Someone Might Be In Your House, Do You Know How To Clear It?

by Michael W Loos

Home Invasion
Someone Might Be In Your House, Do You Know How To Clear It?
New Gunner Journal
New Gunner Journal

USA –-( While I know people who practice clearing their homes, the reality is that I don't. The two scenarios that play out are – Coming home to a house that might have a stranger in it, or being at home and someone breaking in.

Lets look at the first one. You come home, open the garage door and realize the inner door is standing wide open – or the front door is ajar as you walk up to it.

You look at your spouse and you wonder… Is someone in our home?

At this point, your best and safest play is to move away from the home and call the professionals – the Police.

This is what they do. This is what they train for. This is the job they've taken on.

Just recently, renowned firearms instructor Rob Pincus, of I.C.E. training went to his sisters house, only to realize squatters may have taken over the property. Pincus has the skills and training to handle this himself, but what did he do?

He drove to the end of the block and called Denver P.D. They arrived and removed the squatters.

This was the smart play. You never know what or who you will meet in those circumstances – so why go from safely outside, to putting yourself in danger?

The second scenario is someone breaking in while your home.

Rob Pincus
Pincus has the skills and training to handle this himself, but what did he do?

In this instance the practice should be to take up a defensive position, call 9-1-1, loudly inform the intruder the Police have been called and that you are armed and will use force if necessary.

Then sit back and wait for the good guys with guns to arrive.

If you have children in the house, there should be a plan in place to retrieve them whenever possible and if not, they should be taught how to barricade themselves in their rooms until help arrives.

This is the simple and safe way to handle the situation. Certainly these are just two scenarios, but in the end, staying safe is all the matters. Staying out of the fray is the easiest way to do this.

Stay Safe and Carry Responsibly,
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  • 5 thoughts on “Someone Might Be In Your House, Do You Know How To Clear It?

    1. I have no respect for the author Michael Loos. He talks about calling the police for an incident in one article, then in the next article he trashes then staying they have too much authority. Well, if you call me for an emergency I wouldn’t want to offend you with my excessive authority, so I’ll just stay at the station. Handle it yourself and then enjoy your jail stay!

      1. Supporting Police and the work they do is not mutually exclusive from calling them out when they overstep our 4th Amendment Rights, or are abusive. Now, if you believe that police are infallible and should be given complete authority to govern over us, that is your Right. But if you are offended that I feel this way, that is your problem, not mine. I am not responsible for your tender sensibilities.

        Have a nice day, stay safe and carry responsibly

    2. I have a great deal of respect for Rob Pincus. I highly recommend his Personal Defense Network membership. $10 a year and the wealth of knowledge is well worth the minuscule investment. His training videos are fantastic, spot on, short/concise and to the point. Great for folks like me who never seem to have time to watch needed informative videos on everything from firearms training to home defense.

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