California: Gun Shows to Continue at the Del Mar Fairgrounds

Del Mar California gun show
Del Mar California gun show
NRA - Institute for Legislative Action
NRA – Institute for Legislative Action

USA -( On Tuesday, November 15, the Board of Directors for the 22nd District Agricultural Association held an informational discussion on the use of the fairgrounds for gun shows.

No action was taken by the Board, nor was a motion made to place this on future agendas, which will allow gun shows to continue at the Del Mar Fairgrounds.

For a more complete breakdown of the meeting, read the article Gun shows to stay at Del Mar Fairgrounds, by Kristin Houck in the Del Mar Times.

This discussion was a direct result of a request from a handful of anti-gun residents demanding the Board discontinue the use of the Fairgrounds for gun shows.

We are sure it will not be the last time this issue will be brought up before the Board.

It is important to stay vigilant should you hear of this issue coming back, please send us an email at state&[email protected].

Please continue to check your email and for updates on this issue and others impacting your Second Amendment rights.

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Jim Macklin

As one state California gets 55 Electoral Votes. Break it up and they will Gerrymander it so each “state” has a big city liberal stronghold. That will give them each two senators and a total of 60 plus Electoral Votes.
Better idea, purge all the illegal aliens and the legal aliens from the voter rolls until they are citizens.
The Democrats have been registering so many illegal aliens using Motor Voter in California and Las Vegas and Chicago they are the reason Hillary had a popular vote “win.”


Somebody needs to bring the idea of breaking up California into a bunch of states to the God Emporer(may death come swiftly to his enemies). Maybe Trump can finally give the people of Northern and Eastern California the freedom from San Fran and LA that they desperately need.


Just wondering if the comment is from a resident of Southern California.