Hillary Clinton, Sociopath & Viper

By Roger J. Katz, Attorney at Law and Stephen L. D’Andrilli
The mainstream media maligns Trump’s character, but it is Clinton’s character that the media should impugn.

Wrinkled Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton, Sociopath & Viper
Arbalest Quarrel
Arbalest Quarrel

New York, NY  -(Ammoland.com)- Hillary Clinton is a repugnant individual. Many who support her know this, yet may vote for her anyway because they seek to benefit personally from her position as President of the United States and/or they share the same goals.

She is the darling of the abhorrent Rothschild clan.


But, Hillary Clinton is also a sociopathic personality.

That’s her nature. It is implied in her actions, in her words, in material she would like to suppress, and in material she has suppressed or intentionally destroyed. Hillary Clinton is also temperamental, vindictive, treacherous, duplicitous, and incapable of sympathy or empathy for others. She is subject to angry outbursts and diatribes. She is psychologically unstable and likely suffers from one or more neurological pathologies.

Clinton is much like a viper. Yet, one doesn’t hate a viper for being a viper. One understands it is in the nature of a viper to cause harm. That is the essence of its character. So, how do we handle a viper? Well, we do not place a viper in a position where it can do harm. We mind it closely. We look for the possibility it may strike without notice. We contain it. We know its venom can kill.

If we can forgive Clinton, it is because she, like a viper, is an inherently flawed character, altogether beyond redemption. But that does not mean or extend to supporting her candidacy for . But, what we cannot, must not, forgive are those individuals who enable her. And, the worst of the lot are individuals like Paul Ryan. Republicans, like Paul Ryan, should know better. But they are amoral individuals, proverbial opportunists, more concerned about their personal success, accumulation of personal wealth, political survival, and personal well-being than for the well-being of the Country they are sworn to serve.

Because politicians like Paul Ryan are not beyond redemption, they are worthy of our condemnation. We rightfully despise them when they fill the air waves with their false piety. They are hypocrites. They earn our condemnation.

The Arbalest Quarrel has said, some time ago, in an article posted on our site, on February 18, 2014, that hypocrisy is the worst behavior.

Hypocrisy is, sadly, ubiquitous in politics. It need not be. It should not be. But, it is so.

Read the rest of our discussion on what is really at stake in this election on ArbalestQuarrel.com

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Thom Paine

What do y’all call the America haters all on fire ,and fleeing for the border??? Ah yes that’s right the “makings of a new national holiday “!

Karen M. Simpkins

Are you able to back up your comments about Mr. Trump with verifiable information? Or, are your comments mainly hearsay and emotional in origin?

Wild Bill

@Karen, Welcome back! I am so glad to see you write again!

Thom Paine

Chuck obviously is a Hitlery fan who gets his news from Clinton National News and MSNBC. Hillary has blood all over her hands ,and a record of deceit , BUT the other guy said mean things, so he will vote for her.


You are what is wrong with this country! DBAG!


A lot more people have died on her watch so far…. and that’s not counting Vince Foster and a raft if other little people from Arkansas. As bad as Kaddafi was, he kept the Islamists in check in Libya. Then Hillary had him whacked……Remember “We came, we saw, he died?” That was what Hillary jokingly said. That country spun out of control and got four American State Dept. and CIA employees killed and a raft of others injured. Then she blamed it all on someone else while telling the Egyptian Ambassador and Chelsea a completely different story. What gets me… Read more »


I don’t disagree with anything you have said about Hillary Clinton. However, you seem to be willfully ignoring the fact that Donald J Trump by any measure is 10 times worse than Hillary Clinton in any category mentioned. Hillary Clinton may be a great evil but Donald J Trump is a much much greater evil. In this selection the choice is simple: bad or absolutely catastrophically disastrous. In addition to all the things you have labeled Hillary Clinton and Donald J Trump is *************** insane, Donald J Trump is a f******king lunatic. No matter how you look at it it’s… Read more »


You really like that cool-aid, dontcha. And you have NO affection for human life, Hitlery insists that for the last thirty years she has been a “Champion for the Children” while at the same time being the biggest proponent of late term abortion in which they allow just enough of the CHILD’S head to come out to shove a pair of scissors into the back of his or her skull and then suck its brains out. This is “WHO SHE IS” ,,but I get it Trump said some thing that you don’t like eleven years ago when he was a… Read more »


I disagree with only one thing stated in this article: HRC is NOT a sociopath – her behavior suggests that she’s a full-blown psychopath! She is wholly void of both conscious and compassion and she knows that what she is does will damage others with no consideration for them. This can be proven from her long history in the public eye, by many examples of her public behavior and the published anecdotes of those who have witnessed her non-public behavior. As for the previous commenter – Chuck, the characteristics you attribute to Trump (those of Hitler, Stalin, etc.), to my… Read more »


Chuck, you are so out of touch with reality that I’m very surprised you are able to even read the articles on this site, much less write a comment!! You need some serious counseling.

Silence Dogood

CHUCK, your post is more like up-chuck than chuck! CHUCK, you’re as delusional and paranoid as Pillory is EVIL. CHUCK, go away and haunt some other web site. CHUCK, you are not welcome here among the rationale and sane.

Skip Adams

Chuck, you need to pull your head out of your a$$ and come up for air. Your statement is total B.S. and you sound like a total IDIOT. You need a bit of help from a mental health professional, you are ******* insane and a f***king insane.

John H

You are the F***ing lunatic !! Hillary is the biggest douchebag to ever run for president !! If you think Trump is ten times worse than Hillary, then you must get all you news from the lame stream media, probably MSNBC, or CNN !!

Gary Chester

“Hitler, Stalin, Papa Doc, Pol Pot, Idi Amin Dada”. You compare Trump to these evil men? LOL, there’s only one lunatic writing comments.