A Fifth Clinton Presidency? Hill, No!

By Michelle Malkin

Hillary Clinton Basement Dweller
A Fifth Clinton Presidency? Hill, No!
Michelle Malkin
Michelle Malkin

USA –   -(Ammoland.com)- I keep hearing that Hillary Clinton would be “Obama's third term.”

The math is wrong. Barack Obama served the Clinton crime family's third and fourth term. Electing Hillary would doom America to a  fifth Clinton White House.

From 1993-2001, under the “Two for the Price of One” Clinton regime, we suffered through Travelgate, Filegate, Whitewatergate, Missing Rose Law Firm Billing Records-gate, Chinagate, Lincoln Bedroom Rentalgate, Creepergate, Pardongate, Chronic “-Gate” Fatigue, and IRS weaponization against Clinton critics.

From 2008-2016, we endured Hillarycare 2.0, Clintonomics 2.0, more Clintonian IRS witch hunts, systemic sabotage of government transparency, corrupted Justice Department obstruction of justice, and bottomless Foggy Bottom favor peddling.

Think about it. Obama's “Hope and Change” administration was infested with moldy-oldie Clintonites from day one. They ruled the roost on hiring decisions, economic policy, health care, energy and the environment, immigration, and, of course, the State Department.

At the center of it all? John Podesta, the ultimate Beltway barnacle.

John Podesta
John Podesta

He has inhabited D.C.'s chambers of power since 1979, when he served as the Senate Judiciary Committee's Democratic majority counsel. He then worked for former Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle — the disgraced tax cheat who parlayed his public service into a $5.2 million personal fortune as one of Washington's biggest influence peddlers, along with his lobbyist wife.

As Slick Willie's first staff secretary, Podesta acted as chief paper-pusher, scandal patrolman and “bimbo eruption” suppression ninja. He accumulated several other policy hats, dabbling in telecom security and regulatory policy before ascending to deputy chief of staff. In the second Clinton term, he took over as chief of staff with comprehensive control over “policy development, daily operations, congressional relations, and staff activities of the White House” — along with primary influence over federal budget and tax policy, as well as privacy and national security.

It was Podesta who fielded the call near the end of the Clintons' reign in 2000 that led to the sordid pardon for Clinton donor Marc Rich. Who was it that lobbied him?

His old law school pal and bestie Peter Kadzik now the Obama DOJ assistant attorney general in charge of investigating top Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin's newly discovered emails.

But I digress. With the Clintons' blessing in 2003, Podesta secured funding from billionaire subprime mortgage fat cat Herbert Sandler to create the Center for American Progress — the radical think tank at the center of the liberal universe in Washington, D.C.

The Latin translation for “Center for American Progress”? Quid pro quo.

As co-chairman of Barack Obama's transition team in 2008, Podesta filled top policy lots with his think tank's staffers, including special Department of Health and Human Services assistant Michael Halle and HHS Director Jeanne Lambrew. Those Podesta minions worked under another former Clintonite, Obama's second HHS secretary, Sylvia Matthews Burwell.

Matthews Burwell was the Clinton aide who rummaged through former Hillary Clinton law partner/confidante and deputy White House counsel Vince Foster's garbage after he committed suicide. She denied taking any records belonging to Foster during her dumpster dive. But later, missing Rose Law Firm billing records tied to the complex Whitewater and Castle Grande real estate and savings and loans racket were mysteriously discovered in a private reading room of the Clinton White House. With Hillary's and Foster's prints on them.

Eric Holder
Eric Holder

The “Obama” years also resurrected scandal-tainted Clintonites Eric Holder, impeachment lawyer Greg Craig, Chicago crony and Goldman Sachs guy Rahm Emanuel, fellow Goldman Sachs money man and economy-wrecker Larry Summers, open-borders extremist and Janet Reno underling-turned-Obama Labor Secretary Thomas Perez, and former Clinton EPA head-turned-Obama energy czar Carol Browner.

Before there was BleachBit, Browner covered her tracks the old-fashioned way. At the Clinton EPA, she was caught ordering her computer technician to purge and delete all her files just as a federal court had ordered her to preserve any government documents related to a public records lawsuit over her regulatory favors to left-wing environmental groups.

Not only did she have computer technicians clear and reformat her hard drives, but also email backup tapes were erased and reused in violation of records preservation practices. Browner's EPA was held in contempt of court, but she escaped any legal consequences (the Clinton way!) and went on to doctor data during the BP oil spill saga under Obama.

Rahm Emanuel Getting Close with Obama
Rahm Emanuel Getting Close with Obama

I don't care what side of the political aisle you occupy. Sixteen years of pay-for-play plunder and corruptocracy by Big Government statists masquerading as “progressives” is 16 years too many. Do you really want to keep Washington in the decrepit hands of Bill and Hill's henchpeople?

Can we long endure another four or eight more years of Clinton schlock and awfulness?

Enough is enough. Lock her up later. Lock her — and all her sleazy, money-grubbing minions — out of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. now.

About: Michelle Malkin
Michelle Malkin is the author of “Culture of Corruption: Obama and his Team of Tax Cheats, Crooks and Cronies” & “Unhinged: Exposing Liberals Gone Wild“. Her e-mail address is [email protected]

  • 11 thoughts on “A Fifth Clinton Presidency? Hill, No!

    1. With gun purchases increasing and violent crime dropping you would think this would be a good time for gun rights. You’d be wrong to think that. All the mega billionaires are anti gun and dumping 100s of millions into the antigun movement. Why do you think they would do that? They have armed guards and live in safe neighborhoods. The average American would get struck by lightning before they would be shot. In my opinion they are trying to bring is to our knees. It’s hard for an armed population to be controlled. You see they can paint the inner city thugs as bad guys and shoot to kill them and get away with it. After they burn the neighborhood down they have to rely on government to feed them. Give them a little sympathy, their welfare check, food stamps and a nice speech on your outrage and you are good to go. They can’t do that to us. We are the working middle class. The most law abiding of society and shooting us won’t be explained so easily. If they disarm us they become the only thing that can protect us from the thugs. So just like Europe we have no choice but to allow radical Jihads in and beg on our knees for security while I women gate raped and our property confiscated

    2. I voted yesterday. When I was approched by the Dems I ask the a question or two.
      I said, Do you support killing a child legally? DO you support letting killers, rapist, and other criminals go free?
      Do you support a crooked government? Do you support our government merdering our own people like Chris Stevens? Do you support our leaders being allowed to go on nationa TV and lie to the American people? Do you support a leader that sells us out to other countries? Do you support a presidend whose right head woman is associated with terrorist groups? Do you support allowing a man to dress as a woman and go into the bathroom where young girls are? Do you believe in the Bible? Do you believe in the 2nd ammendment?

      I told them I have no respect for anyone that would even consider voting for Hillary Clinton or any other demontract.!
      If you support a liar, you are a liar. I then heard clapping behind me. The Dems did not like it and threaten to call the police!

    3. Do something PATRIOT this Election season……..

      This a message to ALL Democrats , to ALL Bernie Sanders Supporters , to ALL Republicans , to ALL Libertarians , to ALL Independents , to the Never Trumpers , to the Establishment , to the RINOs ……

      Voting AGAINST Hillary Clinton may be the Most PATRIOTIC thing that you will do in Your LIFETIME……

      We have got to STOP the Cycle of CORRUPTION in Washington……

      1. And take all of the eligible voters in your family with you. While you are at the poles watch for election fraud and report it (e.g. a number of people none of which can speak a word of English, all show up together and try to vote.) Illegal votes cancel yours out.

    4. This election will seal the fate of our country. It’s now or never. If clinton wins this election, the country we grew up in will cease to exist. On election day, get to the polls and vote hillary down and give Mr. Trump a chance to CHANGE some of the things that have been put into place under obama.

      1. HiLIARy WILL be elected; count on it. Prepare NOW for the coming storm. It will be a very rough ride from now on. ‘Soap box, ballot box, cartridge box’ – Abraham Lincoln.

    5. This Bush, Kennedy and worse and most dangerous of all, Clinton dynasty political crap must stop in our politics regardless of our political preference or we will be nothing more than Scotland and England in the 1300s!

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