Dana Loesch Calls Mainstream Media “Rat-Bastards of the Earth” (VIDEO)

Two days after President-elect Donald Trump eviscerated mainstream media’s most deceitful in a closed-door meeting at Trump Tower, NRATV Commentator Dana Loesch told “NRATV Live” Host Grant Stinchfield “I’m happy, frankly, to see them curb-stomped.”

While discussing tantrums thrown by media such as CNN’s Martha Raddatz and Van “#Whitelash” Jones over President-elect Trump’s electoral landslide, Loesch noted how mainstream media “impugned the character of half of the country,” while conflating illegal and legal immigration, lying about gun control and labeling Americans who oppose Obamacare as doing so “because the president’s black.”

But Loesch didn’t stop there. “I don’t consider myself part of them [the mainstream media],” said Loesch. “I have so many things that I hate about mainstream media there is no way we are going to fit it in the allotted time today. They are the rat-bastards of the earth. They are the boil on the backside of American politics.

Watch a clip of the interview above and if you are tired of the deceitful media, share it using #ElitistControl.

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Frank Baine

Dana is my new fave red, white and blue journalist! “Rat bastards of the earth” and “curb stomped”….one rarely hears those amateur-hour, yellowsream faux-journalistas described, and solution given, in a more eloquent and satisfying way. Washes over my soul like being immersed in a jaccuzzi of warm honey while sipping a good bourbon.


You Go Dana, I agree with everything you’ve stated.


Bill, so do I.


i could’nt disagree more. there is a big conspiracy going on and this rallying and hate whatever they call it is just a small part of it. the police killings is also a part of it. some people are trying to orchestrate all of these and my only conclusion is whoever is doing this is trying to divide america and destroy the country as a whole. we have to be vigilant within the grass roots. we will play a big role to stop this and make america great again.


Look no further than George Soros and The Progressive Socialist within the Country. Truth in Journalism use to be the norm, but, today it liberals kissing other liberals as*es even if the story is untrue.