Americase Adds Versatile Transport Case to Lineup

AT-Transport with Large Kreighoff Case
AT-Transport with Large Kreighoff Case

WAXAHACHIE, Texas -( Americase has announced the development of a new transport case to carry breakdown plastic and soft sided gun cases, that otherwise cannot stand up to the demands of air travel.

“We have found that many shooters are having issues traveling with their plastic gun cases that simply cannot withstand the torture of baggage handlers. Their high value firearms are being damaged as a result, so we have developed a case for a case. “

“Many case companies say their cases are Airline Approved however that simply means that they are hard sided and their locking systems are acceptable per TSA standards. Will they stand up to the test of air travel?”

“We have had so many people asking us to build a transport case, that we have moved forward and now have available the AT-Transport Case that will fit a majority of the plastic breakdown cases in the marketplace today,” said Robby Kinsala, President and CEO at Americase.

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About Americase:

Americase, an AS9100 and ISO 9001 company, is the premier case manufacturer of airline quality transport cases for the aerospace, aviation, oil and gas, education, sporting and audio/visual industries. Expert on-site staff enables Americase to develop, engineer and create just about any case type imaginable. With an all-in-house production environment ranging from precision CNC sheet metal punching and bending capabilities to specialized water jet and machining of foam cushions and other composites, to custom applied graphics on virtually anything, Americase is uniquely adept in providing high quality, custom fabricated parts and containers to various industries all over the world. If you can dream it, Americase can build it. Providing Quality Carrying Cases designed to travel the world and made in the U.S.A. since 1985.

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