Blacklists Are Not the Answer for Ideological Diversity on Campus

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Students for Concealed Carry on Campus
Students for Concealed Carry on Campus

AUSTIN, Texas -( In keeping with our organization’s long-held stance of promoting free and open expression, Students for Concealed Carry does not endorse Turning Point USA’s recent effort to blacklist college professors who oppose campus carry.

As a nonpartisan organization, we believe that even those who do not endorse our views on concealed carry may still offer valuable instruction inside the classroom.

Placing professors on a blacklist does no favors for our movement, the broader gun rights movement, or any other political movement.

Demonizing professors who are “anti-gun” or who do not wholly endorse our views is unlikely to spur the type of dialogue that was so critical in passing Texas’ campus carry law in the first place.

The sum of a person’s knowledge and character is greater than that person’s position on a single issue.

We wouldn’t want Professor Joan Neuberger, co-chair of Gun Free UT, seeing our names on a list of Texas license to carry holders and making a snap decision about us, and we don’t think it’s right that her name was added to a watch-list that might encourage someone to make a snap decisions about her.

Brian Bensimon, Southwest regional director for SCC, commented, “We at SCC understand the frustration of trying to get through to professors who live inside an ideological bubble, but we believe that putting those professors on a McCarthy-era style blacklist serves only to widen the gap we’ve been struggling to close.”


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