Walmart Employee Gets The Jump on Mugger, Killing Him 1st

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Walmart Employee Gets The Jump on Mugger, Killing Him 1st
Bob Irwin
Bob Irwin

USA –-( WSVN TV 7 reports (9/14/2016) in Sunrise, Florida, Police are investigating after 28-year-old Wal-Mart employee, became the victim of an attempted robbery.

He was sitting in his car around 3:45 a.m., when an armed suspect, also 28, walked up to his vehicle.

After a brief exchange of words the intended victim, who has a concealed weapons permit, pulled out his gun and fired multiple shots. Police have not released a lot of details but an anonymous co-worker described what he witnessed.

“The (robber) came up to him. He showed him (a gun) and said, ‘you know what this is, right? Give me everything,’ so he just opened fire on him right then and there.

Another co-worker reported “One of my co-workers was waiting in his car, to clock in, and somebody tried to rob him, I guess he’s just pretty much defending himself. He’s a pretty mellow guy. You wouldn’t even expect him to be able to defend himself like that because he’s very quiet, friendly.”

After the incident, the intended victim ran inside of the Wal-Mart to get help. When authorities arrived, they was pronounced the would-be robber dead on the scene. The incident happened at the Wal-Mart at 3306 N. University Drive in Sunrise.

The Sunrise police department released a statement saying they believe it was an attempted robbery and the deceased was shot in self-defense. The case has been turned over to the state attorney’s office for official determination of charges if any.

The Sunrise police department noted that the robber had no local record but has an extensive criminal history in the northeastern U.S.


Sounds like a clean shooting in every aspect on the criminal court side. Clearly, legally and morally, this is reasonable self-defense.

Walmart’s reaction will prove interesting. They could be sued by the dead guy’s family as the deep pockets for “allowing” their employees to have guns in their cars in the parking lot. Or do they allow that? Can they even control that?

Plaintiff’s lawyers always look for new ways to blame anybody with money or insurance for other individual’s actions. I can almost hear the scribbling on their legal pad from here.

Bob Irwin, The Gun Store, Las Vegas

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The Very Deplorable VonZorch

Good response and marksmanship.
I love a story with a happy ending.


1:50 they show the dead gunman wrapped up in plastic.


So you’re basically saying the put him in a trash bag where he belongs?


Nice shot of the dead robber being carted away, wrapped up in plastic.
Looks like another black on black crime, this time the victim is the survivor.


The armed citizen should file a small claim against the estate of the dead criminal
for the cost of the ammo he used to protect himself.


Good to hear that bad guy got his.
I’m in retail in Az at a major grocery store. We are not aloud to have a gun even in the car in the parking lot.
A guy I worked with got caught speeding in the parking lot and had his sidearm in the car. He got fired for the sidearm.


I guess the word about WalMart being a Certified Defenseless Victim Zone ws taken out of context by the now well rewarded perp. WalMart can tell their employees they can’t carry on the job. But they cant tell ME I have to desarm to walk into one of their stores. Good job by this quiet unassuming gentle man.

BillyBob Texas

Ehhhh…..Buh-Bye!!! to the Perp. Good riddance, although I am sure we will soon hear from his mother and his Sunday School teacher from 20 yrs ago that he was a Good Kid Who Would Never Do Anything Like This…..

And “why did he have to be shot dead?Why couldn’t he have used a Stun Gun? Why couldn’t the cops have been called to just arrest him, rather than shooting him. He was a good kid!!”


Hillary’s campaign staff is already working on this and should have a statement by the next debate.

bill knight

Can the Walmart employee who defended himself sue the robbers’ family for not having him put down like the dog he was?


I love it when you read about a citizen who heeded the warnings and armed up. He saved himself, but future victims as well. I will venture a guess that the robber was a repeat offender too. The justice system could not serve us, but an honest citizen could.

The Very Deplorable VonZorch

If you read the entire article you would have no need to guess, it is stated explicitly that the perp had an extensive criminal record.


In Florida, you can keep your gun in your vehicle at work by law unless you work for the Federal government.


Same in Oklahoma… in fact, our legislation ensuring the ability to keep firearms in automobiles in parking lots was patterned after Florida’s laws.

It’s obviously a good law. It works.