and corrupted dozens of their associates in the process. They are witting accomplices in the scemes and dirty deals these two have been pulling and unfortunately people like you are the collateral damage. You placed your faith and trust in a couple who have turned federal government resources and power into a cash generating scam of unbelievable scale.

          Perhaps you should listen closer to the things they are known to have a hand in, then you will be sick for another reason. The Clintons are not good people and never have been. When they left the White House in disgrace, they took everything that was not nailed down – even PC keyboards! Who the heck steals a keyboard? But they did it and had to return a lot of things they appropriated by order of the Justice Department. The new president had to order new computers because of their thievery. Is that the act of a rational person? People should read about their past and learn from it.

          It’s time for them to go home to Arkansas, or Leavenworth if Congress will appoint a Special Prosecutor. This server/email business is the tip of the corrupt iceberg – don’t forget all the crimes committed like destroying evidence and failing to surrender documents upon leaving a federal government position. She took the documents generated during her tenure as Secretary despite the laws that state any such items must be surrenderd when an employee leaves their position. She did this for a reason, and that reason was to keep her actions from public scrutiny. There was something on that server that would prove she knowingly broke the law. You don’t use BleachBit to wipe a server’s hard drives unless you never want anyone to see what is stored there. She had this done the day after Congress subpoenaed the server and it’s contents. They did that because she sat for 11 hours and lied to them, and when ordered to give up the documents, she had them printed, let her attorneys sort through them and dispose of many (again destroying evidence) and turned over a portion – partial compliance with a court order amouts to disobeying it.

          Then there is Benghazi – she lied to the families of men who died because of her lack of planning and doing everything she could to support them in a hostile place that was hostile largely because of her actions. She was foaming at the mouth to get rid of qhadafi, and she sent US military forces to do the job, which destabilized the country. She ignored hundreds of requests to fortify the facilities where Chris Stevens was doing her bidding, along with Sean Smith, and when Glen Doherty and Tryone Woods were all killed fighting the organized terrorist attackers she failed to plan for safe evacuation from there, sealing the fates of the four men. Then she lied to the families of these men and the American people on national television. She knew what was going on, and she failed to do anything to save them or even come to their aid with any kind of military power. I suspect that all of that was laid out in graphic detail on that server. That is why she had the tech support guy BleachBit the drives in it.

          She does not deserve to be elected or trusted in any substantive way. She deserves to go to prison for a long, long time. She may yet end up there – when the next administration comes into office, the immunity deals the DOJ cut for the 5 principle malefactors will expire, and the government will be free to prosecute them all for a variety of felonies, conspiracy, destroying evidence, and a score of other laws they helped Hillary commit.

          I wonder if she will cry again?

        5. Please spare us your discomfort. We the people want justice for those who lost their lives because she was too lazy, tired, inept, or crazy to protect the people she put in harms way – and then lied to us. In fact she had been lying to us since the first time she was in a position of power and responsibility, and she never quits.

        6. Talk about ignorance…Mary, how many people do you know that just happened to cause 4 people to die overseas, who were working under her protection. And then lie to all of America and blame it on a stupid video. And then tell the families to just get over it. How many people have gone ahead and destroyed emails when they had already been subpoenaed and lied about that also. And also, did you know the Clinton family business was the drug business when they were in Arkansas. In fact, one of the largest even built. Where do you think they make all there money? Most now comes from the very governments that we are fighting with overseas today….If you love your Hillary, then love her, but don’t try to shame anyone else into loving her…that ain’t gonna happen…She is way to evil for most anyone else…

        7. **** Troll!

          I’m giving this troll three stars based on the number of replies and kicking in the fourth star for “transparency of trolling”.

    18. Do you are think this could bring out more scandals that goes behind our government doors that that why some are keeping quiet what about the he bill and Melanie gate scandal in government killing babies illegally like they did in india and africa collecting Mill one on campaigns it seem like all these philanthropist are doing a lot of illegal crap behind our government doors even Mr.soro look suspicious and why do you they having people seventh y eighty years old still working in our government it must be all about the money

    19. that is why they badly needed to win this election. that is why a lot of people is coniving and cash is circuating around. these people knew that if hitalry loses this election, the clinton’s will lose a very important part in history and a lot of people will go to jail for conspiracy.

    20. Clinton is a liar,what she did helped to kill those 4 americans.and then she has the gaul to tell the wife and mother of 2 of the victims to get over it.she is a heartless bitch.she is rude to people around her,telling secret service people assigned to protect her to fuck off.bill clinton made deals with loretta lynch not prosecute her.they gave immnunity to everyone that had knowledge of what she did.generals were fired by obama for doing far less than what she did and she is allowed to get away with it.trump is a much better person than this bitch or obama which has devistated this country.even our allies that we had for years are turning thier backs on us.what does that tell you about whst obama has done to this country.he will be temembered in history as the worst president we ever had.

      1. It would not surprise me to find that the “riot” and subsequent attack were carried out at her orders, in order to cover up the arms shipments from the wreckage she’d made of Libya to ISIS in Syria, and all the stand down orders to potential rescuers originated with her, to make sure the embassy personnel did not survive to expose her.

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