BJ Baldwin, #Fightthenoise, Speq Veteran Appreciation Program

Fight the noise.
Fight the noise.

USA -( In anticipation of the SCORE International Baja 1000, SilencerCo is proud to present our latest #FightTheNoise installment featuring legendary off-road racer, BJ Baldwin.

BJ is an icon in the off-road racing scene and has won the national title an astonishing seven times. But there’s more to “Ballistic” BJ than driving over treacherous terrain at mind blowing speed . . .

Baldwin is an outspoken advocate for 2nd Amendment rights, a passion he regularly shares with his avid supporters.

While we were in the desert outside of Vegas, BJ got a chance to check out the Maxim 9 for the first time while sharing his thoughts on silencer ownership, home defense, and the protection of our freedoms.

Watch the video below to see BJ do what he does best – drive fast and shoot guns.

But not at the same time.



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