Hillary’s Stench Is Now Becoming Intolerable Even for Democrats

By John Farnam

Bill And Hillary Clinton
The rotten smell emanating from both of the Clintons for decades has now reached such a degree that it is closing-off noses of even our liberal press,
Defense Training International, Inc
Defense Training International, Inc

Ft Collins, CO –-(Ammoland.com)- The Stench!

The rotten smell emanating from both of the Clintons for decades has now reached such a degree that it is closing-off noses of even our liberal press, and that is saying something, since the liberal press is so accustomed to robot-like covering-up/apologizing for them!

Sleazy, seedy, amoral, egomaniacal, dishonorable, hateful, pathological liars! With the Clintons, it is unremitting, even overlapping, scandals and they will never care, and never change!

Seeing handwriting on the wall, some perennial rats are now jumping ship!

Some newspapers are withdrawing their endorsements of HRC, along with a number of erstwhile prominent supporters. The liberal Chicago Tribune is even calling for her to withdraw from the race!

President BHO himself is distancing himself from the HRC campaign!

When asked, “What do you like about DJT?” I reply, “Almost nothing!”

But Trump, at least, is not a sordid criminal who will predictably sell this nation, and our Constitution, down the river,

and sell all of us… by the pound!


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VOTE TRUMP AND PENCE BY NEXT TUESDAY. Your last chance at remaining a REPUBLIC!


I still don’t get why the author would say he likes almost nothing about Trump. So Trump talks like a guy with a beer in his hand and not like a predatory politician. Does the author also believe the dog poop that the media says about DJT? My president must love America, protect my 2A rights, ensure security for me and my family from terrorists, replace Obamacare, fix our immigration system, do away with common core, support our military and give our veterans what they earned, bring back good paying jobs, cut oppressive taxes, repair our inner cities, sweep corruption… Read more »

Jeff D.

I have flushed better than the Clintons down the toilet!!


That pic is of Bill and Hillary with their “STANK FACE” as they sniff their fingers… Monica and Huma !
The Clinton’s are the lowest form of parasite in the U,S.

alfred powell

guilty of murder in the whitewater scandal, guilty of murder in bengassi, guilty of stealing furniture from white house when lying bill left office,guilty of treason because of email server.as a retired masterseargent in the air force who held a top secret sercuity clearance, one violation meant reduction of all rank and federal prison, why is she still free


Scum bags,white trash,low life’s.that about sums up the clintons

Andy Buckmichael

I still can not believe that any intelligent people would want the Clintons back in the White House.

marc disabled vet

Watch Billyboy file for Divorce !
It would serve her right.
Her and Uhma can share a cell ,
together , Remember stronger together
She’s with Her