ISRA Thursday Bulletin – October 20, 2016

Illinois State Rifle Association
Illinois State Rifle Association

Chatsworth, IL -( On Saturday, October 15, the ISRA Black Powder Championship was held at our Range in Bonfield. Participation was up more that 100% from last year.

A “well done” goes to Tom Fahrenbach, Tom Spurlock and all the volunteers. The last Black Powder League of the 2016 season will be held on December 4th. Don’t miss it.

My friend, Massad Ayoob, has written his point of view on the election. It is well worth reading and I am reprinting it here:


My, it has been an interesting last few days.

As we come down to the wire of the election, things aren’t looking good from the gun owners’ perspective.

The “L” party might have foreseen that this year would have been the best ever to really put a third party on the radar screen. Instead, they dragged their feet and didn’t offer candidates to the public until late in the game. Their Presidential candidate seems to think Aleppo is a brand of dog food, their Veep choice was a vehement anti-gunner when he occupied a Governor’s Mansion, and they really aren’t in position to do anything but suck votes away from the one person who can beat the candidate who has declared us to be an “enemy.”

The “R” party had four years to mentor a viable candidate, didn’t, and got what it got. Whether Donald Trump has been hoisted by his own petard in the last few days, or sandbagged by hostile media and political machines, or both, his candidacy has been badly hurt.

My own biggest concern is the House and Senate.

The next President will doubtless appoint multiple Supreme Court Justices in a time when even the one due appointee will tip the balance of our highest Court.

That nominee will have to be confirmed by the Senate.

Now, I’m an Independent, not a Republican, but I’m one of the many other people Ronald Reagan was speaking for when he said “I didn’t abandon the Democratic Party, the Democratic Party abandoned me.” You have only to look at the Democrats’ own published platform to see how hostile the D’s are to law-abiding American gun owners.

I implore you, don’t give up and boycott the election.

Vote for pro-gun candidates in the House and Senate.

Vote for pro-gun candidates within your own state legislatures where the Bloomberg anti-gun forces will be pushing heavily for state-by-state restrictions in the coming years.

It matters. Hugely.
Massad Ayoob

The Center for Disease Control is putting out questionable statistics to support so called “safe storage” initiatives on the West Coast. If it works there, they will undoubtedly push the same idea everywhere. The premise is that it will prevent child firearm accidents. No one wants a child hurt with a firearm, but most of those accidents occur in homes of people who can’t legally own firearms in the first place. In fact, the example they use is two young boys who got hold of one of their parents’ guns at a motel, where their parents and others were having a pot and drug party. One boy was shot by the other boy.

I’m sure this shining example of parenthood would have had safe storage foremost on their mind. Illinois already has a reasonable safe storage law. Safe storage, as is being proposed, is a Trojan Horse to force the government’s will into the homes of law abiding gun owners. The British gun confiscation began with safe storage laws in the 1920’s.

In this age of overprotected children (precious little cupcakes, as I call them), mom chases them around with disinfectant, makes sure they have a birthday party at school instead of attending math or history class, and pays for their education, with the end result of the children living in their parents’ basement until they are 35 years old. It is interesting to look at how children were reared in the past. One such example is 16-year-old Sybil Ludington, who on April 26, 1777, rode to warn Colonial Militia that the “Regulars” were coming. Most of us think of Paul Revere, but Sybil rode her horse, Star, 40 miles through the night to raise the countryside, twice as far as Paul Revere. Her father could not go because he was organizing the militia in preparation for the attack by the Regulars. No one said ” the British are coming” since they were all British at the time, by the way. There were many young people who served in the Civil War. One of those was 10-year old Johnny Clem, who served in the 22nd Michigan and was promoted to Sergeant after killing a Confederate Colonel. David Wood, also 10, served as an aide to his father, who was a Colonel in the 6th Missouri. Willie Johnston, of the Vermont 3rd, received a Congressional Medal of Honor for his actions in the Peninsular Campaign; he was 12 years old. If you have ever watched the John Wayne movie “The Horse Soldiers”, they pay tribute to a Southern boy’s military school who attacked the Union troops. That actually happened. The Cadets at Virginia Military Institute (VMI) did just that, without such a light- hearted outcome. They attacked when many of the Confederate Regulars were in hiding. Do you think any of these kids would worry about getting a participation trophy for an unscored soccer game? These young people knew and understood responsibility and duty at a young age.

Shooting is a wonderful sport. It teaches young people responsibility, concentration, history, mathematics and duty. Children in organized shooting programs get better grades in school than those who aren’t involved. Take your child, your neighbor’s child or your grandchildren shooting on a regular basis. It will be fun for both of you and it will help them grow into responsible adults.

Not long ago, Illinois had very few youth shooting programs. Today, Illinois has 88 programs, that I know of, and more on the way.

Thanks for being a member.

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