Field & Stream: The Hardcore Issue

The December/January issue of Field & Stream is on newsstands and the iPad November 22
The December/January issue of Field & Stream is on newsstands and the iPad November 22
Field & Stream
Field & Stream

U.S.A.-( The December/January issue of Field & Stream is on newsstands and the iPad November 22.

Gift of a Lifetime: Field & Stream welcomes Colin Kearns as the magazine’s 16th Editor-in-Chief. His inaugural issue is packed with stories of extreme skills, tough-as-nails hunters, brutal survival tales, and more.

Toughing it Out – The Hardcore Issue: This issue is about toughness. Learn seven extreme tactics for tagging late-season bucks (the smartest, most reclusive deer in the woods); go on a fishing trip from hell (lightning, a capsized boat, rouge waves, even a heart attack); chase red stag in New Zealand with Anthony Licata, and more. Page 40

Wild Chef: Venison Poyha: Looking for a way to liven up your meatloaf recipe? Look no further. Poyha is a venison dish handed down from the Cherokee tribe. You can think of it as a meatloaf, which it is; or as a skillet of cornbread that some venison snuck into, which it also is. As a one-skillet meal, this is suited for campfire cooking; wedges of poyha are perfect for eating with your hands while kicking back beside the fire. Page 34

Sportsman’s Notebook—Cat Nip: This time of year, the gizzard shad in many rivers have fled to smaller tributaries and warmwater discharges, leaving a dearth of food for the main-river catfish. Grab a wool hat and hook a massive holiday river blue-cat. Page 32

The Big Gamers: Getting to hunt and fish for a living may be a dream job, but as these five guides can attest, that doesn’t make it easy. Between the bear attacks, brutal fights with monster fish, and treacherous country—not to mention the occasional stubborn client—you don’t make it in this line of work unless you’re damn tough. Page 82

Holiday Gift Guide 2016: Sportsmen, despite their many benevolent (and totally gift-deserving) qualities, can make holiday shopping a major chore. They’re picky, opinionated, and often already well-supplied. Defer to this foolproof grab bag of gear that any sportsman would love to unwrap. Page 92

Cheap Shots: Field & Stream fired a total of 1,500 rounds to test three shotguns that retail for under $300 each. Here’s a look at the ones that earned the seal of approval, plus a bonus drill to fix any trouble with pumps. Page 30

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