Man Shoots & Wounds Friendly Intruder

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Man Shoots & Wounds Friendly Intruder
Bob Irwin
Bob Irwin

Las Vegas, NV –-( WIVB-TV 4 reports (9/4/2016) in Vienna, New York, State police say a man shot and wounded a friend whom he mistakenly took for an intruder. The 23-year-old man was shot after he returned to his friend’s home to retrieve his cell phone.

The wounded man had been at the home earlier Saturday but had left. He returned just before 9:30 p.m. to recover his phone. That’s when the resident fired a single round from a long gun into the man’s shoulder.

Officials didn’t name the victim, who was taken by Mercy Flight to a hospital in Syracuse. He’s expected to survive. The resident immediately called 911 following the shooting.

A message left for a comment on his phone hasn’t been returned. DUH!

There have been no arrests.


Fortunately for all concerned here, the shot was not fatal. Always use warnings where time and distance allow.

From safe cover yell as loud as you can at the possible intruder. Anyone supposed to be there will respond while others will almost always run.

This crap is why the left says guns are too dangerous for anyone to own. This incident is posted here as a learning reminder for citizen gun owners. The anti-gun websites carried this story to convince their side that guns are too dangerous for anyone to possess. Be smart, careful and safety conscious, don’t help the anti-gun jerks.

The news is simply the news, interpretation is political, ask Hillary!

Bob Irwin, The Gun Store, Las Vegas

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This past summer, Wednesday 3 Aug to be more exact, at about 9:30pm at night, I was going back out to my truck to retrieve a bag of dog food that I had purchased earlier that day. As soon as I opened the front door I spotted two individuals standing at the far end of my house, in the dark, next to a weak point of entry into my house. I stepped back into the doorway and YELLED “Can I help you” as my right hand moved to my sidearm. They turned flashlights on to me blinding me and said… Read more »


WHAT is your FOURTH RULE of firearm safety?

BillyBob Texas

IF you are a ‘gun-owner’……make sure your friends AND FAMILY know it !
I have told ALL my family – NOT to do anything stupid when coming into our home late at night. NO surprises, no tricks. But, YES…we also will NOT make any “sound-shots”. KNOW AND SEE YOUR TARGETS!

HMLA-167 Warrior

How about if you are going to go back into a friend’s house to retrieve your cell phone you left there earlier, you ring the door bell and wait for the home owner to open the door.


Fairly simple solution to this problem: lock the doors. If the guy returning for his phone had rung the doorbell, no problem. The shooter was incredibly stupid, and negligent on at least two counts. Not locking the doors came first, and then not being sure of his target.

Anyone coming to my house, any time of day, will be announced immediately by the motion detectors first, also the dog. Then they have a choice to ring the doorbell or kick the door in. If they choose the latter option, their intent will not be ambiguous.


The idiot that was shot is at fault. Never ever enter a private residence without an invitation, announcing your arrival, and having your presence known. Friend or not, the resident didn’t know this guy was coming back and had not been invited in; otherwise he would not have been shot.

Jim Macklin

Target Identification, whether a buck with antlers, a turkey with a beard or a friend or family member is a big part of short hunting and an even bigger part of self-defense. Don’t shoot people through a closed door, don’t shoot people you can’t see. Shouting a warning doesn’t do any good if the “prowler” is a deaf and blind man or woman tapping their cane, trying to get help. Have a good flashlight, something that will illuminate 100 feet away at least. Steps to follow, in order. When alerted, get your gun and flashlight. 2- Call 911 to get… Read more »


NO, NO NO NO! Advocating such action, as is, is as bad as shooting through the door. Have a flashlight and be 100% sure of your target. You have no idea if it is a single intruder or multiple, armed with firearms or not, friend or foe. Pointing a firearm at someone in the dark, then yelling out to them can create an exceptionally stressful situation beyond what is already happening. If you can’t see hat is going in then you can’t interpret the sounds as flight or charging, a friend ducking or a criminal going to ground in ambush,… Read more »