2017 3-Gun National Regional Dates, Venues & Registration Info

2017 3GN
2017 3GN

USA -(Ammoland.com)- The 2017 3-Gun Nation Regional Series will comprise of five championship matches in 2017, providing major match opportunities for 3GN Members and onsite marketing events for corporate sponsors.

The series will conclude at 3GN Nationals, part of the 3GN Championships & Shooting Sports Expo, Nov. 11-12 at Virginia International Raceway.

This year, the 3GN Pro Series will move into the 3GN Regional Series event weekends, creating a high-profile weekend of shooting for all levels of 3GN Members.

In addition, each Regional event will host a specific side shoot, either 3GN Shotgun Speed or 3GN Pistol matches.

Further, a prize table-only option, with reduced match fee, will be available at Regionals for 3GN Members.

Ultimately, each 3GN Regional Championship weekend will take on the atmosphere of 3GN Nationals, with three major matches running concurrently, with firearm industry companies represented in vendor spaces, side shoots, demo bays and more.

Finally, 3GN Training will be available at each venue in 2017, giving 3GN Members every opportunity possible to get in the game and enjoy a 3GN Regional Championship weekend—take a class, shoot a Regional, try out a side match, have fun in the demo bays and win a prize, or watch the best in the world compete for the title of 3GN Pro Series Champion.


2017 3GN Regional Series:

  • Southeast Regional Championship, Feb. 4-5
  • (Pistol Speed Shoot)
  • Universal Shooting Academy; Frostproof, FL
  • Registration Opens: Nov. 10, 7 PM EST
  • Southwest Regional Championship, March 4-5
  • (Shotgun Speed Shoot)
  • Cawthon Cartridge Club; Navasota, TX
  • Registration Opens: Nov. 12, 7 PM EST
  • Midwest Regional Championship, April 8-9
  • (Shotgun Speed Shoot)
  • Forest Lake Sportsmen’s Club; Forest Lake, MN
  • Registration Opens: Nov. 14, 7 PM EST
  • East Regional Championship, May 6-7
  • (Shotgun Speed Shoot)
  • The Clinton House Plantation; Clinton, SC
  • Registration Opens: Nov. 16, 7 PM EST
  • South Regional Championship, June 3-4
  • (Shotgun Speed Shoot)
  • CMP Talladega Marksmanship Park; Talladega, AL
  • Registration Opens: Nov. 18, 7 PM EST
  • 3GN Nationals, Nov. 10-11
  • (3GN Championships & Shooting Sports Expo)
  • Virginia International Raceway; Alton, VA
  • Registration by Invite Via 3GN Member Competition Programs


Visit : www.3gunnation.com