What A Trump Victory Truly Means for America

By Roger J. Katz, Attorney at Law and Stephen L. D’Andrilli

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Clinton & Obama’s political philosophy devalues the the right of the individual, to be individual. Trump displays the very attribute of individuality that they seek to stamp out…
Arbalest Quarrel
Arbalest Quarrel

New York, NY  -(Ammoland.com)-  What america gains through a Trump victory in November is a return to sanity.

And the return to traditional goals; a return to the ideals of our nation as held and promoted by our founders—in sum.

Placing the needs of our nation first, and not conflating the needs of our nation with those of other nations and with other peoples is most important.

In extolling the principle that we are a nation that respects and honors the sanctity of each law-abiding american citizen, we acknowledge the inherent right of each law-abiding american citizen to live his life unhindered by government – that each citizen has the right to be left alone.

The American public remains abysmally unaware of the danger posed by a Clinton Presidency.

Both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have wreaked havoc with the economy, with our security, with our health care system, with our social and educational institutions, with our Constitution—in fact—with our National Identity.

We are a unique people with a unique history, with a unique perspective on life, and with a unique way of life worth preserving. We are a Nation that places value on the individual and awards individual effort.

These ideas are central to Donald Trump.

But Clinton and Obama don’t agree. Their political philosophy devalues the individual. Their political philosophy subordinates the worth and sanctity of the individual to that of the collective, of the hive. We hear Clinton and Obama express that idea in their speeches.

We see that alien idea expressed in their policy directives. They pontificate. They lecture. They suppress as subversive and incompatible with the goal of their benefactors the notions of individual initiative, and individual drive, and individual effort.

They seek to mold us in sameness. They seek to erase our sacred rights and liberties as heresy for those rights and liberties are grounded on yet one more basic and sacred right they cannot and will not abide: the right of the individual to be individual.

Trump displays the very attribute of individuality that Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama and their benefactors seek to stamp out, must stamp out if their goal of a New World Order is to succeed; and the powerful and corrupting influences at work in this Country and in the world at large know this.

Through the tool of the mainstream media, they do everything in their considerable power to attack, demean, and discredit Trump – to discredit the right of the individual to be, in that person’s thought and actions, individual.

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Clinton will be like the scorpion asking for a ride across the river.

Rick Wheeler

Be unsubscribing, not a hater, don’t go around blasting people for what they believe.
Just not going to support a person with mental issues for President just because he
Says he’s against gun control. Hillary can spout gun control all she wants, Obama did,
all that did was set record gun sells. I’m am in favor of that!!
R Wheeler
CCW, Hunter


Rick Wheeler,
I have watched the Clinton’s for their entire political career. If, God forbid, Hillary wins, she will sell out this country in a heartbeat. She has never done anything for anybody except for herself. She would sell Bill or Chelsea out if she could profit from it.
She has no plans to make this country better. She will do as her masters tell her to do without a morsel of remorse in her soul for destroying the American Dream.

Clark Kent

Rick! Get your fat head out of your fat azz! WAKE UP! HiLIARy as POTUS will be the END of the USA.


Only one problem with your view, thats the Supreme Court of the US. Take a look at Heller vs DC and McDonald vs Chicago (both are NOT laws passed to protect the “children” as Hillary has said) and let us know if you think that the 5 to 4 decision was wrong because that is what will happen when Hillary appoints her judge(s). That CVW of yours will be history.


she was talking about sandy hook and 20 dead small children…
I pray for this country that someone could be so stupid.
Thank god for this Vet and his common sense

Jim Macklin

If by some miracle Donald Trump wins teh Presidency it means that nothing bad will happen because he has near zero backing from any political party. He will be a good President because he will have to have excellent proposals that Congress will feel safe in voting into law. The country and the Constitution will go on at least until 2020. If hillary wins, as it now appears will happen due to Trumps near total lack of debating skills, she will have all the Democrats and many rinoRepublians who will give her her 100 Days of Grace and teh Constitution… Read more »