Why Trump Will Prevail

By Joan Swirsky

Trump Hillary Debate 2
Trump Hillary Debate 2

USA – -(Ammoland.com)-The Trump campaign should be throwing thank-you bouquets at Hillary’s minions for unearthing an 11-year-old video of the businessman speaking raunchily about women to Hollywood Access host Billy Bush.


It demonstrates the sheer panic the Hillary campaign is in at the devolving internal-poll numbers that show the ailing candidate barely keeping her [involuntarily] bobbling chin above the water line of decisive failure.

It highlights the startling absence of the MIA candidate, who has not been seen since a campaign appearance in Ohio on October 3 [until the debate last night], leaving surrogates to speak in her stead. This strange absence, just weeks away from the vote for president, tends to confirm the suspicion that Hillary’s frequent symptoms of illness––spasmodic coughing fits, seizure-like head jerking, inability to ascend stairs without men gripping her arms, a left eye that turns involuntarily inward, episodes of freezing in mid-sentence––utterly disqualify her from the office she seeks, which demands top-notch physical strength and mental acuity.

Speaking of acuity, we already know that Hillary’s judgement is gravely impaired. Who else uses private servers that are sieves for our national security secrets; lies repeatedly and compulsively to camouflage her disastrous foray into Benghazi; was a central player in facilitating a deal, through the Clinton Foundation slush fund, that gave Vladmir Putin overwhelming control over the global uranium supply chain; and who chooses Sen. Tim Kaine as a running mate?

Kaine is a man who writer Scott McKay describes in “The Kaine Scrutiny” as:

…having “a history of anti-American radical leftism…for nearly 40 years,”
…being a friend and ardent follower of “a violent Communist lunatic…”
…having a “complete lack of business or private-sector experience…[having] never signed the front of a check”
…being a typical phony liberal who on the one hand apologizes for slavery and then institutes a Project Exile program which led to the “mass incarceration of a disproportionately black cohort of perpetrators”
…having “a history of selling himself out to the Muslim Brotherhood,” which has poured huge money into his coffers
…bringing “the stench of corruption with him, something that seems inescapable with any Clinton minion”

The Drivers

The two main drivers of human behavior are money and ego. As far as emotions, jealousy tops both anger and passion. This week’s brouhaha is all about all three––money, ego and jealousy.

In little over a year, Mr. Trump effectively decimated the startlingly ineffectual and traitorous Republican Party, picking off 17 highly credentialed and longtime operatives––including governors, senators, and congressmen. Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush had raised so much money––into the mega-millions––before he even announced for president, that his entrance into the race was considered a de facto win. Trump swatted away this buzzing gnat, as he did Ohio Gov. John Kasich, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, et al…swat, swat, swat!

To his credit, Trump took his undisputed swatting championship one step further in leveling the self-important media types who (1) credit themselves with electing Barack Obama by concealing his past and overlooking numerous racist and inflammatory remarks (including as he read from a book: “gotta have them ribs and pussy too”), as reported today by The Drudge Report, and (2) creating and maintaining the leftist narrative that their globalist bosses demand.

In my last article, I cited the research of Ashley Lutz at Business Insider, who reported that only six organizations are now responsible for 90 percent of all of the “news we read, watch and listen to.” That’s right—in 1983, there were 50 media companies, today only six, all run by business titans involved in many of the massive, multibillion-dollar deals that drive international politics, that determine the bad-for-America trade deals our “leaders” have signed, and that members of the Democrat-Republican cabal have financial interests in.

The net result, of course, is that dozens of politicians and media shills have been walking around for over a year with bruised and battered egos and fulminating anger, as well as anxiety about their investments, all waiting for their moment to pounce.

And here it is––Trump was caught being crude over 10 years ago! You can just hear the Europeans screeching with laughter as they stand on their elegant balconies flanked by their wives and girlfriends. And the Middle Eastern potentates rolling on their palace floors as they give the nod to excising the clitorises of young girls and stoning “sinning” women to death. And of course, the thousands of professional American athletes slapping their knees and wondering if they themselves would get the death penalties for things they’ve said and done.

Flushing And Forgetting

Actually, the entire fiasco has been a good thing for Mr. Trump, who now knows definitively who his enemies are on the Right. Like cockroaches being flushed out by a skilled exterminator, turncoats––like former NY Gov. George Pataki, Utah Sen. Mike Lee, New Hampshire Sen. Kelly Ayotte, the appropriately named Idaho Sen. Mike Crapo, former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, phony conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt, and among the most loyal allies of Barack Obama and Nevada Sen. Harry Reid, none other than Speaker of the House Rep. Paul Ryan––are making one last desperate scramble, urging Trump to drop out of the race and hoping that his locker-room talk over a decade ago will finally destroy the man who single-handedly exposed and upset their cozy ole-boy-network.

So predatory are they now acting that it’s not at all far-fetched to suspect that it is these very marginalized has-been Republicans who probably orchestrated this sabotage against Mr. Trump to begin with. But while his flushing of the pundit and TV dissemblers has helped their approval numbers plummet deservedly into single digits, the craven media continue to cover for Hillary (ala their bosses’ orders) and convince the stupid public to forget how complicit she is and was in her husband’s depravity.

Pure fact compels me to rename the former secretary of state The Human Spittoon (THS).

…the serial cheating going back to their Arkansas days, a clear spit in Hillary’s face
…a 12-year affair with Jennifer Flowers, a spit in the eye
…Paula Jones and the almost $90,000 payout, a spit in the other eye
…Kathleen Willey, a spit to the chin
…Juanita Broaddrick and the rape allegation, a hawker to the face!
…Monica Lewinsky…the cigar, under the oval office desk…a hawker to the forehead!
…the stained blue dress with guess whose DNA on it? Beyond spit, beyond a hawker….

What kind of woman tolerates these indignities? Clearly one who thinks a push-button gizmo from Staples will mollify a Russian dictator and an illegal computer server will conceal her crimes. In other words, a weak and corrupt woman, not a leader by any definition of that word. Donald Trump has called Hillary an enabler. While true, this seems mild and understated.

In fact, Hillary represents a full third term for Barack Obama, complete with:

  • sky-high taxes
  • horrific trade deals
  • the squashing of energy independence
  • a massive influx of potential jihadists over our open borders
  • the continuation of a weakened military
  • an acceleration of the genocidal Iran nuclear deal
  • perpetuation of the Clinton Foundation slush fund
  • continued poverty, lack of education, and high crime rates for inner city residents
  • continued epidemic unemployment
  • full socialized medicine
  • vicious antagonism toward our most loyal ally, Israel

Yet, the clueless media, the desperate Democrats, and the jealous Republicans––all still nursing their bruised and battered egos––would have you believe that We the People should be inconsolably upset by some stupid remarks Donald Trump made over a decade ago, and in response should flock to the polls to vote for a woman whose fans cannot name a single one of her accomplishments in over 40 years in public life.

We’re not that stupid. And Donald Trump, again to his credit, is not a man to allow this coordinated intimidation effort either to bend or break him. Let is be known that we AlwaysTrumpers stand together proud and strong. We know a dragon-slayer when we see one. And we know a winner!


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5 years ago

Prophecy at it’s finest!

Old dog
Old dog
5 years ago

Here is the best description for Killary I can think of –

5 years ago

Where is LHO when we really need him?

5 years ago

Trump did a great job in the debate and clearly won by a landslide! For those that say different are either lying and did not really watch the debate, or they are the same moron’s that support Hitlary for Prison! Real Americans don’t give a CR*P about something he said back in 2005, and his support is not going away by any means. Trumps fills Statium’s and Hitlary for Prison can’t fill a high School Gym and has to hire actors to fill seats at her so-called rallies…what a monstrous joke she is..!!! That says it all PEOPLE..!!! God help… Read more »

Mike McAllister
Mike McAllister
5 years ago

Karma’s a bitch and Clinton’s karma is coming home to her. I hope she get’s everything she has coming to her twice over!

5 years ago

I watched, and to me, both were failures. But I know that if Donald wins, we stand a chance of him appointing competent people to his study committees, whereas we know Hillary will appoint brown-noser’s.

marc disabled vet
marc disabled vet
5 years ago

When the tape was recorded Trump was not ,
in Politics . Bush and Trump were lie bragging .
Both were fairly new to the celebrity world and ,
it’s like a game of I can top that ! WORDS ! ,
Words not actions , We have had our share of
Actions and In-actions with politicians in the past .
If actions were proven HRC camp would have ,
been so fast to burn him alive using her paid,
speech’s as fuel .