The Cascade Mall Shooting and More ~ A Message from ISRA’s Executive Director

Illinois State Rifle Association
Illinois State Rifle Association

Chatsworth, IL -( The killer in the Cascade Mall shooting was a Turkish alien who tried to purchase a handgun and asked if there was any way he could avoid the background check.

The gun shop refused to sell him a gun. The killer stole the gun he used. I’m sure if the anti-gunners passed a law requiring criminals to pass a background check on their stolen guns they would be pushing each other to get to the front of the line.

My friend, Jim Wallace, the Executive Director of the Gun Owners Action League (GOAL in Massachusetts) always points out there are three areas of concern involving firearms. The first is gun safety. Gun owners and gun organizations are in charge of gun safety and in all honesty, we do a great job. We pay for it out of our own pocket or through dues to our various organizations. The second and third areas of concern are crime and mental health. The government is in charge of those two items. The government has unlimited money and authority, yet crime is on the rise, fueled mostly by drugs and drug gangs. Both the drugs and criminals swarm across borders and we are seeing individuals and families being ripped apart by drugs and the gangs who deliver them. The government isn’t doing such a hot job with crime, maybe you have noticed. The government is also in charge of mental health, which includes suicide prevention. I don’t think that is going too well either. We have mentally ill people wandering around on the streets, some of who are dangerous. We are told “they are better off” being out in public. The question I have is, are we better off? I think not.

On Monday the office received a call from a member who indicated they were going to vote for Hillary Clinton, misguided to say the least. It has taken millions of dollars, an enormous amount of time, massive efforts by organizations like the ISRA, NRA and SAF as well as personal sacrifices by people like Dick Heller, Otis McDonald and others to bring the Second Amendment back to its real meaning. If Hillary Clinton is elected President, Heller v DC, which is the cornerstone of the Second Amendment movement, will be reversed. McDonald v City of Chicago will be overturned, as well as many other cases and will fall by the wayside and turned into the dust of history. Moreover, there are other important cases waiting like Peruta v County of San Diego, which seeks to destroy concealed carry. In this case, the County of San Diego insists there is no right to carry concealed in the Second Amendment and that a person must prove his or her life is in danger before being issued a permit. The 9th Circuit upheld the County’s position by a margin of 7-4. Before you say that it’s “just California”, Hillary’s court will make that the law of the land.

In 1971, Saul Alinsky published a book called “Rules of Radical”. Alinsky was a left-wing community organizer – sound familiar? The left adopted his tactics and applied them mercilessly against what and whomever they choose. Among Alinsky’s followers are Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and a host of left-wing strategists. These people have highjacked the Democrat Party. Once you read these rules you will understand a lot more about the 2016 Presidential Election, as well as state and local elections. All you have to do is Google “Rules for Radicals” and a variety of choices come up.

Here is a quick example. Rule number 5 is ridicule. Ridicule is a powerful weapon and very hard to defend against. Alec Baldwin portrayed Donald Trump as a nasty scowling character on Saturday Night Live (SNL). It was an obvious character assassination rather than satire. Of course, they gave equal time to Hillary Clinton, but the flavor was entirely different. This is how the left and the left-wing media operates, whether it be print, radio, television or internet. They use these tactics when attacking the Second Amendment, hunting, the shooting sports and the deplorable people who believe in and engage in those activities. These people are vicious and are out to destroy the Second Amendment and all that goes with it. Never have a doubt about that. Tactics are tactics and anyone can use them, including the deplorables.

This week’s book is “Denied A Chance” by Nicole Renee Goeser. Nikki, as I have come to know her, watched her husband being murdered in front of her because she was in a “Gun Free Zone” and was forced to leave her permitted carry pistol in her vehicle. Her story was on Discovery I.D. On February 25, 2014. It is a compelling book and I recommend it.

Thanks for being a member.

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Crime is on the rise? The FBI stats say that crime is declining. Is the FBI wrong? Sure, James Comey sacrificed their honor and integrity, but I should think they can still add and subtract. But the author is right about mental health. Ronald Reagan relaxed those laws to save money, so institutions were closed and the mentally ill were kicked out onto the streets. Notice that afterwards that “massacres” went up too. One nurse in a psych ward put the facts out there. She said that they habitually treat the same person. He goes off his meds, the cops… Read more »

Grumpy Old Timer

“The government has unlimited money and authority, yet crime is on the rise, fueled mostly by drugs and drug gangs” Could you amplify and justify that comment. I am a supporter of the 2nd amendment and the right to carry and self defense. However, I despise twisting of facts and out right lying by both sides of the gun debate. The government has unlimited money and authority, yet crime is on the rise, fueled mostly by drugs and drug gangs Please explain the above statement and justify it or withdraw it. I believe you have twisted the truth on crime… Read more »


ask, and get an accurate answer for, this question: WHO is fueling the production and importation of dangerous drugs into the USA? Why, the very clowns (creepy ones, at that, they are) who are purportedly charged with “enforcing” the drug laws, which are unconstitutional on their face. Yes, our very own FedGov organisations are largely resposnibiel for the huge volume of illegal drugs flowing into this country. CIA establishing the opium trade in Afghanistan, late 1970’s early ’80’s. How about Columbia, our DEA have been behind and in front of coca production there for a generation. Mexico? Remember GunWalker/Fast and… Read more »


About the only thing I really miss about IL is the ISRAs IGOLD day in Springfield. The folks at ISRA and IL Carry. Work their tales off protecting gun rights in IL.