Stryker Katana 360 Crossbow – Extreme Performance Comes Standard

Stryker Katana 360 Crossbow
Stryker Katana 360 Crossbow
Stryker Crossbows
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EUGENE, Ore.-( Stryker Crossbow launches the Stryker Katana 360, a high-performance crossbow that outclasses the competition in size, technology and speed. Stryker’s most efficient crossbow ever, the Katana 360 delivers shooting comfort, deadly speeds and a price that brings incredible value to the consumer.

Stryker Katana 360 Crossbow

“The Stryker Katana 360 delivers industry-best performance and safety features, making it an ideal choice for the avid user or the crossbow novice,” said Todd Snader, Product Marketing Manager for Stryker. “From perfect balance to a blazing fast and ghostly quiet shot, the Katana 360 has everything you need for success in the field.”

The Stryker Katana 360 features a lighter platform and bullpup stock with oversized finger guards for added safety. It comes equipped with Stryker’s Guardian Anti-Dry Fire system and the unique ability to be de-cocked, which makes the crossbow even safer in the woods.

Delivering plenty of power from its lightweight frame, the Katana 360 fires bolts at speeds up to 360 fps. The crossbow weighs 6.5 pounds and measures 20 3/16 inches uncocked, 17 . inches at full draw and 35 inches in length. The Katana 360 draws at 150 pounds with a 13-inch power stroke.

The crossbow comes equipped with a full set of accessories: a Dead-Zone scope with 1-inch rings, X-Hanger three arrow quiver with bracket, three AccuStrike Light arrows, three 100-grain field points and a rope-cocking aid.

The Katana 360 is available in Realtree Xtra®, and the suggested retail price of the crossbow package with accessories is $949.
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Katana 360
• Lightweight frame for perfect balance
• Bullpup stock
• Guardian Anti-Dry Fire System
• Mass weight: 6.5 lbs
• Draw Weight: 150 pounds
• Top speed: 360 fps
• MSRP: $949

Package Includes:
• Dead-Zone scope with 1-inch rings
• X-Hanger three arrow quiver with bracket
• Three AccuStrike Light arrows
• Three 100-grain field points
• Rope cocking aid

Stryker Crossbow is a division of Bowtech. Bowtech manufactures and distributes the world’s finest compound bows and archery equipment. Founded in 1999, Bowtech’s offices and manufacturing facilities are located in Eugene, Ore., and Kitchener, Canada. Bowtech Inc. has a worldwide distribution network of brands including: Bowtech, Excalibur, Diamond, Stryker and Octane.