Home Intruder Shot And Killed by 69 Year Old

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Anthony James Lawson
Anthony James Lawson, shot dead while invading home.
Bob Irwin
Bob Irwin

Las Vegas, NV –-(Ammoland.com)- The Augusta Chronicle reports this week (9/12/2016) in Augusta, Georgia, a local man was fatally shot early Monday by the resident of a Wrightsboro Road home.

The suspect was attempting to break into the residence, according to the Richmond County Sheriff’s Office.

The man killed was identified by authorities as a local 40 year old. The 69 year old resident told sheriff’s investigators that the individual attempted to kick open the front door of the home. The resident called 911 when the kicking began. The suspect then pushed a window air conditioner out to get inside.

That caused the elderly resident to fire a shot at the would-be intruder with a handgun, according to a sheriff’s office news release. The suspect’s body was found inside the residence by responding Officers.

He was pronounced dead at 3:38 AM by the Richmond County Coroner. The resident did not know the suspect. The intended victim is not being charged with any offenses at this time awaiting will be review by the County District Attorney.


A perfect defensive shooting. The intended victim called 911 as soon as he was aware of the problem. That gave the police every opportunity to arrive first. When that didn’t happen, he waited until he truly had to fire in his own defense before engaging the intruder.

Self-defense shootings get no better than this!

Bob Irwin, The Gun Store, Las Vegas

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  • 2 thoughts on “Home Intruder Shot And Killed by 69 Year Old

    1. “Are you in a “Stand Your Ground” State, or a “Duty to Retreat” state.”

      Good point. In some jurisdictions one can’t shoot someone for kicking a door.

    2. Yes, but do be sure to check the laws in your state.. Are you in a “Stand Your Ground” State, or a “Duty to Retreat” state.

      Some Reality:
      1) the true issues are your safety first, then your freedom from Prosecution a close second. Political Charges and Prosecutions are common.
      2) You are better off In your Home, than outside, and in the worst situation if you are at the dead guy’s house.
      3) Speaking from an Old Testament “Duty to Retreat State”, Va; legally it is irrelevant whether you are in your house or not. The myth of “drag them inside” is as tired as it is wrong. You, regardless of location, must meet two legal standards: (1) you are in REASONABLE fear of death of grievous bodily harm. (2) you have retreated to the maximum extent possible per a REASONABLE man standard.

      If you are back in the corner of your bedroom, and assailant keeps coming at you, you will probably fare well.
      If you are stuck in traffic, with no options, and are attacked, same (except you are at greater risk of political prosecution, just to teach you a lesson.) However, if you participated in some prior Road Rage with the deceased, your chances decrease.

      4) Try as hard as you can to be Female. Your chances of avoiding prosecution increase a LOT.

      5) You can never shoot to protect property from theft.. Have to go to Texas for that.

      6) Best to trust your gut, and keep the commandment in mind. Thou Shall not Kill. OR want to kill. Retreat states have this view; you cannot in any way have “brought it on” or contributed to the need to shoot.. Remember, you are a law abiding Christian, and therefore you do not want to kill a 10 time convicted child rapist, in theory.

      7) The decision to prosecute you will be based on whether a Prosecutor thinks a Jury in your area would convict. Truth, Facts, & WHAT you can or cannot SHOW; take a back seat.

      8) RECENT EXPERIENCES; Was passing two slow poke cars on a semi residential street. Car 2 followed VA law and let me pass. Car 1, Front, sped up to prevent my passing him. I then moved to pull in behind him. He slammed on his brakes, so I moved back out left to pass him. (no other cars on 32 foot wide street). As I tried to get past, Car 1 turns a 90 degree left to block, then to ram my car. I squeeze past, leaving tire rubber on the left side curb, and continue on my way. I note that Car 1 is now racing up to catch me. After the attempted RAM, I was concerned. I pull off the road to the right, honestly, to jump out and retreat into the woods just across the ditch. When I turn in the V Crotch between open door and car, I see Car 1, an SUV, is rapidly bearing down on me.

      What am I do do Now? I couldn’t run towards him to exit the V; that is not retreat. He had approx 27 feet of open road to his left, now to my right. I feel he is planning to run me down, and I feel truly stuck. My option of security in the trees is foreclosed by his close proximity & very fast rate of closure.

      I draw and hold on the radiator. AS his engine revs and he draws closer, I move up the bridge of nose area, but cannot see through his windshield, due to glare & sun angle. (I had had threats, had a “drug dealing murderer” renting across the street from my house (have I pissed him off???). (I happen to be able to remain very calm and clear headed in such situations).

      I stay locked on and am waiting for my primitive section of my brain to say: “You are going to die now”. This all occurred within around 2-4 seconds and ~100 feet. He gets within 10′ of the back of my car, & I note a slight left movement in his vehicle, so I hold fire. He bends on around me and my car.

      I now get in, and run up to get his plate #, to call 911. I viewed it as Attempt Vehicular Homicide at the first swerve, AND at the run at me. I guess police would have shot him at the 20 foot point.. I guess most would. But as stated, Im lucky to be able to stay calm.

      After getting his make and Plate, I call 911; they dont answer. I drop well back from him, on my street; & turn in my driveway. He sees this & returns to sit in front of my house. I trade the Carry Gun for a Shotgun with Buckshot (30 Yards).

      Finally I get 911, and they ask If I still have “the weapon” (He was on with them before me). 911 tells me to put my gun away. I tell them “no, I dont have “The Weapon”, I’ve exchanged it for a Shotgun”; the guy is sitting right out in front of my house.” 911 tells me to put the Shotty away. I tell them Im IN my house, so they can forget any chance of that.

      I guess they tell him to move away from me, because he want one lot down the road, and sat there.

      Police get there. I foolishly tell what happened. (never talk, except to say “Lawyer”) They interview us both, and CHARGE US BOTH. Both with reckless driving, & me with Brandishing. I told the cop I was absolutely in fear of being killed, an affirmative defense to Brandishing, but they politically charged me anyway.

      Charged illegally, because the Cop witnessed NONE of it. Being not interviewed together, Cop’s testimony could not survive any hearsay objection. But it doesnt matter, its political.

      WRAP UP: Should I have engaged? many will say “hell yes!!!”, “I would have”. But this turned out to be a distant neighbor and his wife; neither of which I knew, nor had I ever spoken to.

      I’d have had to de-brain both, not being able to see who or what was happening behind the windshield. Car 1 Driver said he “acted for the safety of his kids” (hey, don’t ask me! That brand of stupid is beyond me.); and was taking on a “Law enforcement role for unsafe drivers” (ditto, don’t ask me! I did ask the cop if it was policy to “whip out to ram a passing car? he said no.) I would have created 3 orphans, and am now glad I did not engage, even though I had every right to. ALSO, the Cop violated Va Law by Charging us. They cannot charge Misdemeanors they don’t witness; except domestic violence. My Attempt to retreat into woods, where his SUV could not follow placed me at risk. I did hear “this is not a stand your ground state”; to which I replied “No S–t. I was trying to make it to the trees.”

      No weight was given to his first attempt to ram me, his second attempt to run me down, or his returning to my home. All that mattered was “GUN”. So I cost me to get a dismissal, when I never should have been charged. Police are trained to shoot before I would have. No One Cares about that.

      Many situations are not clear cut. All we can do is to gain as much knowledge as possible about the law and know the landscape of the jurisdiction.

      In hindsight, am I glad I didn’t use deadly force? Yes, I am. Not because the driver may not have deserved it. He was a moron who risked himself and his wife, and risked making his kids into orphans.

      Luckily Military Aviation training (have ur helicopter engine cut off on you 5-10 times a day, you learn to think, not panic; + all Ive been through) and nature in crisis kept me calm and thinking. The slack was out of the trigger.

      BUT, Im sure in my commie city I would have been prosecuted with vengeance, with all the Press trucks parked outside. (Would have had to use the water hose on them.) (They bloody well cannot look good on Camera with their makeup streaming down their faces, and hair flat.)

      But the game has big boy rules. Knowledge and Practice, not just the fun part, shooting, but WHEN to shoot is our best protection. The City Govts, police, & prosecutors are the Second Threat in line behind the assailant. They care more about spreading fear and sending a message than truth or justice. Even had a Precinct Sgt tell me he would have confiscated MY GUN !!! (Response: Not without a Warrant, would you have.) Its like a territorial thing with them (At least here it is.) “Your defense is 911, period. WE handle such matters.” [BS x 100 ]

      Making a “Good Shoot” but going to prison is NOT A HAPPY OUTCOME.

      For those who don’t have the benefit from such training, Practice, Practice, Practice, all scenarios you can think of. Go through the process of when you can and cannot retreat; over and over. Helps a lot with staying clear headed, you would have hopefully been there before.

      Golf Kilo 22

      Comments are fine. Please just don’t be stupid.

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