Home Intruder Shot Dead After Refusing to Leave Peacefully

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Home Intruder Shot Dead After Refusing to Leave Peacefully
Bob Irwin
Bob Irwin

USA –-(Ammoland.com)- KTVQ TV reports 10-17-2016 in Sheridan, Wyoming, An alleged home intruder was killed after he failed to obey the orders of a Wyoming homeowner who gave him the opportunity to leave.

According to the Sheridan Police Department, officers responded to a home on the 200 block of West 10th Street shortly after 3 a.m. on Sunday.

The Sheridan residence is home to a couple and two children. The woman reported to police that an adult male intruder, who was not known by the couple, entered the home without permission.

The woman’s boyfriend attempted to get the intruder to leave peacefully. When the intruder refused, the resident male armed himself with a shotgun. The intruder still refused to leave the home.

“The male resident felt threatened after exhausting efforts to talk the man into leaving the residence,” police stated in a press release.

The man shot the intruder once in the chest. He was later pronounced dead at a local hospital. The occupants of the home were unharmed and are cooperating with the investigation.

It was determined the intruder entered the home through an unlocked door. The dead intruder was not identified by police until family is notified.

The investigation is ongoing.


Note to stupid burglars. Wyoming is the most armed state in the union. More guns per person than even Idaho or Texas.

If burglaries or home invasions are your chosen career, try a more liberal city or state [read New Jersey] where they disarm the victims for you. Check out areas that practice catch and release so you will be let loose even if captured.

In this case; every opportunity is given to the intruder to just go away. Please go away. Well now he really is gone away and the community is safer!

Bob Irwin, The Gun Store, Las Vegas

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If a person unknown to me enters my home uninvited and refuses to leave and
I find it necessary to use lethal force, I did not take a life, the home invader FORFEITED their life.


In my home, you don’t get a chance to leave. Enter my home uninvited? You die.



BillyBob Texas

The sad part of this story?: The poor guy was a great kid. He went to Sunday School,and was a model student, said his 3rd grade teacher. His mother said ‘he would never do anything like this’. Friends thought he was cute – and funny. And he volunteered to help clean up the city park 20 yrs ago. His neighbors thought he was probably just confused about where he was at 3:00AM. No one really believed he would have hurt anyone…One time he helped a bird with a broken wing…..so sad that he was murdered by the homeowner……so sad……

Dan Larsen

In addition to his naivetae regarding civil liabilities, as opposed to criminal prosecutions; Gil is apparently against the ownership of private property, in favor of his Leftist Utopia, where there are equal chickens found in everyone’s pot.


Cases like these reminds that Conservatives aren’t pro-lifers but pro-birthers. Strange how some folks like me have this concept of impending threat before taking someone’s life as opposed to Conservatives who use their feelings and sense of personal honor to judge the situation.

Dan Larsen

Says the guy whose chosen political position supports late-term abortion. It’s a mental disorder, Gil! Seek counseling, soon. What you’re doing is sometimes called, “mirroring.” It is treatable, if caught early enough! But, time is not on your side!


Why did you use the qualification of “late-term?” Either abortion is wrong or not, right? Then again, as this article shows, there’s nothing with the taking of a life depending on the circumstances. Since Conservatives want the death sentence for trespassers they should have no problem with a woman’s view of “my womb, my rules.”

Dan Larsen

Maybe you should ask Mommy why she didn’t abort your sorry A$$!


You should ask the last person you visited why they let you leave with your life as opposed to shooting dead for the heck of it.

Dan Larsen

That’s just too stupid to warrant any kind of intellectually-honest, or thoughtful response!

Chuck M

Well it seems to be a bitter sweet situation. One the good news is the bad guy is dead, and deservedly so, and
two, whose gonna clean up that mess from a close quarters shotgun blast?

Big Bill

Some of the comments are strange. If someone comes into my home at 0300 (or any time, really) uninvited, they will be met with a 12 gauge loaded with 00 or #4 buckshot. If they refuse to leave (and if they are not actively threatening me, they will be given that option), they will be shot. The reasoning is this: If they are the intruder, and faced with the homeowner with a shotgun, and they refuse to leave, they obviously think they have the upper hand. A person with that mindset is obviously not thinking clearly, and is a definite… Read more »


A door was unlocked at 0300? In Obama’s USSA, this just invites his supporters to just walk in.


it was not that long ago NO ONE on my street, near a mile long, locked their doors. Ever. I’ve known folks to live in the same house for 25 years and when they well it and move out, they have NO IDEA where the keys to the house are… why? They never used them. House ALWAYS unlocked. Friends were trusted to help themselves and clean up before they leave. No one else would think of entering. THAT is the America we used to have, back when folks took seriously the part of that Second that places “the security of… Read more »


Who told you that nonsense? LOL Speaking as one that has carried open and concealed for 30 years, I can tell you that that is patently NOT true. If you take a life with deadly force, you will go through a very unpleasant period likely including court, possibly prison if anything is amiss, definitely including lawsuits, usually costing an enormous amount money and suffering. Whoever told you that crap is flat out LYING. I just thought you might like to know this before you say more on the subject and embarass yourself further. Someone is taking you for a LONG… Read more »


It depends on where you are and a host of other circumstances. If you walk into my house at 3AM, while I’m asleep, I awaken and see you walking toward me in my bedroom, I grab my gun in an instant and shoot you, because I fear for my life, it is an unequivocal good shoot. If we are in New Jersey I’m in for a very long road and lots of lawyers fees. If I’m in Wyoming it’s pretty cut and dried and most likely will never make it past the District Attorney’s determination not to take it any… Read more »


I think you should take your own advice…. “Learn before you speak would be my advice.” Because you have carried for over 30 years, in no way makes you an expert of gun laws and State laws across the United States. Different States have different qualifications and interpretations of the actions in this case. Even if you are a lawyer, your State’s laws may differ than those of a majority of the other States. There are too many facts not laid out in this report to make the assumption you have made. Once again, Learn before you speak!


Conservatives finally changed the law to mimic movies – you can now shoot people dead without repercussions provided you’re on your own private property regardless of the threat level.

Dan Larsen

And, Leftist-style Liberals, not unlike yourself, Gil, wish to weaken the law, so that anyone can walk in, and occupy another’s personal space without consequence! The Castle Doctrine protects one inside their domicile, so that terrorists, (not excluding socialist government thugs), are prevented from suddenly deciding that what is your’s is not their’s. It’s so very sad that such a concept has to be explained in detail to people like you, who yearn for some kind of hippy-Utopia, where there’s nothing but sunshine and lollipops, in quest of warm, fuzzy, moonbeams and free love!


Such was the camel’s nose of Conservatives for fighting crime. They weren’t interested in the concept of self-defence rather they wanted to the power of life and death over other people. They saw those gunfighters movies where justice is determined by the quick draw and not courts and law. You feel smug you can now legally gun someone down where there’s no threat level at all.

Dan Larsen

Gil, . . . . Gil, . . . . . Gil, . . . . You poor, pathetic soul! Your stupidity is causing some serious blindness to the facts of the matter. The guy you voted TWICE to be POTUS is the one who refuses to enforce the legitimate Rule of Law, in his quest to provide you with that promised “Utopia.” Conservatives have NEVER not been interested in self-defense, since the original (and very Liberal, rebellious, and intellectually-honest) Foundinf Fathers wrote about it in both the Declaration of Independence, and later the Constitution of these United States. The… Read more »


I have heard of “moving the goalposts” but this is ridiculous!

Dan Larsen

Gil, no one has moved the goal posts, except YOU! You began the thread by telling us that “[those evil] Conservatives have changed the law to mimic the movies — [making it legal] dead without repercussions provided you’re on your own private property regardless of the threat level,” . . . [implying that the passage of the Castle Doctrine has somehow legalized murder across these United States].. Taking such liberties with Mr. Irwin’s Journalism would amount to the biggest movement of any “goal posts” anywhere on this page. Again, in typical Leftist fashion, you’ve taken what YOU are doing, and… Read more »


You moved the goalposts from away from shooting others to the loss of the “good ol’ days” when Conservative White Christian men ruled the U.S. of A. and everyone else knew to stay in their place. On the other hand, gun owners got their dream of shooting others for offending their honor (or getting disrespected in the modern vernacular). “Duty to retreat” represented self-defence. “Stand your ground” represented allowed the law to err on the side of the home owner when they’re on their own private property. The law currently allows for honor-defence when you can shoot someone without a… Read more »

Wild Bill

@Gil, An armed population is not a conservative concept. It is a revolutionary liberal concept. Oh, and “…regardless of the threat level.” is a mis-statement of law, but if you think that it is true, then, I bet that you will not be coming onto my property.


So you agree with the notion of duelling when your honor has been threatened so the person must die. You can now understand why Blacks can sometimes can into violent encounters over being “dissed” – heck it the exact same thing.


This one will come down to the laws of the state, and the ADA’s attitude when he reads the case. Does someone constitute a threat for refusing to leave? If the boyfriend was able to leave and come back with a shotgun, the argument could me made that the intruder was not a threat, as he didn’t attack. Should the boyfriend have just kept it aimed at the intruder until the police arrived? Don’t get me wrong, I’m on the side of the boyfriend, but ADA’s who are trying to make a name for themselves are a whole different story.