NTOA’s The Tactical Edge Growing Despite Many Other Police Publications Folding

NTOA's The Tactical Edge
NTOA’s The Tactical Edge
National Tactical Officers Association

Doylestown, Pa. (Ammoland.com) – The National Tactical Officers Association (NTOA) announces that amid an epidemic of magazines in the law enforcement industry folding, its award winning magazine, The Tactical Edge, is staying strong with its healthy subscribership continuing to grow year after year.

“The Tactical Edge has staying power. Law enforcement officers across the country want our in-depth articles penned by industry experts that give them insights on the strategies, tactics and cutting-edge technology that they need to survive in this rapidly changing and high-risk field. As more and more LE publications fold, this information is becoming scarcer; we want law enforcement officers to know that we’re here for them and that we’re not going anywhere,” said Mark Lomax, executive director of the NTOA.

NTOA LE Training
NTOA LE Training

While primarily a member’s only publication, the NTOA routinely makes several articles available online to nonmembers, including “Finding the Best SWAT Candidates – It’s All About the Interview” by Ed Allen. The article focuses on how to select SWAT team members who not only have the physical skills and abilities to operate effectively, but also the decision-making ability to make the right choice in high risk situations.

Apex Award
Apex Award

Widely considered to be the leading authority in tactical operations information, The Tactical Edge reaches over 60,000 law enforcement officers from over 8,000 agencies and divisions. The Tactical Edge has been in circulation for more than 30 years and is the winner of multiple awards, including the 2006 American In-House Design Award from Graphic Design USA and the 2013 APEX Award for Publication Excellence from Communications Concepts.

To get full access to The Tactical Edge and stay on top of the ever-changing and challenging world of law enforcement, join the NTOA.

For more information on the National Tactical Officers Association, visit ntoa.org or call 800-279-9127.

About the National Tactical Officers Association:

The mission of the NTOA is to enhance the performance and professional status of law enforcement personnel by providing a credible and proven training resource as well as a forum for the development of tactics and information exchange. The association’s ultimate goal is to improve public safety and domestic security through training, education and tactical excellence. www.ntoa.org