Anti Gunner Gets A Grooming Experience

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Virginia Citizens Defense League

Virginia – -( From Virginia Citizens Defense League Board Member Bruce Jackson:

We, as active gun-carrying citizens, sometimes come to odds with those who either do not understand, or are openly hostile toward those who make a conscious decision to carry some additional security in a holster.

A couple of months ago I was picking up my dogs, including Copper, the unofficial Virginia Citizens Defense League mascot, from a groomer with a well established business on Garrisonville RD (610), here in Stafford, while open carrying my H&K USP.

While I was loading the dogs into my vehicle I noticed the woman in the SUV next to us. She was refusing to make eye contact with either myself or my girlfriend. By her furrowed brow, clenched jaw, pursed lips, death grip on the steering wheel, and her refusal to get out of her car (even though her door was on the opposite side of her car from us), I drew the conclusion that she was completely anti-gun. Probably to militant proportions.

She was not scared, but looked to be angry. Angry that we would have the audacity to bring any guns into her airspace, thus violating all of the laws of her karmic happy-place.

We finished loading the dogs and left. I mentioned what I saw to my girlfriend and she agreed with the assessment.

The next time we happened to be at the groomer’s, the owner related a story to us regarding a woman who came into her shop right after we left.

The attitude was apparently more than the owner was willing to tolerate, as the woman was demanding that the owner disallow us from wearing our guns into the shop, as well as demanding signs be posted.

Once the woman took a breath and the owner had a chance to talk, the anti-gunner was informed that the open carrying of firearms is a God given right that is protected in the Bill of Rights, and perfectly in line with the laws of Virginia.

When the anti-gunner continued to protest, the shop owner said, “Well then, I guess you will just need to find another groomer.”

The groomer has asked that her business not be mentioned in this write up, and so it is not.

God Bless the businesses that stand with us! [PVC: Amen!]

About Virginia Citizens Defense League, Inc. (VCDL):

Virginia Citizens Defense League, Inc. (VCDL). VCDL is an all-volunteer, non-partisan grassroots organization dedicated to defending the human rights of all Virginians. The Right to Keep and Bear Arms is a fundamental human right.

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Robert A Hartwig

My daughter had a sign in her motorcycle shop that read WARNING IF YOU CAN READ THIS YOU ARE IN RANGE and it had a rifle scope sight on it’ Her insurance company tried to made her take it down because they felt it would increase her risk of liability. The sign was one of several posted to show signs she had for sale. Others were Harley Davidson parking only, My bike is protected by Smith and Wesson and the Confederate Flag saying the South Shall Rise Again. There were some so called politically correct signs also. But the only… Read more »

John E. Smigel

Love the sign. I have to get a few.
Keep the racist comments to yourself. I also have nothing but contempt for Obama and detest all he stands for and all he has accomplished at our expense. However, this does not help. This type of remark only feeds their rhetoric because they have the national media platform and we do not. Besides its diverts the discussion from what the anti gunner article was about to begin with. God bless American and Happy Thanksgiving to all. Even them. For they know not what they are doing.


Good for her! Why is it that only the Left can bully people into submission?


Because us conservatives and libertarians believe in doing our own thing peacefully. These liberals are always wanting to force others to like their way…

Fight islam Now

Thank You Savvyvet – happy Thanksgiving

Savvy Vet

Just over the Wyoming border in Alpine, Wy. coming out of Idaho is a little grill called the Yankee Doodle’s Cafe. My buds and I (as well as trips with my wife when she is so inclined on the motorcycle) ALWAYS stop there. The owner carries a 9mm that is completely recolored as an American Flag…. priceless. And he likes seeing the concealed and open carriers come in. Also, check out the signs on the walls (and even in the bathrooms-crazy) for good signs to hang and display.


Next time you travel through Grand Junction, Colorado, stop in at the Shooters’ Grill in Rifle (what a noble name for a town!), jut half mile north of I-70, and slightly east of GJ. Good chow, and EVERYBODY is armed. Most peaceful restaurant in the West.

Fight islam Now

Where can I get a copy of that sign?


There’s plenty out there. Just do an internet search with the title “judicious marksmanship sign”. Alternatively, I can find it at my local Army-Navy Surplus store, figured same for you if you have one nearby.


Go online and look up :”Shooters’ Grill, Rifle, Colorado” for the proper environment of gun-loving citizens. It was a pleasure to be fully armed and warmly greeted when I stopped in for breakfast.

Roy D.

I will only say that certain comments don’t belong on an open forum.


These no good, left wing idiots want to ruin this country. Just look at what Barry Hussein Coon NoBoma has done for this once great land…They all deserve to HANG.


Yes, certain comments don’t belong, the racist one’s like this. I hope others condemn these comments as well.

M Leake

I usually suspect these comments are made by Soros or Hillary plants. They are despicable, even if protected by the First Amendment, and deserve (personal, not regulatory) condemnation.

And I detest Obama and all he represents.

Wild Bill

@ML, Yes, it is so.


You should’ve have made her “dance” like in that scene from “Pale Rider.”




I had a gas station cashier at Hoilday call the police because I had a revolver on my chest . He was so fixated on it and thought he was being robbed , until I said $100 in gas. He said he called the cops I said so , that’s your problem.


Yep cause if you do mention the groomer the peaceful liberals will send death threats……..