Mule Deer Foundation Hires Trish Engel as Youth Programs Coordinator

Mule Deer Foundation Hires Trish Engel as Youth Programs Coordinator
Mule Deer Foundation Hires Trish Engel as Youth Programs Coordinator
Mule Deer Foundation (MDF)
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Salt Lake City, Utah-( Trish Engel, a former wildlife events coordinator with the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources (DWR), started this week as the Mule Deer Foundation’s (MDF) new Youth Programs Coordinator. Trish spent nine years with the DWR coordinating a number of events designed to increase youth participation in the outdoors, she also has extensive experience working with volunteer initiatives. In her new position, Trish will be the point person for MDF’s M.U.L.E.Y (Mindful, Understanding, Lawful, Ethical Youth) Program as well as helping to organize other youth and volunteer events.

“We are thrilled to bring Trish on to build on the solid foundation that the MULEY program has,” commented MDF President and CEO, Miles Moretti. “In her position with the DWR, Trish worked closely with us to implement the youth archery shoot and other youth programs during the Western Hunting and Conservation Expo so we already know that she is a hardworking, passionate person who will be a great fit for our organization.”

As MDF’s Youth Programs Coordinator, Trish will develop and implement the organization’s recruitment, and retention outreach efforts, and much more. Most of these efforts have centered around the MULEY program where local chapters coordinate youth events giving kids hands on opportunities to learn about safe firearms handling, wildlife conservation and management, hunter ethics, and much more. While each MULEY event is different, the goal is ultimately the same – to encourage more kids to get outside and hopefully introduce the next generation of hunters and outdoor enthusiasts.

Engel is uniquely suited for the Youth Programs Coordinator position because of her extensive experience with the DWR. As Utah’s Wildlife Events and Volunteer Services Coordinator, Trish was the point person coordinating all of the agency’s large recruitment and retention events. To make the events even better, she worked closely with partner conservation organizations like MDF and secured outdoor industry sponsorships. She also played a key role in the state’s efforts to enhance hunter education programs by developing shotgun clinics and mentored hunts. Trish has a biology degree from the University of Mississippi, a degree she pursued because she grew up hunting and fishing with her father. Before joining the Utah DWR, she worked for the Florida Department of Environmental Protection as an environmental scientist. Getting to work with kids in her various roles with DWR was a career changer for her as she saw the spark of excitement and enthusiasm for nature ignite in them.

“For as long as I can remember I’ve had a passion for wildlife and conservation that started as I followed in my Daddy’s footsteps exploring the woods of my home in Mississippi. Through my work here in Utah, I’ve developed a determination to share the importance of wildlife conservation and shooting sports with kids of all ages that might not have the opportunities that I did as a child,” Engel said. “I couldn’t be more thrilled to join MDF as the Youth Programs Coordinator and have the opportunity to spark that same interest and passion for wildlife with youth across this country. I’m excited for the future of the MULEY program and for the development of new, engaging programs that will grow young hunters and fishermen into advocates for wildlife conservation.”

Trish started on October 3 and will be jumping in quickly with some fall youth events as well as the programs during the Hunt Expo. If you are interested in working with MDF on a youth outreach event, contact Trish at [email protected] or (801) 973-3940.

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