Elderly Hamilton Man Shoots Robbery Suspect

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Elderly Old Man Hands Revolver
Elderly Hamilton Man Shoots Robbery Suspect
Bob Irwin
Bob Irwin

USA –-(Ammoland.com)- The Journal News in Hamilton, Ohio reports 11-02- 2016 an 88-year-old resident had just finished washing his car in the front yard of his home Tuesday night when a man and a woman cornered him.

They demanded money and forced him into the house.

Once inside the victim said they hit him in the face and in the chest. He thought he was going to be severely beaten. The male robber taunted him “You don’t have a gun, do you?”

Actually the elderly resident’s gun had been stolen a month earlier, but he had purchased a .38 special to replace it. While the female accomplice was in the kitchen, the victim was able to get his gun from a coffee table drawer.

He shot the male robber as he stood by the door counting the money he had taken from his victim’s wallet. The victim aimed for his leg and shot him. The female accomplice yelled that she was afraid the now armed victim was going to shoot her too. He told her, “You get your ass out of here and I won’t shoot you” and the criminals fled.

The suspects took the man’s cell phone, home phone and wallet. They had unhooked the television, but the male half got shot before they were able to take it. The elderly victim’s cell phone was later found by police several blocks away. Hamilton Police detectives said the investigation is ongoing.


A defensive firearm, quickly accessible in the living room, saved this victim’s life. One would not expect any 88 year old to survive a physical beat down. Hopefully there is enough physical evidence available to allow a quick apprehension. The cowardly animals that attack such elderly victims really need to be off the street.

The victim was apparently cool, calm and experienced enough to intend a non-lethal shot. Amazing! The criminal’s comment about the victim indicates that he was perhaps the burglar who stole it previously.

He obviously didn’t feel comfortable taking a life. Many would argue that was a mistake but it’s unfair to second guess victims who were in the situation. It was a choice that is only his to make.

Bob Irwin, The Gun Store, Las Vegas

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This elderly man showed the couple far more mercy than they deserved. He’d had been well within his rights to put two rounds right through the guy’s chest, one to his head as the ‘coup de grace’, then the remaining three rounds in the magazine for the woman.


Thank you, Bob, for recognizing that it is unfair to second guess survivors of these situations the way that so many keyboard commandos do. While we can all learn from what was done right (or wrong) by defenders, it is unfair to pontificate too much if you haven’t been there yourself. I give a lot of leeway to anyone that prevails in these situations, not to say I am uncritical, but doing something non-standard like shooting in the leg worked out this time.

Pa John

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Frederick Jones

When a home invader broke into my home I was recovering from back surgery in the bathroom with digestive problems, and I had no weapons in there. The end of the story was good as I bluffed him and he ran out. But, I recommend everyone have a firearm handy, especially in the bathroom with them.


Too bad he didn’t shoot to kill. Taxpayers will have to pay for the puke’s hospital bill, court costs, lawyers’ fees, and incarceration. Those thangs are totally worthless. Shoot to kill!


This post explains to those who aren’t police officers why they are over-responding to those who they have been made to believe are out to get them. I guess we should just throw out the utterly useless concept of innocent until proven guilty. That would save a lot of judicial effort, but it would eliminate it for those who are accidentally shot. Rights observance are no excuse for the creation of positive rights.


Make sure your bathroom gun is the type that doesn’t rust easily. (lots of humidity in there)


Use the right cleaning and dressing product and rust will never occur short of gross negligence.


I keep a protection team in my home. Mr. Kimber, Mr. Beretta. Mr. Mossberg, Mr. Winchester, And Mr. Stoeger. They are all very accomplished at their various skills and are stationd at accessable places. Stay alert, stay armed, the police can only show up after your dead.