Couple Gets the Jump on Armed Home Robber

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Robber at Gun Point Home Invasion
Couple Gets the Jump on Armed Home Robber
Bob Irwin
Bob Irwin

USA –-( ABC News 5 in Cleveland, reports in Akron Ohio 10-17-2016, an un-identified 61-year-old homeowner told News 5 that his dogs alerted him to an intruder in the house just before 7 in the morning. He reached for his antique pistol in this nightstand as the bedroom door started to open.

The husband said “I just went up to the door pulled it open and stuck it in his face.” His wife, 46, grabbed the phone, ran out into the living room and at the same time retrieved her 9mm. The homeowner said he was unable to tell if the intruder was armed as he pushed the intruder back into the living room.

Soon, both husband and wife were holding the 6’ 5” intruder at gunpoint. After 8 minutes, Akron police arrived and immediately took the suspect into custody.

The homeowner said it wasn’t until investigators were processing the scene that they found a 9mm semi-automatic handgun in the sweatshirt that the suspect left on the couple’s couch.

The intruder who lives in Akron, was arrested and charged with aggravated burglary and having weapons under disability. He has a 2001 conviction for aggravated attempted murder. A Summit County judge sentenced him to nine years in prison.

No other details from that case were immediately available.


A couple saves their lives by being armed and alert when an armed professional criminal breaks in. Fortunately, for the intended victims, the idiot intruder apparently left his gun on their couch when searching for loot.

Then the dogs woke the couple up and the situation quickly changed for the intruder. The husband commented to the media that they feel the fact that they had firearms saved their lives. Very likely that is absolutely true.

The eight minute arrival time for responding Officers is about the national average. An awful lot of bad things can happen to unarmed victim in that amount of time.

Have a firearm, get training and stay alive!

Bob Irwin, The Gun Store, Las Vegas

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Love the canine comments! Have you heard about the burglar who was tiptoeing around in the dark house gathering loot when he heard a voice say, “Jesus is watching!” He went to the sound of the voice and found a parrot in a cage. When he shined a light on it, the bird said, “SQUAACK…Jesus is watching.” He asked the parrot if it was named Jesus and the bird said, “SQUAACK…No, my name is Moses.” The burglar said, “Good grief! What kind of nutcases would name their parrot Moses?” “SQUAACK…The same kind that would name their Irish Wolfhound Jesus!” OK,… Read more »


maybe I live in a bubble, but I’ve not heard this one before. Hilarious.

Next line should have been “and boy is he hungry right now”


Someone tell me what “having weapons under disability” means. I can’t remember ever hearing this before. Thanks.


simple.. a prior felony conviction “disables” anyone from being in possession of any firearms. “under disability”.
Once more, that background checks imposed on we law abiding REALLY worked to keep this guy disarmed, didn’t they?

that’s what I thought. So WHY do we still allow them to hold tnat infringement in front of we who live by the laws already?


So a violent repeat offender tries to strike again. He probably has on others, and just got caught this time. Researching unsolved murders in the area might just give this maggot some new charges. But this calls attention to our criminal justice system, doesn’t it? 9 years for attempted aggravated murder? Why so lenient? We have to stop letting violent criminals roam our streets. One day, before I die, I want one wish fulfilled. I want to see the 8th Amendment modified to say it is not cruel and unusual punishment to execute career violent criminals.


Hey Laddyboy , You should be the Judge when this guy goes to court !!! Love your comment about this Dumb-A– !!!

Wayne Limeburner

Hey Laddyboy , You should be the Judge when this guy goes to court !!! Love your comment about this Dumb-A– !!!

Jeff D.

My 120lb. akita “Rambo” would have had a party till I confronted him with my 40s&w carbine!! The Gaul of any ahole breaking into somebody’s house is unforgivable! They should have shot him dead and got away with it! A clear message to all scum even thinking about a B&E into a home!!


My Airedale, Daisy, would have chewed him up before I could respond with my XDs, and I would have let her continue for a while…

Robert A Hartwig

Never ever make this sort of comment. Anything you say in social media can be used in court against you.If for instance a criminal did break into your home and your dog attacked and injured the Pri*k the DA will try to claim you deliberately sicked you dog on a helpless victim. Some DA’s will take the side of criminals over a gun wielding fanatic such as you. In their opinion you have NO RIGHT TO DEFEND YOURSELF. It is his job and only his to defend the victim after they are raped,robbed,and killed. Most DA’s try to do the… Read more »


The conviction should have been:
9 years for breaking and entering,
9 years for attempting murder,
9 years for possessing a weapon by a felon,
9 years for having ammo for the illegal weapon by a felon,
9 years for being STUPID.