Home Owner Killed While Chasing Suspects

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Walker County Sheriff's Office Investigates
Walker County Sheriff’s Office Investigates
Bob Irwin
Bob Irwin

Las Vegas, NV –-(Ammoland.com)- WBRC Fox 6 News report this week (9/13/2016) in Oakman, Alabama, a 32 year old homeowner walked in on two men burglarizing his home on Tuesday evening and when they fled, he pursued them, the Walker County Sheriff’s Office said.

He was fatally shot while chasing the suspects, who wrecked their vehicle shortly afterward. One suspect was taken into custody soon after deputies arrived on the scene and the second was found hiding in the woods nearby.

The homeowner died in surgery a short time after the incident. He was a husband and father to two daughters. On Wednesday the sheriff’s office identified the suspects as a 38 year old and a 19 year old, both from nearby towns.

They are each charged with first-degree burglary with a $500,000 bond. Investigators say more charges are expected. They are still interviewing people, conducting searches, collecting evidence and executing search warrants.

The night was also rough for the resident’s best friend, a Walker County Deputy Sherriff, especially knowing his friend died doing something almost any family man would do to protect their loved ones.

“It’s hard to say what a person should do when you are watching something you worked hard for just be taken away from you. I think he did what a lot of people would do,” said the Deputy.


It’s really difficult to not chase suspects that have violated your home. Dozens of scenarios are possible from the intruders escape to his surrender. The majority of the possibilities are negative to the pursuing citizen.

We always encourage victims to call 911 and let the police chase the perps.

This incident is a horrific example of why we harp on that. Stay safe!

Bob Irwin, The Gun Store, Las Vegas

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My mama always said, “Stupid is as stupid does.”

Even the most stupid persons think they are smart. It is amazing how unaware we are of our own stupidity.


Why didn’t he just smoke the perps IN HIS HOME.? Ahh, another lesson learned why you need to carry ALL THE TIME!!!


Why in the hell did he chase those clowns? That was utterly foolish to do!

BillyBob Texas

…jake….yeah, that’s what I am assuming, too. Probably a White cop, shooting the Black (unarmed) homeowner….yeah That’s it…….

DUMB!#$%^%$# Could it be that there are no witnesses to who shot who? And the cops just MIGHT be collecting the facts, before just assuming who shot who…….

The point of this story is – as the author states – BE CAREFUL CHASING BAD GUYS down the street. It very well may NOT be worth the risk you take


So why are you not saying WHO shot him? Considering that the suspects are only being charges with burglary, we can likely assume that a trigger happy cop did it!