Now Available! Concealed Carry and the War on the Second Amendment

Concealed Carry and the War on the Second Amendment
Concealed Carry and the War on the Second Amendment :
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USA -( Okay… my new book -Concealed Carry and the War on the Second Amendment, a collection from the New Gunner Journal – is now available on Amazon and at and in the next few weeks at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

It would make a terrific Christmas present for the gun nerd in your life!

Here is the Introduction to the book ‘Concealed Carry and the War on the Second Amendment‘…

I used to be that guy.

You know, the guy who has no clue about guns, the concealed carry lifestyle or the Second Amendment. The one who thought gun owners left their sidearm’s laying around for children to find. The one who would have been quite fine with guns being outlawed. A Libertarian / Conservative who was the proverbial “low information voter.” Certainly not as bad as most, but still not as informed as I should have been.

To be blunt, I was arrogant enough to believe I was an informed voter… and let’s face it, isn’t that the worst kind?

I credit my son, Jon, for turning on the lights, opening my eyes to where our Country is headed and how it became nothing more than a Petri dish for the Liberal experiment in Socialism – a kind of R & D for a future that includes a globalized government and the destruction of our Constitution and our way of life – the Founders one true Great Experiment in Liberty!

Back then I wasn’t comfortable with Jon’s guns in my home – I had very young Grandchildren and feared the possible outcomes rattling around in my ignorant head. I was informed by my Wife that he owned (and used) a gun safe. Still, it didn’t sit well with me… but I let it be.

I was uneducated… and life went on.

And then in December of 2012, from out of nowhere here in Illinois, our Second Amendment Rights were re-affirmed by the courts and I decided right then and there that I would buy myself a gun and learn to carry for protection.

No, I don’t know why… it just kind of hit me.

My family was stunned, to say the least. My Son undertook my education and we talked about everything guns, about everything politics, about everything true and false about our Country and how we are taught at an early age – through our schools – the propaganda the Left needs us to embrace.

And I learned.

Making the commitment to own and carry a gun had opened my eyes to so much more – the only thing missing were angelic voices singing on high! I felt like a school kid and began to read and ask questions about our Country, our Government, our Politicians, our Politics – and how it all aligned with the Founders vision of our new Nation, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

Once I began to pull it all together, I was floored by our Founders brilliance and their ferocious protection of our freedoms.

Genius is an inadequate word to describe their work.

During my education, I decided I would like to help others in my situation, that of a newbie gun owner and all that it entails.

So I started the New Gunner Journal – under the pseudonym Hipshot Percussion, a boyhood hero of mine, the stereotypical good guy gunfighter who lived in the daily newspaper comic strip “Rick O’Shay”, authored by Stan Lynde. The Journal began as a place for new gun owners / concealed carry license holders to read and talk about the trials and tribulations of the lifestyle. But soon, it became more.

I began writing not only about guns, but quickly expanded to all subjects whose loose ends intertwined to make a sort of Gordian Knot of everything related to gun ownership, concealed carry, our Country and our Constitution.

I’ve written about the Gun Control crowd, Politics, Police, our Government, various studies, facts and propaganda – all subjects that are completely entangled and enmeshed with one another – educating myself and hopefully others on the synergy between our Founding Fathers, our Country, our Bill of Rights, Constitution and limited government – and how those freedoms are fiercely protected by the Right to “keep and bear arms” and those willing to commit to and defend our Liberties.

I’ve learned how insidious our Media is – in all its forms – and how devastating to our freedom people like Saul Alinsky and Cloward – Piven have been (thank you Andy!)

In the end, I hope you enjoy reading this book as much as I enjoyed writing it.

See, I used to be that guy.

Now I’m this guy… and I’m a much better man because of it.

Stay Safe, Carry Responsibly and hold close the phrase “…shall not be infringed.”


You can purchase Concealed Carry and the War on the Second Amendment @

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5 years ago

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