Is the System Rigged? You Betcha

By Pat Buchanan

Main Stream Media Stronger Together
Main Stream Media Stronger Together
Pat Buchanan
Patrick J .Buchanan

USA –  -(  “Remember, it's a rigged system. It's a rigged election,” said Donald Trump in New Hampshire on Saturday.

The stunned recoil in this city suggests this bunker buster went right down the chimney. As the French put it, “Il n'y a que la verite qui blesse.” It is only the truth that hurts.

In what sense is the system rigged?

Consider Big Media — the elite columnists and commentators, the dominant national press, and the national and cable networks, save FOX. Not in this writer's lifetime has there been such blanket hatred and hostility of a presidential candidate of a major party.

“So what?” They reply. “We have a free press!”

But in this election, Big Media [MSM] have burst out of the closet as an adjunct of the regime and the attack arm of the Clinton campaign, aiming to bring Trump down.

Corrupt Media's A Whining Performance
Corrupt Media's A Whining Performance

Half a century ago, Theodore White wrote of the power and bias of the “adversary press” that sought to bring down Richard Nixon.

“The power of the press in America,” wrote Teddy, “is a primordial one. It sets the agenda of public discussion; and this sweeping power is unrestrained by any law. It determines what people will talk about and think about — an authority that in other nations is reserved for tyrants, priests, parties and mandarins.”

On ABC's “This Week,” Newt Gingrich volunteered on Sunday that, “without the unending one-sided assault of the news media, Trump would be beating Hillary by 15 points.”

On this one, Newt is right.

With all due respect, as adversaries, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi are not terribly formidable. Big Media is the power that sustains the forces of globalism against those of Americanism.

Is the system rigged? Ask yourself.

Ugly Cover Story
Ugly Cover Story : The Media cover story for the naked truth on Hillary is “Trump Says Mean Things”, more proof journalism is dead.

For half a century, the U.S. Supreme Court has systematically de-Christianized and paganized American society and declared abortion and homosexual marriage constitutional rights.

Where did these unelected jurists get the right to impose their views and values upon us, and remake America in their own secularist image? Was that really the Court's role in the Constitution?

How did we wind up with an all-powerful judicial tyranny in a nation the Founding Fathers created as a democratic republic?

There are more than 11 million illegal immigrants here, with millions more coming. Yet the government consistently refuses to enforce the immigration laws of the United States.

Why should those Americans whose ancestors created, fought, bled and died to preserve America not believe they and their children are being dispossessed of a country that was their patrimony — and without their consent?

When did the country vote to convert the America we grew up in into the Third World country our descendants will inherit in 2042?

In the Civil Rights Act of 1964, a Congressional majority voted to end discrimination against black folks.

When did we vote to institute pervasive discrimination against white folks, especially white males, with affirmative action, quotas and racial set-asides? Even in blue states like California, affirmative action is routinely rejected in statewide ballots.

Yet it remains regime policy, embedded in the bureaucracy.

In 2015, in the Democratic primaries, the big enthusiastic crowds were all for 75-year-old Socialist senator Bernie Sanders.

We now know, thanks to leaked emails, that not only the superdelegates and the Obama White House but a collaborationist press and the DNC were colluding to deny Sanders any chance at the nomination.

The fix was in. Ask Sanders if he thinks the system is rigged.

If there is an issue upon which Americans agree, it is that they want secure borders and an end to trade policies that have shipped abroad the jobs, and arrested the wages, of working Americans.

Yet in a private speech that netted her $225,000 from Brazilian bankers, Hillary Clinton confided that she dreams of a “common market, with open trade and open borders” from Nome, Alaska, to Patagonia.

Corrupt Media Reeks of Bias
Corrupt Media Reeks of Bias

That would mean the end of the USA as a unique, sovereign and independent nation. But the American press, whose survival depends upon the big ad dollars of transnational corporations, is more interested in old tapes of the Donald on The Howard Stern Show.

As present, it appears that in 2017, we may get a government headed by Hillary Clinton, and an opposition headed by Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell.

Is that what the people were hoping for, working for, voting for in the primaries of 2016? Or is this what they were voting against?

Big money and the media power of the establishment elites and the transnationals may well prevail.

And if they do, Middle America — those who cling to their bibles, bigotries and guns in Barack Obama's depiction, those “deplorables” who are “racist, sexist, xenophobic, homophobic,” who are “not America” and are “irredeemable” in Hillary Clinton's depiction — will have to accept the new regime.

But that does not mean they must love it, like it or respect it.

Because, in the last analysis, yes, Virginia, the system is rigged.

The Main Stream Media Is Circling : The mainstream media has big plans for Trump now that he is the GOP nominee against their candidate Hillary.
The Main Stream Media Is Circling : The mainstream media has big plans for Trump now that he is the GOP nominee against their candidate Hillary.

Patrick J. Buchanan is the author of the new book “The Greatest Comeback: How Richard Nixon Rose From Defeat to Create the New Majority.

  • 20 thoughts on “Is the System Rigged? You Betcha

    1. Well said Clark .it is about the preservation of America(what’s left of it after 8 yrs of satan and his followers in charge) we who grew up in America when it was still America land of the free know that the Clinton crime family and all the other satanists are anti America(n). To the core! She would only keep on with the destruction of our freedoms and our country that satan started in his 8yr run. We have to find a way to stop all these devilcrats wherever possible!! Wake up and do all you can to vote for trump and against all these satanistic devilcrats!

    2. What the people should have done is just watch the campaigns, nothing else. Turn off the tv and radio, go and vote. Vote on only what was said at the campaigns and don’t listen to the media about ” Who won.” Too much going on to now to steer you away from what you believe.

    3. War is the ultimate, I think and ask myself just did we get here ? What worries me now is post election, either way our country will be even more divided. If Donald loose he will continue to beat his drum and there will be loss of life but Donald will just love it and continue to cause unrest as long as he is not the one getting shot.Donald Trump loss will be a greater threat to America than ISIS for me Donald is not worth taking up arms for. I do not think our voters system is rigged but if we find sound evidence that it is let’s role up our sleeves and fix it, this will be far better than taking up arms. I think people that are so quick to go to war no nothing about war and the evils of war, they have never had to pick up their friends body with half of his head and when you try and carry him you are stepping on his guts, children and women are not spared. It is much better to settle problems diplomatically and let taking up arms be the very last and I mean last resort.

    4. I already have my gun and if necessary, I will use it to protect myself, my family and my country from those who insist on telling me how I have to live.

    5. Among many of those I know, the issue of “going to Canada” has never even been raised. It is generally considered to be the meaningless rant of wimps. The question that IS actually being discussed though, is a very different one. Here’s the question, long spoken only quietly and in private, but that is becoming more and more openly discussed as this election nears, and it is especially relevant in light of the fact that so many Americans now feel disenfranchised and believe their vote won’t matter because the election is “rigged”:

      “What would it take, to make YOU, personally, resort to: 1) non-violent civil disobedience, 2) violent civil disobedience, or, 3) open, armed insurrection/revolution?” Think about it honestly, and consider the ramifications and consequences carefully, because in the end you are talking about something TERRIBLE.

      Why even think about something so crazy? Because many others (and it’s not just “Crazy Militia” folks) are already doing so, and, if you remember your history, only about 3 percent of the colonists actually fought in our Revolutionary War. This suggests that the “tipping point” to throw the nation into a major violent conflict may not be a matter of “the majority of the population.” Three percent of our population is less than 10 million folks. That’s less than the population of most states (only CA, TX, NY, FL, IL, PA, and OH have more than 10 million residents, and at least one of those is actually talking about secession in the state legislature now).

      Frankly, I’m still not sure about my own answers. I’ve been in a war, and I didn’t like it. I think a civil war in our country would be much, much, worse than Viet Nam was (that was MY war). On the other hand, I once swore to support and defend our Constitution, and my “Word of Honor” still means something to me. At my age, death is no longer the concern it was years ago. I’ve nearly run my course now, and I don’t fear dying so much as dying in some meaningless way. It also shames me to have to tell my grandkids that I’m sorry I let their country get screwed up on my watch, and lost them much of the freedom that I enjoyed at their age, but I was too focused on dangers from outside our borders, and didn’t pay nearly enough attention to the dangers from inside. Lincoln was right about that.

      1. what the ruling elites forget about, and what was VERY central to the success of our forbears beginning on the Lexington Commons in 1775, is that this IS our land, society, country, culture. The present day ruling elites are no more a part of OUR world than George the Kid King’s crimson coated paid hacks were part of OUR world as it was in colonial times. Our forbear patriots had to make a decision: will we continue to let George’s selfish and corrupt minions tell US how we should live, or will WE tall them to go elsewhere and find other victims for their tyranny and leave US alone to live the way WE want to?

        Our first government was designed and built, and would suit ONLY a moral and godly people. It was declared to be able to suit no other. That has not changed…. only WE have allowed corruption and raw pwoer to usurp our own rule. When push comes to shove, the paid mercenaries will do precisely what they did in the 1770’s…… hand on as long as their paycheck continues to come in the post every month, and their own skin is not in too much danger of being harmed.

    6. Hell yes it is rigged! Last general election, Carl Rove predicted that a pivotal precinct in Ohio (Cleveland?) would vote red. It went blue. He actually ran downstairs from the Fox studios to the news center to verify that fact. He looked like he was going to stroke out. It was later discovered that poll workers were stuffing the ballot box and mailing in absentee ballots for Obama. Nothing was done to correct the problem.
      USA may lose this election to the Crooked Hillary Gang and no telling what atrocities will be committed on the citizens of this soon to be not-great country.

    7. It is impossible for me to believe a proven criminal can be elected our president. “They” count the rich, the swing states, and what they want the media to say. I do believe the uncounted, the majority of US Citizens will say No to Hillary and bring us back to our roots of democracy. Our citizens aren’t stupid or followers but AMERICANS who believe in the United States of America.

    8. When you look around for whom to blame for this, just look in the mirror. When these media outlets were being consolidated, nobody said anything, so the mergers were allowed to go through. Disney owns ABC. I’ll bet you have not read many gator stories about Disney World there, have you? That is just the tip of the iceberg too. Our apathy has undone us and 4 mega-corporations control 80% on the news.

    9. IS the Country in trouble ? YES
      Will your vote count ? MAYBE
      1 person = 1 vote ( not here)
      6 people = 6 votes ! NO
      The Electorial Collage don’t like
      your choice. They like the other one.
      your vote might be your vote.

      1. If the militia as defined in the Second Amendment, rises up and starts Revolutionaly War II , as the Constitution requires, then the anti-god, anti Constitutionalist politicians, and jurists will be publically executed as traitors. Then perhaps we will require TERM LIMITS, and all politicians and jurists have Social Security as their ONLY RETIREMENT! Furthermore any health plan that is pushed forth by the government will be the plan required for the politicians, and jurists! That will assure that the politicians will keep them solvent!+

    10. Hell yes it is rigged and I will tell you how we have the popular vote and then we have the electoral college vote. If I remember from my Civics classes in high school many years ago. The electoral college is made up of all of the House and Senate reps. I think maybe the governors to but not sure, but I do know if they do not like the popular vote they can go against it and they will put in who ever they decide. We the people need to get together and do away with this piece of trash crap and just make it a popular voting only. I feel this is what is going to happen in the next election. We need to tell our government official how we feel by putting in officials who will work for us the legal citizens of America. So come on people lets get together and start a Campaigne to change the system by getting people to work for us Americans.

    11. If Hillary wins it will be a sad day for America to have a murder, thief, traitor, anti-God, anti- Constitution, anti-First and Second Amendment piece of dirty for president and have a fag for vice president

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