Voting Hillary is Still Indefensible…

Clinton for Prison
Voting Hillary is Still Indefensible…

Texas – -( It is October, 2016… less than 30 days before the 2016 Presidential Election, more than likely the most important election this country has ever or will ever have.

For over a week, we’ve seen the release of thousands of emails from WikiLeaks, and they promise ‘the best is yet to come’. In a story that’s still developing, it looks like the Clinton cronies have gotten to the Ecuadorian Embassy in London and threatened “grave consequences for Equador” if Assange is not silenced…

Apparently the level of corruption already disclosed is not enough to convince most people that HRC should be in jail, but perhaps they are just waiting to see who else should be sent away with her as the emails continue to expand the circle of friends that have helped conduct and then cover up these crimes.

Recently, our friend Steven Crowder put the election into words that I’ll quote here:

Voting Hillary is Still Indefensible…

Dear #NeverTrump Friends (and maybe foes): I get it. There are some days Trump seems to be the moral equivalent of a chainsaw in a nursery… of baby trees. On other days he can say something entirely agreeable, and you might find yourself vacillating, questioning your own hashtag movement you so proudly embraced. Rock. Hard place. Trump’s wall. I understand it. It’s not lost on me.

Many of you are fearful and hesitant about pulling the lever for a President Trump. And not for the silly reasons that the media wants you to believe (he’s “racist” “sexist” or any other form of “ist” most convenient at the time), but for plenty of valid, defensible reasons. He flips and flops. Donald Trump spends more time hitting Ted Cruz and cooking up crockpot conspiracy theories than he does nailing Hillary’s tarp-like pantsuits to the wall. Which you would think would be an easy target. Much like shooting fish in a barrel. With a rocket launcher. Or a fish-uzi.

I want to make it clear, those of you in the #NeverTrump movement who are #NeverTrump based on your values? I’d never rake you over the coals. Like many Americans, you’re struggling. You know the stakes. Trump is not an easy decision. Again, I get it.

However those in the NeverTrump movement who are #NeverTrump based on principles to which you claim Trump is antithetical… can still never, ever, justify voting for Hillary Clinton. If one pulled the lever for Hillary while claiming the mantle of conservatism, you would only prove your principles were nothing but a house of cards.

Not the Netflix show. Though President Underwood would still be better than Hillary. Is it too late to draft him?

Stop distracting me! A vote for Hillary is not a step in the right direction. It’s not even a step, it’s tantamount to lighting a match in a gas-filled house, hoping to see a light show. You know it, I know it. But more importantly, you can’t claim a protest-vote against Trump on principle, only to turn around and vote for Hillary out of sheer political motivation. You can find the list of spineless traitors doing just that here.

I make as many jokes as comedically possible about Hillary, leaving nothing on the table. Her style, voice, incessant pandering, cankles, all up for grabs. Yes, mostly to annoy the feminists, also… easy target. Fish uzis. Barrel.

Hillary’s Indefensible Platform

Hillary is more than a bag lady without a bag. A more sinister version of Mary Poppins, her bag is full of secrets, weapons, and ill intentions. Again, you simply cannot claim to stand against Trump on principle then vote for someone (and their platform by default) who supports killing a baby up until that baby exits the birth canal. And sometimes even after that baby is born.

You cannot tout these high minded principles then vote for a woman who is soiling her Depends in anticipation to appoint a SCOTUS that doesn’t even believe in the RIGHT for private citizens to bear arms (read Chelsea Clinton: ‘My Mom’s Supreme Court Will Bring Gun Control…).

There are many areas where you and I agree. The Republican Party is broken. Whether you’re on the Trump side or #NeverTrump side, we agree it needs fixing. Some people want to see the change take place through a takeover of the current party. Others want to renovate starting with an epic tear down to the foundation. I see the merits of that. Those are differences we can discuss. But burning our country to ashes is not.

Hillary Clinton holds the match. The Democrat party owns the gasoline. Both are ready to douse America to burn it down to below its foundation. Gone are the days of Bluedogs. Today’s Democratic party despises everything America stands for. From freedom of speech to the basic right of self-defense and preservation, it’s all bad. It’s. All. Bad.

November is looming. Very few people are excited about pulling the lever, myself included. Remember who we’re dealing with. On one hand a man who’s been horribly ill-advised on spray tan etiquette, and Hillary. A woman who should, for all intents and purposes, be locked behind bars, taking conjugal visits from Huma.

Yes, prison jokes. I went there. Also lesbian jokes. With Hillary… you’ve gone there. We all have.

It’s a scary time to be an American. It’s not an easy time either. I get that. But if you’re going to stand on principle, then actually stand on principle. Vote for Trump, maybe don’t vote for Trump. I understand both positions. Just don’t pull the lever for the cackling, murderous (ALLEGEDLY) sociopath and expect us to forget.

[ARFCOM ED: actually vote for Trump- anything else is a vote for Hillary. Also check out to find out which local candidates will defend your individual Right to Keep and Bear Arms]

Need any more reasons to not vote Hillary Clinton? Watch below.

There are many threads in GD covering news as it breaks, as well as assessments of the WikiLeaks email releases as they happen. Check them out for some of the most complete and up to date coverage to be found anywhere as none of the media outlets are giving it any traction. I expect this week’s activity to escalate very quickly.

So keep reading, vote intelligently, and we’ll see you on the other side of the 2016 Presidential Election…

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godfrey daniel

I’d like to shove both of them in a sack with a rabid coon, some concrete blocks and a p.o.’d rattlesnake, let the snake back out, tie the sack shut, throw it in the Mississippi River and vote for the snake.


Trump was not my first choice, or my second, but he is the only choice now! Crooked Hillary is just that, CROOKED! She has never done anything for anybody, except for herself. She would sell out Bill and Chelsea if her masters told her to. She has no political agenda, except to sell out America to the highest bidder. She will destroy the American Dream without one morsel of remorse in her soul, because she does not have a soul.
She will also lie about that.

marc disabled vet

Right on Point .
Trump has ALOT of flaws.
But flaws can be overcome.
Treason cannot. That’s my feeling,
on her. The second she put classified,
material on that (very hackable ) server,
to hide things from the American public ,
& the pay for play.
Vote lesser of two Evils ,(save the country)
Who knows, He may decide the jobs not his,
thing and resign ! Think Pence!