No Charges for Homeowner After Shooting & Killing Suspected

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Knife Attack
No Charges for Homeowner After Shooting & Killing Suspected
Bob Irwin
Bob Irwin

USA –-( WSAZ-TV 3 & WOWK-TV 13 report 10-15-2013 in Bob White, West Virginia, a man and his wife were alerted by neighbors in the community that someone was in their backyard around 10 p.m. Friday night.

When they went outside to check, the home owners encountered 40 year old male from Wharton, West Virginia after he came out from behind the owner’s outbuilding.

He was carrying a knife. The homeowner shot the intruder once. He was declared dead by Emergency Service Personnel at the scene.

Sheriff Randall White of The Boone County Sheriff’s Department said, “There will be no charges filed against the homeowner at this time. He was armed with a handgun on his property and was confronted by an armed individual committing a felony. Our investigation is continuing and we are working closely with the Prosecutor. ”

“Our thoughts and prayers are with both families involved in this incident”.


Short and simple. A neighbor alert about an intruder on the property. A reasonable decision to search before calling 911 as the resident did not see the reported intrusion himself.

It’s completely reasonable to bring a firearm in case the neighbor is right about a trespasser on your property.

Suddenly the resident is confronted by a person with deadly weapon. A reasonable series of decisions including his use of deadly force.

Bob Irwin, The Gun Store, Las Vegas

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Anthony Fischer

Who comments on something in another country where most if not all don’t know what the hell he is saying. All you Clinton supporters who stuck up for Whore-hay can piss off


Why blame Jorge for trying to express his point of view in his native language? This is a site on the World Wide Web and just Bc your close minded and only read sites in America doesn’t mean Jorge is restricted on what he wants to read! Why be upset over someone in another country trying to side with you? Have you ever considered translating his message yourself if your not bi lingual? Jorge clearly understood the topic written in English and when most foreigners are upset and want to express themselves they find doing it in their native tounge… Read more »

James B. Seitz, from Pennsylvania

It works! Just right click and click on “Translate”. You can read what Jorge wrote. Take the time and don’t pick on someone who stands with us!!!


If George is in America LEGALLY, I congratulate him. I welcome him. It is just too many non-Americans expect Americans to learn their languages. If I were to move to a non-English speaking country, I would EXPECT myself too learn the language of THAT country. I appreciate George’s input, however, I have NO IDEA what he is saying.
Signing off.


maybe YOU should move to Argentina where Jorge lives, and see how the shoe fits the other foot. Would your ideas, opinions, input, be any less valuable or relevant then?


Ah HA! Well that explains why his Spanish is so grammatically correct (compared to the TexMex used down here in TX). Well good on him then, for taking the trouble to follow Ammoland and send in comments from time to time.


As Wild Bill said, and has said before, Jorge lives in Argentina and he posts every once in a while. He is not hurting anyone and does not deserve all this trash being thrown at him. All you have to do is right click your mouse and chose translate and instantly there it is in english. Like magic. If you are using a smart phone, you have my condolunces but I don’t have a solution for you.


Jorge does not have to speak english to Be a GOOD AMERICAN, remember what Our Precious LADY OF LIBERTY has inscribed on here base, remember we Are a Nation of Immigrants, We, yes We Come from all races, ethnic groups, corners of the world, thank God, my parents chose to come to this GREAT NATION 56 years ago!!! And every morning I thank God & Jesus for my blessings ,And this Great Nation, who is second to none!!!

Wild Bill

@Pedro, Sr JNP does not have to speak English to be a good Argentine, either! So JNP does not further any immigration policy disagreements that might inadvertently occur, here.

Anthony Fischer

Im glad he is on our side, however he should communicate in ENGLISH period.
If he is learning English that is good too. We are living in the USA


George might be a good person. However, if he lives in America, his communication must be in English. English is the established language of Americans. If he wants to keep his cultural heritage alive within his home, I have no problem with that. Just in public communications, English MUST be spoken. I would rather someone to use broken English than try to force me, a Bilingual American, to learn another language which I do not want to learn.


Let’s NOT FORGET, what Our Precious Lady of Liberty has inscriped on her pedestal, we are a nation of immigrants, and as such, we should welcome our new citizens, who are here because they hold are very same values. They would not have gone through everything one has to go through to get to the land of Free & the Brave, I am sure Jorge will learn english like I did when I came to this GREAT NATION 56 years ago from Cuba.

Chuck M

I don’t know what kind of computer Jorge operates on, but I thought most computers had a way to type,or send messages in several different languages. I don’t personally know that, but have heard people talk about it. I do know some desk tops, and maybe others have a feature where you can talk to your computer and it will type. Maybe Jorge needs to check into the language set up for his as he is on here most days like the rest of us.


I know nothing abut Windoes machines, but every Mac I’ve had for near twenty years provides for keyboards for different languages… but no provision for translating. You have to know the language to write in it with the appropriate keyboard.
There are translators out there, but they are rather dear, and most are near worthless.


So Laddyboy,
If you were not fluent in written English and had to transliterate from ASL, as is the case with many deaf Americans, it would make your writing look linguistically incompetent to anyone not familiar with that language. Would it then be OK for us hearing Americans to ignore you, or worse yet, castigate you, for writing in ASL instead of using good English?


Jorge was just agreeing with the actions taken as described in the article, and said he thought it was reasonable behavior on the part of the homeowner, and should be well within his rights. He has expressed similar pro-2nd Amendment rights sentiments on several occasions in the past too. Let’s not get all exercised about someone who takes our side in the Pro-gun vs. Anti-gun argument, just because he doesn’t speak English. We need all the help and support we can get. I don’t know Jorge, nor do I know where he is from, nor where he lives now, but… Read more »


Thank you for your comment. If you don’t or can’t read a post just move on. Just as Jorge could have used a translator so could the people complaining.


Have you ever tried those translators? They are terrible. I speak spanish and have seen the hash Google and other such translators have made of Jorge’s posts. Great comedy if yuo know spanish, confusing if you don’t.

Best is to simply move on, or perhaps hope someone else will do a REAL translation. Or cut/paste his spanish text into the translator of your choice and see how confused yuo get. One piece of advice, though.. don’t take the translation as justification to rail on Jorge for posting gibberish. HE does make good sense. Google translator is unlikely to preserve it.

Anthony Fischer

Learn and speak, or at least translate using a smart phone, which everyone has today, or go back to where ever it is you came from!!!

Chuck M

Not everyone has a smart phone Anthony, I still use my trusty nokia that only makes and receives calls.
I think it will also text, and someday I might learn how. I have had this thing for close to twenty years only
because I’m deaf in one ear, and can’t hear out of the other, and the ringer is so loud it scares the crap
out of me, and I have yet to find another like it with that feature. Us old guys have to stay with what works lol.


Anthony: How WRONG you are stating that “everyone has a smart phone today”. I do not have one. I live in America and am not required to translate comments in FOREIGN LANGUAGES made on an American public arena. I am an American and REQUIRE the people I deal with to speak English. I am being courteous to you by writing in ENGLISH because you probably do not understand sign language.

JorgeNorberto Pedace



No habla espanol


pues aprendelo


Learn English. You want to live in America, learn to be a GOOD American.

Wild Bill

I believe that in prior conversation, it has come up that Jorge lives in and converses from Argentina.


on what basis do you hold that he must live here in the USA and therefor is obligated to learn english? What if he’s in another country and is watching how our gun community works and interfaces with government and hoplophobic clowns who want to disarm us and make us like he is forced to be? Think about it… how many other nations on this dirtball allow normal private citizens to go about armed, or even to possess them? Excepting Canada which do allow long arms (but severely restrict short ones) I am unaware of any other nation in this… Read more »

Press 1 for English 2 for Spanish

Maybe this guy is watching to see how it works here…..

Well that is fine if he is watching how things are done in America. When he quits watching and starts commenting he should do it in the English language. I could care less if Jorge lives in Argentina, Columbia or Waxahatchie, Texas he needs to type in English when he comments here. For years liberals have been pushing their agenda wanting Americans to change our ways to be more accepting to foreigners. Piss on foreigners it is time to put Americans first!