Keith Warren Is On An Alaska Moose Hunting Adventure This Week

The High Road with Keith Warren
The High Road with Keith Warren

NEW BRAUNFELS, TX. -( Keith Warren's trips to Alaska with Brent Keith of Castle Rock Outfitters are legendary, but that doesn't mean they're easy.

Trying to keep up with the “mountain ninja” that is Brent Keith on the rugged terrain of Alaska pushes Keith to his limits, but in the end, as always, it pays off in legendary style.

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  • One thought on “Keith Warren Is On An Alaska Moose Hunting Adventure This Week

    1. In the photo of Keith poised on a knee with a rack of an animal on his backpack a question comes to mind. Where is all the meat and the hide from the animal he shot. It would be a sad commentary to hear or see in writing that all he does is kill for the rack.
      If you would please explain where the rest of the animal is or went to so readers of these articles showing photos of just a rack on a backpack can rest a bit easier. Let the readers know how much the meat weighed in at and so rather than just a pic of a rack on a backpack.
      In todays world many believe killing for just the sport of killing is wrong but to harvest for the meat to eat is still okay.
      With todays animal populations of all species being reduced heavily as compared to the numbers from the 1960s worldwide photos like these can lead to the wrong impressions.
      PS: This is being ask so you folks can answer as my child saw this and ask me. I said I would write and let the article answer for me.

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