Primer 180 Welcomes Senior Copywriter; Expands Creative Team

Greg Lewerer
Greg Lewerer
Primer 180
Primer 180

Plymouth, MN -( Sporting a portfolio of high-profile clients including Blue Cross Blue Shield, Best Buy, and Jägermeister, to name just a few, senior copywriter Greg Lewerer joins Primer 180, a one of a kind go-to-market agency focused on the outdoor industry.

Lewerer is the latest addition to the growing creative team as the agency continues its expansion and drives business forward. Inspired by an amusing television commercial when he was younger, Lewerer remembers thinking, “I want to do that”. Lewerer is an accomplished creative, working in the advertising industry since his brief stint at Saatchi & Saatchi in 2007. With years of experience under his belt, Lewerer believes a position in advertising is “the most lucrative way to be weird”.

As former senior copywriter at Wunderman, Lewerer anticipates the Primer 180 transition to be a positive one. Working for an agency that shares similar interests and being a part of a community is something Lewerer can get behind.

“It’s great to find something that you’re passionate about and call it work,” said Lewerer. “It’s about the experience of people coming together whether you’re hunting, fishing, or simply enjoying nature.”

Lewerer and his family have been hunting, fishing, and exchanging stories for generations. While they share several traditions, Lewerer has a great appreciation for reunions at their longstanding hunting shack each year.

The Primer 180 team is excited to bring Lewerer on board and was immediately impressed by his great talent and love for the outdoors.

“There are rare moments when the moon and stars align,” says Primer 180 Creative Director Andrew Anema. “That happened for us with Greg Lewerer. Greg is a gifted copywriter with a passion for hunting and the outdoors. Lucky, lucky us!”

About Primer 180:

Primer 180 is a one of a kind marketing and brand innovation company working in one industry – the outdoors. Primer 180 is the spark that drives enthusiast brands forward with fresh, innovative thinking, planning, communications and experiences. They also conceive, name, design, engineer, manufacture, package, launch and market new brands and products to outdoors enthusiasts.

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