The Donald Lives!

By Pat Buchanan

Donald Trump
The Donald Lives!
Pat Buchanan
Patrick J .Buchanan

USA –  -( Donald Trump turned in perhaps the most effective performance in the history of presidential debates on Sunday night.

As the day began, he had been denounced by his wife, Mike Pence, and his own staff for a tape of crude and lewd remarks in a decade-old “locker room” conversation on a bus with Billy Bush of “Access Hollywood.

Tasting blood, the media were in a feeding frenzy. Trump is dropping out! Pence is bolting the ticket! Republican elites are about to disown and abandon the Republican nominee!

Sometime this weekend, Trump made a decision:

If he is going down to defeat, he will go out as Trump, not some sniveling penitent begging forgiveness from hypocrites who fear and loathe him.

His first move was to host a press [conference], before the debate, where a small sampling of Bill Clinton's alleged victims — Kathleen Willey, Paula Jones, Juanita Broaddrick — made brief statements endorsing Trump and denouncing the misogyny of the Clintons.

“Mr. Trump may have said some bad words, but Bill Clinton raped me,” said Broaddrick, “and Hillary Clinton threatened me.”

The press had to cover it. Then the women marched into the auditorium at Washington University to watch Hillary Clinton defend her behavior toward them after their encounters with Bill.

As the moderators and Hillary Clinton scrambled to refocus on Trump's comments of a decade ago, Trump brought it back to Bill's criminal misconduct against women, his lying about it, and Hillary's aiding and abetting of the First Predator.

It was like a tawdry courtroom drama in an X-rated movie, a new low in presidential debates. But what it revealed is that if Trump is going down, his enemies will carry away their own permanent scars.

As Caesar said of Cassius, “Such men are dangerous.”

Hillary Clinton has never been hammered as she was Sunday night, and it showed. Knocked off her game, she was no longer the prim and poised debater of Hofstra University.

There were other signs that, win or lose, Trump intends to finish the campaign as he began, as a populist-nationalist and unapologetic adversary of open borders, globalization and neo-imperialism.

When moderators Martha Raddatz and Anderson Cooper revealed their bias by asking Trump tougher questions and more follow-ups, and interrupting him more rudely and often, he called them out.

“It's one on three!” said Trump. And it sure looked like it.

How could the moderators have ignored that other leak of last week, of Clintons's speech to Brazilian bankers where she confessed she “dreams” of a “hemispheric common market with open trade and open borders.”

If the quote is accurate, and Clinton has not denied it, she was saying she dreams of a future when the United States ceases to exist as a separate, sovereign and independent nation.

She envisions not just a North American Union evolving out of NAFTA but a merger of all the nations of North, South and Central America, with all borders erased and people moving freely from one place to another within a hemispheric super-state.

If this quote is accurate, Clinton is working toward an end to the independence for which our Founding Fathers fought the American Revolution.

After all, Thomas Jefferson did not write some declaration of diversity in 1776, but a Declaration of Independence for a new, unique and separate people.

Clinton dreams of doing away with what American patriots cherish most.

When the issue of Syria arose, Clinton said she favors a “no-fly zone.” Unanswered, indeed unasked by the moderators, was whether she would order the shooting down of Syrian or Russian planes that violate the zone.

Yet, what she is suggesting are acts of war against Syria, and Russia if necessary, though Congress has never authorized a war on Syria, and Syria has not attacked us.

Trump did not hesitate to overrule the suggestion of Mike Pence that we follow Clinton's formula. He believes ISIS is our enemy, and if Syria, Russia and Iran are attacking ISIS, we ought not to be fighting them.

As of sunrise Sunday, the media were writing Trump off as dead.

By Sunday night, they were as shocked and stunned as Hillary and Bill.

What did Trump accomplish in 18 hours?

He rattled Hillary Clinton, firmed up and rallied his base, halted the stampede of the cut-and-run Republicans, and exposed the hypocrisy of liberal and secular celebrants of the '60s “sexual revolution,” who have suddenly gotten religion where Trump is involved.

Trump exposed the fraudulence of the Clintons' clucking concern for sexually abused women, brought Pence back into camp, turned the tables and changed the subject from the Trump tapes to the Trump triumph at Washington University.

Upshot: The Donald is alive.

While his path to 270 electoral votes still looks more than problematic, there is a month to go before the election, and anything can happen.

Indeed, it already has — many times.


Patrick J. Buchanan is the author of the new book “The Greatest Comeback: How Richard Nixon Rose From Defeat to Create the New Majority.

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If ANY OTHER person had taken the same stance as Trump on issues but spoke and acted more like a real, mature, sane candidate for President instead of a spoiled little cry baby about everything and attacked EVERYONE who said anything negative against him, that person would soundly defeat Clinton. Clinton will win and that is because Trump has handed the White House to her all by himself. He will cry like a baby saying it was rigged. She is certainly being helped because all the media is against Trump but that is because of his own words, and deeds… Read more »


@Vanns, I agree with you in a lot of ways. I’m not sure what you mean by “how we ended up with Donald Trump?” Not accusing, just not sure exactly your sentiment and am interested if you mean that he isn’t a politician etc. One thing I notice is a lot of people say Oh Donald Trump is our best choice… Oh, so much better than another Bush or any of the other runners this time. Any of them would have been eaten alive by the crooked clinton machine. I also think that the others represented the status quo of… Read more »


Well Pat, you’re absolutely correct. Can’t argue with you one bit. My only point would be how in the world did we come to the point where the choice we have to represent us is Donald Trump? The answer of course is that we, the voters, allowed it to happen, allowed the Republican Party to tell us what to do, over decades, and then, when we finally decided to revolt we grabbed the first lifeline thrown and it happened to be Trump. Sort of like being in hell and you’ll take any deal to get out hoping it’ll be better… Read more »

Wild Bill
Wild Bill

@Vann, I think that with a Trump presidency, there is a chance of a revolutionary clean up in our government, and that is what all the professional politicians are afraid of. There is a distinct possibility of returning to the days when we tell the government to do, rather than the other way around.


Like him or not, he won the primary the voters spoke LOUD AND CLEAR ! From that point on EVERY Republican politician should have been behind him 100%. Instead THEY put their own individual wants/needs/ideas before those of who elected them. IF Trump looses, Paul Ryan will NOT have to worry about a Senate/House majority loss, it will at that point be GUARANTEED. GUARANTEED buy those very voters that the “elected” ignored and stabbed in the back. Those politicians figuratively HUNG THEMSELVES. Also, as soon as this election is over I and changing from Republican to Independant. NO Democrat OR… Read more »


i guess you’re right, Trump shld just have run as independent. But it was the republicans themselves who convinced him to run under this ticket. Why? because if Trump wins as independent, the republicans will lose support as majority on both the house and the senate. That is why I don’t understand why a lot of republicans are trying to bolt out their support of Trump everytime he said something or everytime the democrat machine unearthed something to destroy him. All I can say is america is tired of traditional politician and wants change. Specially a politician who was proven… Read more »

marc disabled vet
marc disabled vet

As he said in the beginning
he should have ran as an independent .
This was no surprise to him,
He knew the first sign of trouble ,
the RNC would bail-out
RATS leaving what they thought
was a sinking ship ! SURPRISE !
Far from sinking.


And every time Donald Trump gains momentum Paul Ryan starts ‘kvetching’!