Obama & Clinton Tell Us America Must Sacrifice Its Prosperity

By Roger J. Katz, Attorney at Law and Stephen L. D’Andrilli

Trash Talker in Chief
Trash Talker in Chief : Trash Talker in Chief Obama and Hillary Clinton say Trump is unfit to serve as president while they continue to destroy the country.
Arbalest Quarrel
Arbalest Quarrel

New York, NY  -(Ammoland.com)- President Barack Obama and Democratic party presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton, have twisted and contorted the sacred precepts of our nation beyond anything our founders would have accepted or condoned.

The United States that exists today is something alien to anything our founders envisioned. What Obama and Clinton envision for our Country is abhorrent.

They would use—have used—our armed forces to promote causes and interests that do not ensure the security of this Nation but, rather, endanger it.

Obama and Clinton use advertisement firms, they use the mainstream media, they use speech writers, they use communication specialists, they use psychologists and propagandists, and they use social engineers to market their toxic policies and toxic brand to the American People.

They market their poisonous policies and their initiatives as something palatable, even nourishing. The fact remains, their foreign policies and initiatives have weakened the security of our Nation.

The Clinton and Obama economic trade policies are just as disastrous. Clinton and Obama spring them on the American people suddenly and offer them to the public as something as inviting, even necessary. Yet, NAFTA has devastated our domestic economy. The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TTP)—drafted over several years in secret, that the public has only recently heard about—and the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP)—also drafted over several years in secret that few people even know about—both of which Clinton will sign if she becomes President if these trade pacts cross her desk—and make no mistake about the fact that she will sign them—will essentially end comprehensive manufacturing of quality products in this Country. Ever more struggling small and medium size businesses will cease to exist as the multinational conglomerates squeeze them out of existence.

Hillary Clinton will work, quietly, behind the scenes, to make sure TTP and TTIP are actualized.

She will do so because Obama seeks to have them implemented. She will sign them because she intends to pursue Obama’s policies if she becomes the next U.S. President. She will sign these trade pacts because they are her trade pacts as well, as she helped draft them. She will sign these trade pacts because the Rothschild family wants to see them implemented. Yet these trade pacts are designed not only to weaken our economy further, harming American labor and small business, but are also designed to weaken our Nation’s laws, our Constitution, our entire legal system, subordinating America’s sovereign interests to another entity entirely—one comprising an interlocking collective of foreign nations and foreign holding companies—a collective, ruled by the Rothschild clan, governed by the clan’s underlings, financial and political technocrats. These technocrats do not consider themselves citizens of the world. They do not owe allegiance to any nation. They certainly do not owe their allegiance to the United States.

These foreign intrigues, entangling alliances, liberal immigration policies, and disastrous trade policies, all reflect a trend toward subordination of American interests to the interests of a new amorphous confederation of nations, resulting in the transferring of our wealth, our resources, and even our lives to foreign interests, foreign pursuits, and foreign goals.

Obama and Clinton tell us, duplicitously, disingenuously, and hypocritically that America’s sacrifices are necessary because they promote worthy causes. But, what worthy causes are they talking about, and worthy to whom, and for what purpose, and to what end?

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Thom Paine

Much better to “sacrifice” some narcissistic old cultural marxist politicians. ….


Pussy boy Obama, was, is and always will be unfit to be POTUS! Clinton is his hell spawn sister and will be more of the same!

marc disabled vet

What they mean is (see list)
1) give up your rights
2) give up your safety
3) change our language
4) pay for other people to ,
live here in a better life style
than a lot of Americans have.
5) forget about justice
6) understand other countries ,
are more important than the USA
7) Americans must conform to
they whole world view
8) understand that illegal immigrants
have more rights than them
9) believe everything the government says
10) pay, give, pay, give, pay, give
current whitehouse 10 comandments

Silence Dogood

Do what I say, not what I do!!