Pro-2nd Amendment Stalwart Wendy Long Challenges Anti-Gun Senator

Wendy Long.
Wendy Long.
Raquel Okyay.
Raquel Okyay.

By Raquel Okyay

USA -( Senate candidate from the Empire State earns accolades for openly opposing the gun-hating, 17-year- incumbent liberal Democrat, Sen. Charles “Chuckie” E. Schumer.

“Schumer is basically a premier enemy of the people and probably the whole congress,” said Wendy Long, who is the U.S. Senate nominee for the Republican, Conservative and Reform Parties. “He has consistently been rated ‘F’ by the NRA, his answer to everything is gun control, and he never wastes the chance to undermine Americans’ rights under the Second Amendment.”

Thomas H. King, President of New York State Rifle & Pistol Assoc., the oldest gun club in the nation, said that Schumer has a terrible record of being anti-gun.

“Schumer has either sponsored or has been a co-sponsor on every single anti-gun bill that has come through the Senate. He is the type of politician that will say he is a supporter of your Second Amendment rights because he supports your hunting rights, and that’s all he’ll ever say, and as you and I both know, hunting rights have nothing to do with the Second Amendment.”

Chuck Schumer
Chuck Schumer

Based on the statements Long has made and the people she is associated with, King said Long in comparison to Schumer, is pro Second Amendment to the core.

“Long spoke at our annual meeting and unequivocally stated that she believes in the Second Amendment as the founders wrote it, with no reservations. You have never heard Schumer say that, you have never heard him even come close to saying anything other than he supports hunting rights.”

Long, a wife, mother and New York attorney, said if re-elected Schumer would continue to implement every possible gun control legislation that he can.

“I am consistently opposed to those efforts, and on the contrary, believe that lawful citizens exercising our right to keep and bear arms protect families, protects public safety, and the last line to ensure we do not have a tyrannical government.”

On the campaign trail, Long said everywhere she goes she finds New Yorkers frustrated with the 2013 NY SAFE Act. Passed by the legislature and signed by the governor in the middle of the night, without debate or discussion, the SAFE Act, commonly known as the “un-SAFE Act”, turned law abiding citizens into criminals with the strike of a pen.

“People are enraged over the SAFE Act because it does precisely the opposite of what it purports to do; it makes law abiding citizens less safe,” said Long. Frustration over the SAFE Act extends to the frustration with what upstate voters contend with on a regular basis, she said. “The power New York City sometimes has over the entire state.”

In this critical election year, the former Clerk at the U.S. Supreme Court, said if upstate voters turnout on Election Day, their vote will make the difference in who is victorious.

“In terms of raw numbers, voters are roughly equally balanced between the city and upstate, but if we don’t turn out the vote then that’s when the city voters are able to win on anything that is a statewide issue or a statewide candidate. So, it is very important for voter’s upstate to turn out because their numbers are great enough.”

In order to preserve our Second Amendment rights, gun owners and those who care about the Second Amendment and the Constitution, no matter what party affiliation or non-affiliation, ought to get out the vote for the pro Second Amendment candidates on the ballot, said Long.

“Schumer has declared that his number one goal if re-elected is to enshrine what he calls a progressive majority in the U.S. Supreme Court. And that means that the pro Second Amendment decisions from the last 6 years that have clarified the right to keep and bear arms as stated in the Second Amendment, like any other constitutional right, is an individual right that we each have.”

Long said she grew up in a rural environment in New Hampshire. “My whole life, growing up, we had every possible firearm imaginable in our arsenal. We had lots of handguns, shot guns, long guns, and we shot recreationally.”

She said it has been her life experiences, education and norm to defend the Second Amendment.

“I understand that the Second Amendment even precedes our Constitution; that it’s a God-given right; that it’s enshrined in the Constitution; that it cannot be legitimately taken away by any governmental body and it cannot be infringed upon.”

Carl R. Gottstein, Jr., Associate Editor and Staff Writer at Bullet Magazine, said that NY gun advocates are supporting Wendy Long for U.S. Senate in droves because she personifies constitutionalism.

“When America elects our first woman president, let her be a woman like Wendy Long. A great woman exuding excellence and integrity that leaves behind a trail of accomplishment, blazing a positive and healthy path for others to follow.”


About Raquel Okyay:

Raquel Okyay is a Political Columnist and Commentator. She is frequently published at Human Events, Daily Surge, BearingArms,  and the Rockland County Times. Raquel is Managing Editor of The Quill, the official Newsletter of the Libertarian Party of Florida.

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